What Happens If… you stare at the mirror for too long in the dark?

That question intrigued me when I spotted it.

It has turned up several times over the past couple of weeks in my blog’s search term stats (the search term stats shows what search terms people were using which led them to click on a link to your blog). I check that section of the stats every few days out of curiosity…

I am a naturally curious person.

Curious people love questions, to ask them, to have them asked of them by other naturally curious people (questions from non-curious people aren’t real questions, they’re just setting you up for a fall into their trap)… and taking their time to find answers, lots of different, divergent, developing answers. Pat, quick, formulaic, bored and boring, survey says 8 out of 10 people (what about the other 2 out of 10… what did they say!?!) answers just won’t do!

Questions which begin with – What happens if – are my favourite type of question, since they usually mark the beginning of a learning adventure.

That learning adventure often includes a trip to Mess town, a long detour caused by following the sign pointing to Mistakesville (Why would I deliberately follow that sign? Because I wondered What Happens If…), a stay at the Confusedmacated Inn, and lunch at What Happens If I Eat This Tavern.

It can lead to AHA Moments – a wonderful rest stop on a plateau where you can see for miles backwards and may get excited about the forwards after years of Ugh-ing when looking ahead.

And take you on a Change of Course course – which may require a donation of dent to the ego, loss of some pride, humbling humiliation, groaning embarrassment, hitting of own head with own hand, admitting you were wrong before, and such. It’s worth the temporary hurt (which can feel like it’ll last forever but it won’t).

There are variations on the theme of the What Happens If question… and each variation comes with no instructions included, you just have to go, do, say, try it out, suck it and see and find out what happens for yourself.

Yes, you can find out what others discovered when they asked the same or similar question, but What Happens If the results are different when you do it for yourself?

While we all may be humans and have similar this and that to other humans, we also have dissimilar this and that – that’s the unique quirk which we bring to the mix known as Human Life on Earth. It’s our star stuff shimmering brightly, darkly, and quarkly (up, down, strange, charm, bottom, and top).

Urania’s Mirror (London 1825), front cover art of a boxed set of 32 astronomical star chart cards

What happens if you stare at the mirror for too long in the dark? – struck a chord with me today because I spotted it just after having read several posts by different astrologers discussing tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn:

Planet Waves: Capricorn Eclipse – Feeling Out Saturn-Pluto

Ruby Slipper Astrology: Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn

Big Sky Astrology: Capricorn Lunar Eclipse – Gifts of Our Fathers

Each astrologer had a slightly different perspective and interpretation of the astrological aspects and energies of this eclipse, how they would play out, affect us – the world within and around us, bringing their own quarkiness to it.

I particularly liked the spin which Eric Francis (Planet Waves) placed on it, asking of his readers:

“Is your reflexive response to reading that one of fear, or a desire to avoid it all? Are you at all curious? What are you feeling, and do you have any strategies to address it?”


“Have you confronted whoever represents the Saturn and Pluto influences in your life? You might start with anyone who seems to be standing in your way, is literally exerting their authority and power over you, or whom you are afraid may do so if you try to express your own will.

From there, you may be able to trace your emotional responses or the structure of the interpersonal dynamic backward through your past.

Do your feelings about the current situation remind you of your feelings about anyone from early in your life? Is that person’s voice, disguised as your own, still speaking from the director’s chair in your mind?”

– excerpt from Planet Waves: Capricorn Eclipse – Feeling Out Saturn-Pluto

What happens if you stare at the mirror for too long in the dark? – seemed to capture the feel of the lunar eclipse with its Pluto/Moon conjunction in Capricorn versus Sun in Cancer, as well as the Saturn Rx in Capricorn versus Venus (conjunct NN) in Cancer.


Urania’s Mirror – Capricornus

I also read Nadia Gilchrist’s forecast for the Lunar Eclipse week – Ruby Slipper Astrology: Horoscopes for July 14th, 2019 to July 21st, 2019 (tip: read the one for your rising/ascendant sign)


The eclipse in your sector of self-expression can unearth some deep truths about a new attraction, your creative work, children/pregnancy or how seriously you take your talents. This could be a transformative moment where you create something profound, or accept that it’s not happening. Feelings of obsessive attraction or jealousy are designed to draw your attention to what needs to be developed within yourself. 

