Uranus in Taurus – Beneviolence (aka. how to deal with a Uranus transit to natal placements)

A thought zip-zapped into the forefront of my mind, pushing all other thoughts roughly due to haste aside, this morning – I seem to lose weight when I write posts, and put on weight when I don’t write posts.

A thought like that is one I tend to associate with my natal Uranus trine Mercury.


Because it came out of nowhere.

Had nothing to do with anything I was thinking about.

I felt a slight electrical shock sensation in my mind when I had it – it made me get rather excited for no apparent reason.

It’s unusual – a mix of interesting, intriguing, and weird, but most of all it inspires experimentation…

Uranus loves to experiment on its subject (your natal Uranus views you as its subject, and transiting Uranus has a similar perspective).

Uranus, natal or transit, is probably the reason a fieldmouse decided to bird.

I haven’t been writing posts for over a week now…

mainly due to the effect of transiting Uranus hitting the exact degree of an opposition to natal Mars and square to natal Mercury = my mind was moving too quickly, it was useless trying to slow it down to write, but it was perfect for speed-reading about neuroscience, linguistics, collective narcissism, collective shadow, and a bunch of other subjects which I mentally gobbled up…

…and I’ve put on weight.

Shortly before that I wrote a whole slew of posts and noticed that I’d lost weight.

Of course the weight gain could be due to the fact that I’ve been participating in an intensive course of doing nothing since my body needed an extended break if I wanted to avoid breaking it.

And the previous weight loss could be due to having been caught up in lots of strenuous physical activity (which included moving a pile of cut tree trunks while wearing a rainjacket which acted like a sauna).

But that’s kind of too logical and thus rather dull…

Thoughts brought to you by Uranus don’t have to make any sense, in fact they’re better when they don’t do boring stuff like that. Boring is anathema to Uranus, and the things which fall into Uranus’ category of “boring” are plentiful… especially when Uranus is aspecting Mercury.

Anything repetitive, rote, mindless activity done over and over… will drive Uranus nuts and make it restless to free itself from the bondage of the habitual.

To Uranus the concept of ‘resilience’ requires not returning to the same shape or form which existed before something knocked it over, broke it, bent it out of shape, spilled it… because Uranus probably caused the knock, break, bend, spill to get out of habitual repetitive jail.

I have natal Uranus aspecting natal Mercury, and at the moment I also have transiting Uranus aspecting Mercury…

the best way to describe this is…

it’s a bit like removing the top of your skull and ripping your brain out of your head to ‘free your mind’.

You feel as if you’re high speed downloading a new system into yourself and it’s causing all sorts of strange glitches, previous applications and programs crash out… the old system is impossible to retrieve, reinstall. You can’t go back and going forward is scary because it’s unknown, new, doesn’t work the way you’re used to things, it, yourself working.

You’re certain you’re going crazy.

Your mind moves like lightning, sparks fly, fast, furious, frenzied – hop-skip-jumping over that imaginary line people often signpost as ‘between genius and madness’. Which one is it? Uranus doesn’t give a fuck if it’s genius or madness, pfft, whatever, don’t get hung up on the black or white, right or wrong, bad or good, genius or madness, those are all traps…

Run the gauntlet and avoid the traps… jump in the lava and respawn when necessary rather than remain in the trap trying to convince yourself that it’s not a trap, it’s exactly where you meant to go and be.

And yet at the same time that it’s all crazy, zip-zap-zoink… it’s also really cool, calm, collected, but only if you let it happen and don’t try to slow it down, bring order to it, process it in the usual way and so on.

For a more detailed, well-written and well thought out explanation I’m going to link you to an excellent blog post written by a superbly innovative astrologer who also happens to have natal Uranus aspecting natal Mercury.

” But, all throughout life, there can be an element of you being misunderstood (Uranus) via the way you communicate (Mercury). Some people with this placement have such erratic, left-field thoughts that the things they say often leave people scratching their heads. Others might be easier to understand on a logical level but just difficult to fully reach or gain a read on in conversation. You have a remote quality to the way in which you communicate, as your mind can often seem to be somewhere else. Sometimes, your head is just way out in outer space. You are an unpredictable talker, as well, leaving those to expect the unexpected when speaking to you. It’s a regular occurrence for people to walk away from a conversation with a Mercury-Uranus person saying, “Where did that come from?” This can be regarding brilliant insights, wildly inventive ideas, provocative jokes, and unusual comments that all come spilling out of your mouth.

