Upside Down Bird Wonders If That’s True

The title of this post was inspired by several separate things which somehow all connect in my mind.

First up isn’t a thing but a being who is doing a thing. The thing the being is doing is… something I used to do a lot as a child.

I remember doing it. Not totally sure I recall why I did it… other than I liked doing it.

There were also some anecdotes about me doing this thing I did which I was told by the adults in my life, mostly my mother who loved to talk in anecdotes… and often completely skewed the truth in her anecdotes until it was pretty much mostly a lie which she believed was true since she couldn’t lie to save her life or so she repeatedly said until she believed it and thus it was rather believable when others heard her telling it.

This thing I did was the reason that one of several nicknames I had as a child was – kaeruchan (little frog).

There was also photographic evidence of child-me doing the thing…

What was the thing?

It’s a nuthatch.

Being upside down.

If I sat on a chair as a child it was only a matter of time before my feet ended up where the head should be and the head was where the feet supposedly should be.

As a baby I often plopped the top of my head on the ground while I was in crouch position with bottom in the air… so to the adults I looked a bit like a frog. Adults are weird in the way they see things.

When I finally accepted that I’d have to talk (this was an issue for my mother in particular… apparently I refused to learn how to talk and it got rather embarrassing for her – what would the other adults think of her because of me. Gasp! But she loved to talk and dominate talk when people were talking… so there was no point in my learning to talk as once I could I was told to shut up partly because I blurted stuff out which offended the adults and their curated self-images, public personas and facades) and was asked why I did that I apparently said that – my head was heavy.

Heads are fucking heavy… especially once they get filled with thoughts, lots of thought all clashing, conflicting, arguing, and stuff… heavy stuff!

As I got older I could be found when missing… hanging upside down from a tree branch or the trapeze which replaced the swing on the swing set until my father broke it because he just had to show off, look how many pull-ups I can do, and it wasn’t designed to deal with adult heavy.

I never got into yoga so… you won’t find me standing on my head as an adult, but I don’t need to do that to be upside down and perceive the world from that perspective. I think my brain is just wired to be upside down, topsy-turvy, not quite ever the right way up or around… or the way others say is the right way up or around which is invariably the way that they are or think that they are… hope others will believe that they are so they can believe it too.

There’s nothing like someone standing on a soap box proclaiming to all how right, right way up, right way around, and righteous they are… who like the emperor wearing his new clothes doesn’t see that there are some big glaring holes in their proclamation of right righteousness.

Someone recently became a hero in a fighting the good fight against copyright infringement while wearing a mask which was created by an artist and which they were using and are still using without having asked permission from the artist to do so (unless they got permission from the person who owns the copyright on the image since that time I pointed it out to them long before the copyright infringement fight).

But hey… why make a big deal of it. Don’t be such a stick in the mud pain in the ass of others. Nit-picky nut-nut… don’t spoil their fun. Besides it’s different… it’s always different.

One rule for me and…

This morning I came across an intriguing thingy online on Ranker while looking something else up – Which Shadow Person Is Most Likely To Follow You Around, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The one for my Zodiac sign (my blog is a different Zodiac sign from mine… probably for the best as mine gets lots of hate) made me hmmm…

“Capricorn doesn’t have a day go by where they don’t hate something or someone. Hooded Shadow Person feels the same way, literally giving off waves of hate from its two-dimensional shadow body while it glares at various people. Capricorn knows this feeling of staring at people with hate quite well – they do it all the time with anyone who knows less than them, which is basically everyone.

Hanging out with Capricorn will give Hooded more time to devote to staring instead of looking for someone to stare at, streamlining the entire process, and there’s nothing more Capricorn than that.”

excerpt from Which Shadow Person Is Most Likely To Follow You Around, Based On Your Zodiac Sign by Jodi Smith

That’s a bit extreme.

Hate to admit it but might as well admit it that I did used to be a bit like that, but then I got older… and stopped hating myself as much which meant I didn’t have to pass that on just to relieve pressure in the heavy head.

I also did a lot of self reflection about what I saw in others, especially the stuff which I hated about others, and what it showed me about myself.

Do that on a regular basis and it gets hard to hate others.