Aspects to Venus in your social sector mark the path forward after the eclipse: watch for a public prompt involving your image, social connections or a friendship. There may be pressure to be a certain way, along with judgements or condemnation. But there’s also support from a partner or significant person- know that your next step involves trusting others and making appropriate social connections (this will come with an enhanced awareness of your needs and values).”

excerpt from Ruby Slipper Astrology: Horoscopes for July 14th, 2019 to July 21st, 2019

That’s the write up for my rising/Ascendant sign – it places the transits and lunar eclipse in the houses (the areas of the psyche/life/personal story) where they’re taking place.

The part of that forecast which stood out for me was this bit – “The eclipse in your sector of self-expression can unearth some deep truths about… how seriously you take your talents.”

That – taking my talents seriously – out of everything else is something I consider to be a difficult challenge. I find it difficult to view myself as having talents, and thus taking them seriously is also difficult.

Other people often get annoyed with me about my attitude towards what they perceive as being my talents, especially when they’re the sort of people who are supportive and encouraging of abilities. They get annoyed with me for not believing in my talents the way that they do, and of seemingly wasting them, giving them away for free, not valuing them, stuff like that.

I do understand their annoyance, it annoys me too when others do something similar… it should annoy me about myself too, but they don’t know me like I know me. It takes a long time for me to get to certain places… maybe around about now is when I finally get to that place of actually seeing what talents I have clearly, valuing them may take another long while or not.

Transiting Saturn Rx is conjunct my natal Sun in Capricorn atm.

My natal Sun is squared by natal Saturn and trined by natal Pluto… which is probably why the conjunction of transiting Pluto and Saturn to my natal Sun didn’t feel as dramatic as a lot of interpretations said they would be. I’m used to that kind of dynamic, pressure, challenges and upheaval and have sort of made friends with it, seeing it as an ally rather than an enemy – it took a long time to do that, but Capricorn is the sign of long waits and the will to wait it out until you eventually get to wherever it is you’re supposed to get.

Natal Saturn square Sun is very much a case of getting used to the sort of people who do this – There may be pressure to be a certain way, along with judgements or condemnation. – and figuring out how to deal with it.

Pluto in the 1st house of Self trine Sun in the 5th house of creativity deals with the Saturn square Sun constant battering of ego by regularly creatively restructuring itself. There are many dead ends… but a dead end may be an answer to a What Happens If question.

What April Elliott Kent (Big Sky Astrology) said about this Lunar Eclipse and the gifts of the father was interesting…

“Whenever I spend time up to my knuckles in dirt it’s as though part of me has come home. I’m the daughter of a Capricorn farmer who was blissfully happy spending hot, humid summer afternoons in absolute solitude, meditatively traversing his acres aboard a tractor. But even in the early 1960s small farms were struggling, so he also drove our school bus – “to support his farming habit,” my mom liked to say. He did whatever he had to do to make a go of his farming while supporting his family, working long hours and odd jobs.

I suppose this stubborn determination to support my astrology habit is another legacy from my father. In his quiet way, Dad demonstrated that dedication to the work you love – and not how you earn your money – is what defines your vocation and makes you a success. An advice column I used to read included a letter from a musician who wrote in to complain that after many years of struggling to make a living, his art still didn’t support him financially. The columnist reminded him that earning money from other sources wouldn’t make him any less a musician. “Maybe,” the columnist wrote, “it’s time for you to support your art for awhile.” And as my dad demonstrated, that’s true – sometimes, we have to be good fathers to our work and support our vocations, rather than the other way around.”

excerpt from Big Sky Astrology: Capricorn Lunar Eclipse – Gifts of Our Fathers

…especially for me as my father had his Sun in Cancer.

Our relationship was an oppositional one, mirroring the Cancer/Capricorn opposition.

He was a big influence (he’s partly the reason why I have difficulty seeing myself as having talent – his talent was so visible, palpable, always in my face)… his personality was huge, made bigger by others who needed his personality to be huge for them – he sometimes liked that because it gave him a lot of power over others, and sometimes he desperately resented the intrusion of it, the burden of it, and the fact that it gave him power over others.

He was not the typical Cancerian stereotype – motherly, caring about others, nurturing, and all of that. He was very sensitive and he used his sensitivity in his career as a professional artist… and to find people’s weak spots so he could hurt them, manipulate them.