There is a suddenness to the way that Uranus operates that influences your speech. You might appear to really blurt things out. But, this is the way in which your mind naturally works, as your thoughts manifest like quick flashes of lightning. You must feel like you’re being given the complete freedom to just say whatever’s on your mind. Having Mercury in aspect to Uranus doesn’t make you too encumbered by tact or pretense or politeness. You don’t care too much about how what you’re saying is being received and your detachment from social conventions can be quite startling to some people. Therefore, you might often end up rubbing someone the wrong way or offending them through your speech. Talking to you can feel like sticking your finger in a socket. Your words truly shock people, in some way or another, and you might just get off on doing so.”

excerpt from Astrology Arena: Mercury-Uranus Aspects: The Genius by Wayman Stewart

One of my pet peeves is when astrologers don’t post their own natal chart and share their own astrology.

I realise it must be a professional astrologer something-something since so many astrologers assiduously keep their natla chart and personal astro private… and those who share it tend to do so with a ‘I’m bucking the trend and being radical’ caveat.

So when an astrologer shares their astro – I friggin’ adore them for it and their astrological writings suddenly shine and burst with life for me.

That pet peeve is most likely generated by my natal Mars in Scorpio who hates it when people hide stuff (and now it’s going to have to expend energy finding what you’re hiding) which it perceives as being relevant to the conversation and irrelevant to hide… then again it may also be a pet peeve of my natal Uranus in Libra which prefers it when people share their authentic selves, what they’re really feeling and thinking, as it brings a balance of perspective.

By authentic I mean genuinely authentic not that other kind of authentic which is a mask placed over a mask.

Masks are fun to wear sometimes, try on, see what happens when you wear it, find and figure stuff out, but they make your real face and flesh sweat if you wear them for more than a short while.

For more about ‘masks’ and why we wear them:

“Helpful Exercises

a. If what you’ve read gives you the courage to explore, you might sit down right now and make a list of the qualities you value in people. What qualities would you want others to list if they were asked to describe you? How do the lists compare? What qualities are easy for you to own? Which feel out of reach? Insight? Clarity? Playfulness? Authenticity? Imagine you just finished a daunting project and instead of telling yourself, This was a success, you instead say, I did this with integrity. How would you feel?

b. Imagine yourself the hero or heroine of your own fairy tale. What challenges are you facing? List them. What are the obstacles to fulfilling your goals? Include psychological obstacles. What creatures, spirits, ancestors might appear to help you? What is the image you have of yourself once you are transformed? (Think of Cinderella—from ash girl to princess.) What would you like to become?”

excerpt from The Imposter Syndrome and Your Hidden Self by Dale M. Kushner

When someone is being a ‘false’ self… while it may be how they protect themselves against social dangers, it can also be how they end up in a socially precarious position because they’re easier to misunderstand, misinterpret, and label as someone they’re not since they’re not being their ‘real’ self.

Not being your real self leaves a lot of blanks which others fill in with their version of you, with their projections, their shadow, their fears, and so on… and once someone has filled in that blank and decided that’s you, your role, your identity as far as they’re concerned… good luck trying to not be who they’ve decided that you are, and convince them otherwise.

Of course that can happen while being your real self too, but it’s not as frustrating since you’re operating from a real self stance… which is more liberating and less stultifying. If people insist on getting you wrong… eh, whatever, shit happens, it’s not my problem at least I was being me as is, etc.

The false self stance is seeking a reward for being the not-real-self – that’s why it’s more frustrating. You put so much into it and it didn’t work out, they still got you wrong when you were trying so hard to be got right.