The darkness you see out there… want to know why you’re noticing that particular dark thing while not noticing all those other dark things, or missing the light things, and why it disturbs you so much you see red and flames shoot out of your eyes wanting to burn them up… crap, it’s inside and it’s the shadow within which wants to ultimately be understood and integrated. Oh… okay. Let’s do that.

Still… hypocrites of the kind who place themselves on a pedestal of moral rectitude… yeah yeah I know I’ve done that shit too… ouch! See… so damn hard to hate when… what you see in them is a part of you.

However… can I just… no… but how am I going to understand and integrate if I don’t?

I’m digging a hole for myself here… time for a distraction, but since I’m in hole-digging mode… it’s quite a good idea to check out the person who is asking a question before you take their question bait and share your answer.

I’ve been burned a few times because I ignored red flags…

Bloggers love to answer questions… questions make great prompts… and most of the time it doesn’t matter if the blogger asking the questions is baiting or not, is who they appear to be or say that they are…


I was perusing a fascinating blog today. It began with this post – Are There Honest Liars by Paul Ekman.

“Are all liars being deceitful?

Don’t you have to be one or the other: honest or dishonest, a liar or a truthful person?

As I see it, no. An honest liar doesn’t claim to be telling the truth and, therefore, can justifiably reject later accusations of being deceitful.

Unfortunately, such a painfully simple concept rarely occurs in the real world. Think about it: How many people do you know who start with the disclosure, “I’m not claiming to be telling you the truth,” before continuing their narrative? We would guess very, very few of us (and if you do know someone, we’d love to hear more).”

excerpt from Are There Honest Liars by Paul Ekman.

In that post is a link to another post by the author on his other blog which is part of his website.

Paul Ekman is the inspiration for the series – Lie To Me – and on his website there is a fascinating behind the scenes story. Here – The Truth Behind Lie To Me.

I loved season one of Lie to Me, fascinating, different, etc, and then it all went a bit soap opera predictable… got sidetracked away from the interesting stuff. The behind the scenes explains how and why that happened.

You learn something new and weird every day.

Every day in every way…

I kind of find myself making a little bit more peace with my upside down self… which I hated for a long time and thus really didn’t need to hate anyone else, but if you hate yourself… it ripples out and overflows from you to others.

And that helps me to be more at peace with the world and other people, and their tendency to kind of appear upside down to me which they think is right way up.

Or something like that.

That’s it…

No, wait… I watched this last night – Tag (2018) – which is based on a true story… wtf!?! Is that true?

Over to you!

ps. I do know someone who would announce something along the lines of – “I’m not claiming to be telling you the truth,” before continuing their narrative” – and relied on people not listening to that verbal “small print”. My father used to do that… and he’d sometimes get frustrated with people because they couldn’t hear the truth when it was spoken because they wanted to believe the lies.


  1. I used to have bird feeders and loved watching the nuthatches, always upside down. 🙂

    Your childhood reminds me of The Berenstain Bears – “Inside, Outside, Upsidedown.” My son loved that book and I read it to him over and over. The idea that life isn’t just one view, that we need to turn ourselves around sometimes to see what others see or to maybe see for ourselves something other than what we have been told is such a good thing.
    I think you were physically manifesting what your brain was doing. 🙂


    • LOVE THE B-BEARS!!! My favourite was Old Hat New Hat for different reasons 😀

      You don’t share that much about your being a mommy side, but when you do you just sound like the softest sweetest mom ever ❤

      That's an interesting way of looking at my upside down stuff. I did buy on of those inversion tables a few years ago, but the foothold broke and dropped me on my head so… ouch, nope nope nope. Probably shouldn't have bought a cheap one, the whole careful with money thing isn't always the best way to go 😉 Then again maybe it was just telling me that it's time for me to be not upside down… physically anyway 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you! 🙂 Of course, my son thinks I could have been easier about the whole homework bit. 😉 He liked the hat book too and Green Eggs and Ham – one time I thought he was playing quietly by himself but then I could hear him reciting Green Eggs and Ham in a very low tone as he built a dinky car city. 🙂

        I was always kind of tempted to get one of those inversion tables, but I have to say that the idea of it breaking and landing me on my head stopped me. Your experience proves it! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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