He did move sideways like a crab. He could evade direct attacks easily, and if you figured out how to get to him indirectly he would pinch you with his pincers. He would slip through a crevice and hide under a boulder if you tried to catch him, impossible to follow, never to be reached. And his softness was firmly encased in a too tough to crack shell.

Urania’s Mirror – Cancer

Recently I’ve been watching a TV drama – Radio Romance – wherein the lead male is an A-List celebrity – his family, his mother and father, remind me so much of my family, my mother and father, their relationship dynamic is very similar in many ways. They all work together to create a public image of being the perfect family, but behind the facade they’re anything but that. They hate each other, and the child – the male lead – is the sacrificial scapegoat for both mommy and daddy’s issues with each other and everyone else.

If you’re a child of narcissists it’s an interesting drama to watch. It’s not too stressful like a lot of TV and film versions of narcissists can be, especially those where there are parents who are narcissists and they’re ruining their child’s life because they’re narcissist parents and that’s what they do for various reasons which are often disguised as – What’s best for you, because I love you, etc.

The other day I happened upon this article – Psychology Today: Are You Sure That You Hate All Narcissists? by Katarina Valentini – in which the author states that – “It is possible that your favorite on-screen character is a narcissist.”

The author ends the article by saying: “There are many more fictional characters with narcissistic traits. Some you possibly liked, felt sympathy for, wanted to help, or even fantasized about. The point is that if you managed to find a bit of understanding for them, then maybe you could be able to look at some real-life narcissists from a slightly different perspective and give them a second chance as well.”

Coming from the personal experience of having given the narcissists in my life hundreds of second chances… I wouldn’t advise doing that, unless you’re okay with being screwed over again and again and kicking yourself repeatedly for doing that over and over again… when will you learn!?!

It is however useful to watch fictional narcissists for a variety of reasons.

For instance you can switch them off when you’ve had enough of their manipulative bullshit and histrionics. You can shut them up mid-sentence. You can walk away and never see them again. All of which is hard to do in RL with your own personal narcissist, particularly if they’re family.

You can also observe the dynamic and its system from a safe distance, and notice your reactions to the narcissists, their dramas, manipulations, human chess games, which can show you how you get hooked and pulled into their dramas regardless of how many times you’ve sworn to yourself that the last time was the last time.

And it does help to gain insight and understanding of the narcissist – why they are the way they are, do what they do, etc. It can show you clearly that it isn’t about you – it’s always about them. That type of understanding can be helpful, as long as it’s not the sort of understanding which makes you all empathic, sympathetic, and naive once again due to the feels… poor them (what about you!?!)… you can’t afford to feel like that, you know the price it costs, you’ve paid it over and over until broke, when dealing with real life narcissists.

Eric Francis’ post about the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn taps into the narcissist story and our part in it, what we can learn from it:

So not only does a Full Moon inherently imply a confrontation, but there’s something about that idea carried by the sign Capricorn itself. There are times when we can think of confrontation as being like a dance: two partners facing each other, moving in synchrony with give and take, or with a clear lead and a responsive follow. It can be a negotiation process. Sometimes confrontation is more like mirroring: being met externally by something or someone that offers a view of our inner selves that would otherwise be hard to see and understand.

And then there are the kinds of confrontations that make people cower, panic, dive headlong into denial, slide into passive aggression, or actively strike out in preemptive fear. Emotional power struggles with authority figures (anyone from parents to partners and bosses, right on up the social hierarchy) may be the most common. Fistfights and wars may be among the most violent. Confronting oneself in therapy, or after having made hurtful decisions, can also cause an avoidance reaction; it’s easier to pretend that it’s not even a real confrontation, and therefore does not require your participation.

But that’s the thing: all of these confrontation types, just like our current astrology, do require your participation. Yet before you can know what to do, you need to acknowledge, understand and articulate (if only to yourself) how you feel. At this time in history, society is being conditioned not to feel, and not to want to feel.

excerpt from Planet Waves: Capricorn Eclipse – Feeling Out Saturn-Pluto

Narcissists are confrontational types – they are confrontational types who never confront anything directly, as in they look everywhere else and at everyone else except where they should be looking – at themselves. They use confrontation as a distraction – it’s their version of Angry Birds or Fortnite.

The problem they’re experiencing isn’t everyone and everything else, it’s them.