For information from a professional mind on false and real self:

“Karen Horney teaches us that a sense of not belonging can drive us to develop a false self. She says that people are neurotic to the extent that they invest energy in their false selves and not in their real selves. In Goffman’s terms, when we cannot pull off the roles we are born to play, we specialize in roles that don’t really suit us. Which roles are we born to play? Human baby, offspring, a creature of comfort, touch, sleep, love, food, drink, play, collaboration, aggression, and sex. The false self is generally more interested in money, status, and applause. It’s not easy to specify how the selves differ, but generally, the false self cares about how it is seen by others, while the real self cares about the biological reinforcers and the quality of relationships. The real self cares about the taste of the wine, the false self about the label. We develop a false self that specifically is more likely to be credited by those we are performing for than the human role is. The false self drives away those not suited to it and attracts those who are. The role of genius draws acolytes but not colleagues, the role of sacrificer draws egotists but not playmates, and the role of free spirit draws other free spirits and jailers but not companions.

Unfortunately, the more we bolster the false self, the fewer people we end up having in our lives who credit our performance of a real self. This makes us even more sensitive to any discrediting we experience, and even more desperate to have the false self credited. This vicious circle does not entrap those whose performances of their real selves are reliably credited by several people, since they have less at stake in most situations. If you belong somewhere, it’s easier to take not being liked in stride. Marriage should be a place to belong, but with so many variations in our culture on how to play the spousal role, and with a focus while mating on crediting the role of dating partner rather than life partner, it is not unusual to find married people discrediting each other’s performances.”

excerpt from Psychology Today: What It Means To Be Liked by Michael Karson

Also worth a read is this – Psychology Today: Beware: People-Pleasing Behaviours Can Backfire by Jennifer Guttman – since the ‘false’ self tends to be created to people-please for one reason or another.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing you that your ‘real’ self was unpleasant and couldn’t please anyone, including yourself, and that’s why you need a ‘false’ self.

Uranus loves to take the tricks the devil has pulled and stretch them until they’re ready to be released and snap back like a rubber band – smack in your face devil! Now fuck off with your bullshit!

“True, everything they’d done so far had failed. But they had learned things! What had happened to the idea of knowledge for the sake of knowledge? Truth for the sake of truth?”

Suzette Haden Elgin, Native Tongue

Uranus loves authenticity…

And if you’re living in a comfort zone created by curbing your authenticity, Uranus’ transit of Taurus will kick you out of your comfort zone in a beneviolent manner.

It can be shocking, startling, and sudden.

One minute you were sitting in the comfy chair and the next minute you’re face-planting the floor… omg god the carpet is alive with all those tiny particles of all things ignored while stuck in the comfort of the comfy chair! Your chairman days are over…

One moment you’re fine doing things they way you always do them.

The daily grind was grinding along.

Your system was droning as per usual.

Boring but… boring is stable.

You were in control…


The wheel locks, you’re in a spin, and then you’re upside down in a ditch.

What now?

Well you have two options – one will please Uranus and make it zip you along to the next level of the Uranian experience, and the other one will displease Uranus and make it zap you again and again until you allow yourself to be zipped to the next level.

Option one is outlined in this excerpt below:

One technique that I’ve used effectively to put this principle into practice in all kinds of life situations is called “Existential Digging.” Whenever you encounter an experience or situation that may have been especially challenging, ask yourself the following four questions:

1. How did you respond to the situation or life experience? In other words, what did you do and think?

2. How did you feel about the situation or life experience? In other words, what kinds of emotions were stirred up as a result of the situation or experience?

3. What did you learn from the situation or life experience? In other words, what new knowledge, skills, or attitude do you now possess because of the situation or experience?

4. How will you grow as a result of the situation or experience? In other words, how will you apply what you have learned, especially key learning about yourself, for your personal growth?

By faithfully and authentically addressing these four levels of existential questions, you will engage in a systematic process of detecting the meaning of life’s moments, especially those moments that are (or were) especially negative, challenging, and/or stressful for you. Against this backdrop, are you really growing and developing as a result of your learning from life situations, or are you simply repeating old patterns of thinking and behavior? Moreover, do you recognize any common threads of meaning that may help you weave your unique tapestry of existence?

excerpt from Medium: Prescription for Trump Derangement Syndrome by Alex Pattakos

Time to end this post in typical Uranian style…


  1. Part 1)
    I’m going to have to leave my thoughts and impressions in two parts because Ben, “bless his heart” is interrupting me approximately every three minutes.

