Reblog: Sunday inspiration – Metabolizing the experience — from Astrodynamics by Lynn Hayes

A lovely inspiring post written by Matt Licata, a psychotherapist, whose blog can be found here – A Healing Space – shared by Lynn Hayes on her wonderful astrology blog – Astrodynamics.

I particularly liked this part of the tasty food for thought:

While the longing for transformation is noble, if we are not careful it can serve to reinforce circuitries of self-abandonment and unconscious psychic materialism. One of the shadow sides of seeking and the (seemingly) endless project of self-improvement is that we never slow down enough to digest what we have already been given, which is often much more than we consciously realize. Which, in some sense, is everything.

excerpt from Sunday Inspiration: Metabolizing Experience by Matt Licata on Astrodynamics


  1. Ha, relates to my answer to your mission question.

    It’s true. If we’re constantly seeking, seeking, seeking the next hill to climb without stopping to enjoy the view from top of the one we’re on, we’re cheating ourselves.

    Undigested food passes out of us as waste. Undigested experiences are just poop too.


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