But they project it onto everything and everyone else.

They are What happens if you stare at the mirror for too long in the dark? and don’t realise that it’s a mirror, your own reflection., and it all looks weird because you forgot to turn the light on – why did you forget to do that?

When we are confronted by a narcissist – in many ways we are the mirror being looked at in the dark for too long by the narcissist. We become the source of all their fears and they want to break us, break the mirror, but they can’t do that by themselves because that would bring them seven years of bad luck (hmmm… so do they know it’s a mirror?), instead they need to convince the mirror to break itself, convince us to break ourselves… to save them… from themselves… does that work? Is it a worthy sacrifice? Should we be a noble idiot (noble idiot/noble idiocy is a very intriguing trope of Kdrama – one children of narcissists should familiarise themselves with and then stop doing that. Here’s a great post about it –Dramabeans: [In Defense Of] Noble Idiots)?

The narcissist also acts as a mirror for those who are in a relationship with a narcissist.

A narcissist as our mirror can show us our own darkness – do we own it or reject it? Do we want to break the mirror because we have stared at the dark reflection, for too long and… it is showing us something about us which we don’t want to see, to own, to know? Because it is confronting us with our participation in our relationship with a narcissist?

What happens if we own what we’re seeing in that mirror? What happens if we admit that reflection is us?

Pluto is a planet which is often associated with power, all the different manifestations of the concept of power, which includes personal power – the use and abuse of it. The challenge to figure out right use of power.

Pluto asks – What does power mean to you? What is your personal relationship to power? What is your personal power? How do you use power? What do you think the right use of power is? How does power use you? Do you give your personal power over to others because you’re reluctant to own it, to be responsible for it…

Responsibility is a Saturn issue, and a Capricorn one too.

Saturn is a planet often called – The Taskmaster – the task being to learn self-discipline, mastery over the self – but first you have to figure out who your self is, what the self is, how the self works, its system, its structure, its boundaries, etc. Saturn ultimately wants you to respect yourself AND the self of others in a mature way… which is partly why it can be viewed as a pain in the arse planet since the path to doing that is a slow road, a so slow and painful trek often up a mountain. However once the lesson is learned, integrated, it lasts for a lifetime, so there’s that.

Saturn asks – Do you own the consequences of your actions or do you pass the responsibility onto others and get mad at them when they refuse to own what belongs to you? Do you own your part in your experience of life or give it away to others then blame them when it doesn’t work out? Do you want to be the master of the house? Are you willing to do what is required or would you rather someone else did all the work and got all the credit for it?

Both of these planets are the kind which prompt us with a What Happens If question.

What happens if you own your personal power, your part in how it is used for and against you? What happens if you react differently from how you usually react? What happens if you have the ability and talent to change the direction of where you’re going? What happens if the most noble thing you can do is to be yourself as you are and share that openly with others – and that inspires others to do something similar?

But their proviso to the What Happens If question is – only if you don’t rely on what others found out when they explored that What Happens If Question, and instead set out to discover What Happens If for yourself.

Want to know – What happens if you stare at the mirror for too long in the dark? – try it out for yourself and find out…

What happens if nothing happens when you try it out?

Then you’ve found out what happens and you can move on to the next question.

What happens if I end this post here…?

ps. I’m not an astrologer in any way shape or form, so keep that in mind when reading my take on astro. I like the system and use it to figure stuff out for myself.

pps. If you would like to generate an astrology chart for yourself, go here – Astrodienst – log in as a guest user, input birth info, and then explore the free horoscopes options. It’s not as complicated as it looks… unlike humans who are never as uncomplicated as we look to others 😉


  1. Your mind, not used to nothingness, tries to fill in the blanks and creates pictures, or phantoms for you. Your pupils dilate as much as possible acclimatise to the dark. You see yourself, but without light, you look fucked up and distorted, not a real vision of yourself at all. It’s terrifying, but you can’t turn away. Or if you do, you will be haunted by the memory of how horrified you were to even look at you. You want to look again, just to be sure. Conflicted, tormented by a memory of an illusion. What is real anyway? Who looked moved first, the vision or the reflection?


    • Thank you for sharing your experience, Kim 🙂 That’s a great observation about the mind rushing in to fill in the blank.