    For now, Hello! So happy to see you back. I was a little worried you’d fallen off a ladder or something. I even thought of emailing you but no contact page.
    Also, unrelated? Maybe not… Dave Made A Maze, a fun movie. Reminded me a little of The Labyrinth. The paper bag puppets were hysterical. Campy and fun on the surface but it made me think about life and relationships and goals…stuff. Thank you for the recommendation.

    Glad to see you back! Part two after Ben is asleep.


    • Hi Angie, thank you very much 😀

      I often go on blogging hiatus, usually it only lasts a week or two, sometimes it goes on for longer. My blog has its own biorhythm. It tends to depend on where my mind is at, how it’s flowing, whether it’s in chatty-sharing mode or private internal processing of information, sometimes it shuts down completely and goes on holiday.

      I did think I might take the entire month of August off from blogging since the energy at the end of July and beginning of August was supercharged with leonine roaring and drama, and I tend to detach and distance myself when that sort of thing is going on, wait for it to subside, observe and hmmm…

      I love films like Dave Made A Maze because there are so many layers and levels to it, it’s the sort of film which offers a thoughtful thought journey but only if you want to go there otherwise you can just enjoy it as is. It had a bit of Mumblecore about it. Have you ever seen The Puffy Chair (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0436689/)?

      I saw a great series recently, since you liked Happy you might enjoy The Boys (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1190634/) – it’s a WOW! kind of show.

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      • Thanks for the recommendations.
        I’ve had to take time off from blogging a few times myself. Mostly when my health screams at me or my stress level is too high. They’re both basically the same thing. Reduce and focus.

        Being a “caregiver” has the downside of being a worrier. Its something that I’m always working on. The balance between remaining a caring person and giving too much of myself away.

        I’m still glad you didn’t fall off a ladder.

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  2. Part 2)

    First thought is I love astrology stuff, followed by I wish I understood more astrology stuff. Then I look at my natal chart and try to figure out if any of my stuff matches any of what you’re writing about. It certainly doesnt look like it. My Uranus is in Virgo almost Libra, but my retrograde Mercury is hanging out in Aquarius not really connected to much. Of course, I could be reading the whole thing completely wrong and that’s frustrating. I again vow to learn more… someday. Reading the astrology blog post just confirmed my ignorance. A lot of the stuff resonated, especially the joking, but I can’t say if my chart shows that or not.

    You gained weight after gobbling up all those books? Maybe knowledge has weight?

    The post on the Impostor Syndrome was interesting. I feel like before I learned to love and accept myself, my deepest core was fairy tale but that was surrounded by Greek mythology. I’ve always felt like a hodge-podge, chameleon. Never really completely fit in any catagory.

    Ugh! People pleasing. Oh yeah, that was totally me. The resentments…only expressed in a passive-aggressive way of course. Mustn’t upset anyone with MY feelings or thoughts or *gasp* needs. It’s actually very sad when someone is stuck in that mode. It’s also kind of irritating to be around them after a while, TBH.

    I admit I have a mild case of TDS. I don’t choose to let it interfere in my life. I avoid as much contact with anything related to the Orange Idiot as I can. I will vote and that’s about as much as I can personally do about him.
    I have bigger issues confronting me at the moment. Mostly, surviving the next two weeks. Trying to get enough sleep so I don’t injure myself anymore than I already have through clumsiness and Murphy’s Law. Oh, and remaining solid rather than turning into liquid in this summer heat.

    Thank you for yet another wonderful twisty turny journey with great stops to gather more information and contemplate the view.


    • One match up between your chart and mine is Mercury in Aquarius. Mercury = the mind. The mind under the influence of Aquarius is similar to a Mercury-Uranus aspect because Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, so Mercury in Aquarius tends to be Uranian minded. So if you could relate to the astrology post about Mercury-Uranus it’s because of your Mercury in Aquarius.