      The freakiest moment I had with a mirror was after a shower, the mirror was steamed up and in the reflection I looked like a grey alien. That happened many years ago, I remember it because at the time I was going through a deep depression and seeing my reflection that way was very descriptive of the how I felt about myself at the time, as though I was alien to myself, and greyed out, with these cavernous dark circles where the eyes should be.

      I did try looking at myself in a mirror in the dark last night, but I didn’t do it for too long, it made me feel super sleepy which was cool since it was just as I was about to go to bed.


      • I’ve had a heap of freaky (both scary & cool) perception/mirror/memory experiences growing up. I’ve always had a thing with mirrors? I remember as a kid, at a shopping centre there were these escalators that went between two mirrors, the mirrors faced each other., and i saw it made a weird and cool tunnel effect for the briefest moment as you travelled up or down it. I was convinced mirrors were the secret to teleportation or something. I also had recurring nightmares. Couldn’t sleep where I could see my reflection in a mirror.

        You’re seeing your true grey goose vodxkha form. 🦝 🔎💀 💩 🧞‍♀️ lol


  2. Giving narcissists another chance? Yikes. I couldn’t agree with you more. Some of the information that I’ve read by therapists on the topic of narcissism causes me to seriously wonder where their training came from – Over the Rainbow U? There does seem to be a lot of “here’s how to handle them/get along with them” articles that make me cringe (although there’s lots of good, thoughtful info available as well).

    Over the past year I dealt with a bad one (at least that’s my non-professional narcissism conclusion) in the workplace, and there’s one immutable outcome – there is no dealing with them, no matter what type of narcissist they are. They will be what they are and do what they do. The way I “handled” the situation was a combination of luck and facing this individual head-on. It helped that we had some cutbacks and I had to place this person in a less desirable and more junior role, but calling this person to account on all professional shortcomings also lead to a decision to move on. I am happy that this individual left, but I also worry (although it’s out of my hands now) about where this person landed – the new employer did not contact me.


    • Thank you, Lynette 🙂

      Mostly I don’t bother reading psychology articles about narcissists and narcissism because so many of the authors appear to be copy-pasting what has already been stated by other authors, playing it safe and sticking to the official stance, repeating research material generated by others. But every now and then someone takes a fresh approach which is interesting to read. I liked the premise of that author’s post, of looking at how we relate to fictional narcissists – Do we cut them more slack than we do with RL narcissists? I thought it would go in the direction of using our relationship with fictional narcissists to understand our relationship with RL narcissists, so the conclusion was a bit disappointing and caused me to have a WTF reaction.

      I did read a fascinating article the other day from a therapist who explained that he has a bit of a pet peeve about the attitude of therapists towards their patients – https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/women-who-stray/201907/whos-in-denial-the-patient-or-the-therapist – I found it refreshing to read.

      I think that we humans tend to try to find one formula, one answer, to deal with other humans – eg. the perfect recipe for handling narcissists. But each human is different, each narcissist is different, even if they have similarities, and each situation is different.

      Being sympathetic towards a narcissist can work, if they’re low on the N spectrum and if their narcissistic behaviour is being made worse by them thinking we’re unsympathetic, and especially if they’re someone we think is a narcissist but maybe they’re not, we’ve misread their behaviour and attitude and come up with a wrong diagnosis. But it is something which needs to be assessed case by case, situation by situation, scenario by scenario. And it’s important that we’re aware of ourselves within the dynamic, and figure out what it is that we need to do for ourselves.

      Sometimes I think narcissists turn up in our lives to inadvertently help us to let go of stuff which we no longer need. So wherever that person moved on to is where they needed to go to help someone else learn the life lesson which narcs bring with them 😉

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  3. I’ve seen too many horror movies to look at at mirror in the dark. A mirror is never a true reflection anyway. It’s just an image of our meat suits.

    The lunar eclipse for me will either take away my filters and make me just speak my mind or drop a romantic interest in my life. I’ve done two charts, one a birth chart, one a return natal chart and they have different ascendants. Maybe I’ll speak my mind to the right person and they’ll fall in love with me? I don’t know enough about astrology to get further than my Sun sign, Pisces, without a bunch of papers, charts and diagrams. I wind up confusing myself, getting in my own way, taking a simple thing and making it complicated.