      You might find this an interesting read – http://astroarena12.blogspot.com/2015/04/mercury-neptune-aspects-visionary.html – since you might have an aspect between your Mercury and Neptune.

      Our generation had Neptune in Scorpio, Scorpio and Aquarius are part of the Fixed Cross which also includes Leo and Taurus, so a planet natal or transit in one of those signs may aspect a planet in another one of those signs (depends on degree and orb, Neptune has a wide orb – range of aspect/influence).

      If you do have a Neptune-Mercury aspect it could be a connection to clumsiness since your mind would regularly be in Neptune’s clouds and forget there’s a body or physical world around it… although Mercury in Aquarius can also forget that it has a body. I hit my head a lot because I forget I have one 😉

      Your Uranus will be conjunct (joined with) Pluto in Virgo – also a generational aspect. Powerful combo, intense focus of energy. If they’re Rx (retrograde) the energy focuses inwards. If they’re not Rx the energy focuses outwards.

      I have Pluto Rx, the intensity is inwards directed and people often miss that about me until they do something which brings it out (the intensity which people notice about me is usually the Mars in Scorpio, and mostly they only notice it as a part of my mind/thinking/communication style since it aspects my Mercury). My Uranus is not Rx so it’s out in the open and tends to make me appear like a complete weirdo nutcase. They’re both in my 1st house – the house of self/personality. So I’m an intense nutcase 😀

      The house they’re in, which part of the chart, explains where the energy will be felt, experienced, focused most strongly.

      You’ll have Chiron (the wounded healer) in Pisces (also generational) which is probably in aspect to one or both of those (Pisces and Virgo are on the Mutable Cross) – Chiron is a fascinating concept to explore in astrology, especially as a source of insight into wounds, issues, illness, etc, and the purpose of those for the individual and the collective.

      TDS pretty much describes what happens when you’re in a relationship with a narcissist and you’re stuck with them. It’s collective victim of narcissist syndrome. The guy reminds me of my dad, the whole routine, even the facial expressions, so been there, done that, and now it’s eyerolls because it’s so tediously predictable. What is interesting is the collective experience – he’s in many ways the shadow of the collective. He’s Carl Jung’s ‘medicine man’ – someone who embodies the shadow of a group, a period in human history, so that it can be seen and can no longer be ignored, the wound is brought out into the open to be healed collectively and individually.

      This is a quick article about that – https://corecounselling.ca/how-we-contribute-to-the-collective-shadow/

      Best wishes for your continued survival training 🙂

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  3. Love your metaphor on gaining weight 😀 Coincidentally, I gained weight too! Haha…in pounds lol

    This whole week was stressful, meeting deadlines and stuff. Overstretched myself for 36 hours without a wink to complete a school project then off to work again. Insufficient sleep and feeling stress led to overeating hence my gain in weight. Going sleepless for 36 hours was a mistake reminding me that physically I’m no longer young. When it was finally over, I suffered a bad hangover which I’m still experiencing now. Way worst than alcohol hangover. I remembered the last time I went sleepless, a year ago. Writing an explanation letter—one which my muse commented she could not have done it better. Though I suspected that she gave the compliment out of politeness, her words are still meaningful to me.

    When I was rushing the project, my memory returned to the time I was doing the project for the module she taught… Lol I’m going to put that in a post really but the lethargy is still hanging over me. It seems I could only manage some mindless chores and writing a comment on your blog 🙂

    You mentioned in your previous post the film A Simple Favor made me think of L’Avventura. The plots sound similar I thought, been wanting to watch L’Avventura. I’ve read this post last night and will reread it cos there something about Uranus… 😉


    • Thank you, Reverist 🙂

      I’ve never been able to go sleepless. I’ve tried and usually I end up passing out or I become a zombie – it’s not pretty 😉 Just thinking about you doing 36 hours without sleep makes me shudder. Some people just have this amazing ability to go without sleep and still function. But yeah, as you get older your system is less happy about stuff like that. Getting older is about learning to be more respectful of your body.

      Your Mercury is a few degrees after mine, but Outer Planets tend to create static long before they hit natal placements so you are probably already feeling the ping from Uranus’ transit to your natal Merc and natal Uranus. T-Uranus is going retrograde in a while so the zip-zap will ebb away before it flows forward again. The best is yet to come – transit Uranus opposite natal Uranus is a blast! I started blogging when I had mine, and broke free from a lot of old programming. Great fun, totally mad times up ahead for your mind 😀

      Your muse wouldn’t have given you a compliment like the one she gave you if she didn’t genuinely mean it. That’s not the kind of compliment Capricorns give when they’re being polite, that’s the kind of compliment they give when they’re impressed with you. Accept it as is. Capricorns don’t give those kinds of compliments often so when they do take it and enjoy it 🙂


      • Ya, I figured later that the compliment my muse gave meant as it is… wish she is more than impressed with me… The fact is I have a suspicious nature, the first few compliments she gave me went thru a process of scrutinization before I satisfyingly digested them. But thing is when I willingly trust a person, all my barriers will be down 😀

        Ah, I finally found a Chinese subtitled version of L’Avventura last night and watched it. Hmm… it’s an intriguing watch, I think the part I’d want to focus on (but couldn’t focus as much due to my hangover) is when the 3 couples were on the island before Anna’s disappearance. Anyhow, I think the story outline is quite open and can be interpret in a few ways.

        I generated a natal chart with transits just the other day, it looks like T-Uranus is already opposite natal Uranus 😉 …


        • I have a similar approach to compliments. Compliments are gifts. There are different types of compliments and different reasons why people give them, and it’s interesting to look a bit deeper and ask a few questions about the compliment and the person giving it. 🙂

          I agree, it is the sort of story which is left open to interpretation. Films from that period of cinema had a certain surreal element to them, they often left things unexplained. They actually are better viewed when unfocused 😉


          • Haha… you are right about the Uranus madness. I just gave my post a ridiculous title, maybe not that bad but I’ve never titled my posts in such manner. I think even tea taste weird today 😀

            An ever-present theme in L’Avventura is the impermanence of love. But surely there must be many kinds of love as there are hearts. And for one to fully understand every aspect of love, it will probably take up a lifetime.

            Just thoughts that pop up, no reference to anything in particular 😉

            Any film suggestions from you today?


            • I love love LOVE your title!!!!… I will read the post immediately after I write this reply because that’s the way round I’m doing it 😉

              Hmmm… I’m not sure that love is so much impermanent as fluid. It’s alive, it moves, it changes form, it doesn’t stay in the shape in which we found it or it found us – and that may be why it appears to be impermanent, because we expect or want it to stay the same but it doesn’t, it wants to move and it wants us to move with it through all its aspects. Do we really fall out of love or do we simply fall into another aspect of the experience of love? Interesting to hmmm… about and as you so insightfully pointed out it is a something which can take a lifetime, maybe several lifetimes to explore.


              recently I was reminded of a French one which I greatly enjoyed years ago – Home (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1319569/) – with Isabelle Huppert, anything she’s in is worth watching, she’s very intense but also humorous even when being crazy.

              I watched The Meg the other night… hahahaha! It’s a very silly film, but kind of surprising because it kept not doing what I expected it to do. It’s a giant shark film with Jason Statham.

              Last night I tried to watch The Shape of Water… I gave up watching it after about half an hour. I am just not on Guillermo del Toro’s wavelength.

              Also watched Dark Shadows recently… it was okay, Tim Burton films are always intriguing, and I do adore Eva Green.

              If you’re up to the challenge of watching another Italian film… if you haven’t seen Fellini’s Dolce Vita you should, it is very surreal, but my favourite Italian films are the nutty westerns with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Oh, have you ever seen Sukiyaki Western Django… that’s great fun!! It’s a Japanese western a la Tarantino.


              • Thank you for reading 😉 Haha… you have a thing for sharks, don’t you? ohhh, The Shape of Water… I only lasted 15 mins or less. Hmm, I will try some of the titles you recommend. I finishing up John Wick 3, fell asleep halfway the first time watching it due to tiredness. Ah, that little crazy fighter from The Raid is in JW 3 😀 Did you scan the post before replying here? I was making alterations to the post at around the same I received your reply. Was wondering which version you read?