    On narcissists the answer is “wrong way” or “dead end” or maybe just “danger”. My ex had narcissistic tendencies per a psych eval , which of course he vehemently denied. “stupid shrink has no f-ing idea what they’re talking about” . Sure they dont…


    • Have you ever played the video game Soul Calibur, it’s one of those fighter versus fighter in an arena using magic weapons and strategy games – that’s kind of how a narcissist views their interaction with a psychologist, it’s a battle of wits used as weapons, and the easiest way for a narcissistic personality to win the game is by being dismissive.

      Sometimes the narcissist is correct in their dismissive assumption and conclusion. That’s part of the narcissistic conundrum.


      • I haven’t played a video game since the 80s😂 Yeah, he was definitely dismissive of anything that didn’t fit his view of himself. Facts changed to fit his version. He used to threaten to record our conversations to prove I was wrong. Never did cuz then he might be caught out. I don’t think he met/meets all the criteria for a NPD dx but enough that I questioned my own sanity on many occasions.


        • Based on what you’ve shared about him, it does sound as though he may have been high on the narcissistic spectrum, and had strong narcissistic tendencies. Narcissistic tendencies can accompany other disorders and conditions. There are also several types of narcissist, the covert narcissist (sometimes referred to as the sensitive/vulnerable/victim narcissist) is harder to spot because the NPD criteria expresses itself less overtly and obviously.

          I actually became a better listener because of my conversations with narcissists, to combat the effects of gaslighting and confusion caused by their constant U-turns, changes of allegiance, switches in story.

          One minute blue is yellow, the next minute blue is blue they never said it was yellow, why are you accusing them of having said that, it’s you who said it just now, why are you saying blue is yellow, what’s wrong with you, why are you doing this to them.

          It does end up making you insane. What you experience with a narcissistic type is the insanity inside of them spilling out. They’re trapped and lost inside a labyrinth being chased by a minotaur, and they drag you into to that labyrinth to save them but it’s impossible to do that because they’re the labyrinth and the minotaur as well as the person trapped and lost in it.


          • He had that sensitive/victim thing. That was the lure.
            OMG! Yes, the yellow/blue. All.the.time. I got to the point where I just sat quietly waiting for it to be over. He supplied my lines and argued them anyway.
            It reared its ugly head mostly when he was drinking, but it was there occasionally when sober. The drinking got the better of him and my daughters & I were finally able to make our escape when he traveled 2000 miles away.
            I spent over 20 years with him and if course it wasn’t all horrible, but there’s no way I’d go back to it. Too much damage done to ever trust again.
            It must really suck to BE them, but I can’t save mine & you can’t save yours and really, do they even want to be saved? Probably not. Then they’d be ordinary.


  4. Wow. Where do I begin with this one. My first couple of comments here I realize aren’t the point of this post, but they brought this to mind.
    1) My dashboard hasn’t shown me search terms for my blog in ages. I wonder why I don’t get those anymore.
    2) I know you mean this “mirror” post as metaphorical, but I once read that literally looking into a mirror in the dark is what some people do to bring about an out of body experience or draw in a spiritual experience.
    3) I’ve mentioned to you before how the main characters in Mad Men reminded me of my parents. My reaction whenever their kids came into play was to cry for those children. In actuality, I was probably crying for the child in me.
    4) You’re right about how a narcissist can mirror something in us. I had a horrific epiphany once when having to deal with my narc mother-in-law. I say “horrific” because it was difficult to face about myself, but it was also something that helped me. I even wrote about this incident in my semi-fiction novel. I’ve always hoped that my novel would advocate for self-reflection.

    Thanks for this interesting and deep post. My favorite kind.


  5. ‘…at What Happens If I Eat This Tavern.’ Haha lol a new tavern would appeared! Hmm, if it’s a magical tavern you ate then you won’t need to repeat the eating chore anymore. The tavern will provide the food and drink from inside your guts 😀

    I’m in the subway, clearing the numerous taps on my phone’s Safari, and this post came up, that phase caught me, mix with the song playing in my ears, above funny thought popped hee Sounds like I’m drunk? nope, just in a lightly weird mood when I wake this morning 😉


    • Haha 😀 I often think that I sound drunk when I write. Certain ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions can be intoxicating, stimulating the system, exciting, and cause the consciousness to randomly babble. They open a door of perception and all this stuff pours out, like one of those cupboards where you’ve piled too many things inside. 😉

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