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              • Btw, is the misspelled word deliberate? 🙂 I just realized that I’ve subconsciously read that as beneath violence all this time. I kept coming backing to this post haha seems like every round is an eye opener (this description is not right, but hmm 😉 )


                • The ‘beneviolence’ typo is deliberate. I was going to explain why I did that but then I forgot because I was caught up in the zip zap flow of words.

                  ‘Beneviolence’ came out of a discussion I had with myself about the word ‘benevolence’… I can’t recall why I was discussing the word with myself. I often have conversations with myself about words, usually it begins with an error in reading which then leads to looking at the word differently, playing with it. I think that comes from having dyslexia.

                  There’s this quirk which is part of dyslexia where I sometimes read words incorrectly – there’s a typo in this post which isn’t deliberate which is a typical dyslexic typo – ‘natal’ ended up as ‘natla’. I spotted it after I’d pressed published and decided to just leave it there. I have a fondness for typos 😉 Sometimes that jumbling of letter placement creates another word – ie post, spot, stop, opts, pots…

                  A variation on that quirk is when an extra letter appears in a word – hence benev’i’olence. I was thinking about how some forms of benevolence feel violent – like when someone is trying to helpfully fix you for your own good, but it feels like they’re trying to kill the real you off and replace it with a self which suits them better.

                  Benevolence when broken into parts is bene volence or in Italian bene volere which is good/well will/want and… long story short I connected it with Taurus since it is ruled by Venus and is considered to love good things, love its comfort zone, and the action of Uranus which tends to be disruptive and can feel violent if you’re determined to stay in the comfort zone when it wants to liberate you, and it might cause you to have a sudden loss of the good things you love to get you to stop hanging on to them. It might suddenly make the taste of your favourite ‘comfort’ food disgusting to you, perhaps by making you find a bug in it. Or make your favourite comfy chair fall apart when you sit on it.

                  Some ideas just appear as quick flashes of images in my mind and aren’t always translatable into words. Or are better when I don’t explain them but leave them completely open to interpretation 😀

                  I’m really happy that you’re enjoying reading this post, feel free to share your thoughts, it’s always intriguing to glimpse another way of looking at something, to see briefly what someone else sees.


                  • Sorry for my late reply. Was going to the other day and then remembered there was a test to prepare. Phew! Finally a break from projects, work and tests and a stress free weekend 😄

                    Hmm, not sure when it started but many a times I do misread words and get another message from them. This could probably due to my skim reading, and maybe the Swift keyboard that I’ve been using on my phone. Frequently misread words are the ones with similar spelling however with an additional letter, the meaning change dramatically. My favorite of such words is ‘friends’, remove the ‘r’ and you got ‘fiends’ to deal with lol You have fiends up there, you know them but in RL do you know which of your friends are fiends? This is one of those questions I asked myself before. I like to question but I’m not the type that need to have an answer for everything. Though there are also cases whereby I’m persistent to find out the answer 😉 Sometimes the question is not a question but an answer. I read this somewhere, maybe on your blog?

                    I was deciding whether to share the part on your typo here or in a post, and decided to do in a post. Since I can finally indugle my time in one after a long week while. Haha, now I’m going to sleep awhile more, then an exercise workout, relax and write a post 😀


                    • No worries, Rev 😉

                      I’ve probably said something like that about the question sometimes being an answer, that’s the sort of stuff I think and say 😉 The amount of times I’ve asked a question only to have an aha later that the answer was in the question… I probably got that idea from a philosopher. I read loads… sometimes I don’t take very much in of what I read, I just wait for something to stand out and grab me by the eyes. I do something similar with listening, wait until something said grabs me by the ears.

                      Many years ago an acquaintance was telling me about the difficulties they were having while learning Chinese, especially speaking it – that a slight difference in pronunciation can alter the meaning of a word and may get you into a world of trouble if you were being polite and instead ended up being rude. That always intrigued me, the idea that one word could change so easily because of the way it is spoken. It could be a flower offered out of love or become a weapon all because of the way someone said it.

                      Look forward to reading your post 😀

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