The House of Self Undoing

I think this is going to be my last post…

of the series I’ve been doing recently.

I’ve been using the traffic jam of planetary transits in the 12th house of my astrology chart as a guide.

Now those planets are beginning to plop down from the 12th into my 1st house – the house of out in the open self.

Venus, goddess of don’t say you’re more beautiful than me or I’ll rain hell down on you and love, love me, love me, love me, is the first to do that.

My favourite and only pair of good jeans which I really shouldn’t have been using for gardening and earth-moving (but Venus is in Virgo – an earth sign) just popped their zipper… how perfectly Venus in the 1st of them! Alas alack I must get myself some new clothes with which to adorn myself so that I can be beautiful on the surface…

I hate shopping for new clothes… it makes me freak out to do that kind of thing. I want my own clothes to keep being okay!!! WAH!!!

And yes, I do know how to sew… sewing is how I keep my old clothes going way beyond that point where I should really have bought a new one. Please let us die, Ursula, please stop cobbling us together into Frankenclothes… it hurts, it hurts us and your fingers because you can’t figure out how to use a thimble and refuse to own a sewing machine!

The 12th house is sometimes called – the House of Self Undoing.

When I first came across that name for it, I freaked out – OMG!!! My Moon is there!!! – the Moon represents a bunch of stuff like nurturing, nourishment, Mommie Dearest, emotions, feelings, etc. So… food will be my undoing? Caring will kill me? FEELING ANYTHING WILL UNRAVEL ME…. sorry, CAPS accidentally got pressed and stuck. And love… love hates me! WAH!!!

I freak out rather easily, internally not so much externally as my sun sign is Capricorn and that = must be stoic at all times…

Also have you ever noticed that if you freak out externally, it’s contagious, so rather than others around you being calm while you’re freaking, allowing you a safe space to have a bit of a freak, and reassuring you that everything is fine or will be fine, they all freak out too, so you then have to calm yourself down and stop your freak because you have to calm everyone else down, give them the safe space, reassure them that everything is fine or will be fine.

Or does that only happen with me?

I’ve wondered that a lot, if it’s just with me… I spend so much time being stoic, keeping my emotions (Moon) to myself, hidden (Moon in 12th house), that when I do share my emotions, and my emotions are freaking out, people perhaps think – Well, if she’s freaking out then it must be serious… the sky must be falling, everybody scream: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I can go from freaking out to not freaking out rather quickly – I simply switch myself off.

12th house Moon people can detach from their emotions as though those emotions don’t exist.

They do exist and they’re often very intense, but they have an “off” switch… it’s really more of a “pause” switch, as in I’ll deal with this later when I’m on my own and my emotions won’t affect, bother, upset, trigger, intrude upon anyone else.

There are people who won’t understand that or think it’s even possible. They’ll call bullshit on it because they can’t do that and don’t think anyone else can do that. When they’re gripped by an emotion, that emotion must express itself until it runs out of steam and they are no longer under its influence. There must be something wrong with you if you can switch your emotions off, switch moods, maybe you have a personality disorder.

Ha! That reminds me of that bit from that TV show where the guy said Happiness should be a personality disorder because, he argued, genuinely happy people are rare compared to unhappy people, therefore unhappiness is normal so happiness must be abnormal, and thus it’s a disorder of personality.

I learned to switch moods and turn my emotions off because I grew up with people who didn’t do that, couldn’t do that, wouldn’t do that because why the hell should they.

When they felt something it would explode out of them all over the place and people in that place – everyone else needed to feel what they were feeling… and you really couldn’t feel what you were feeling because their feelings would wash your feelings away.

And if you were feeling happy… and they weren’t happy… your happiness had to be stolen from you and if they couldn’t take it for themselves, then it had to be destroyed ASAP!

12th house people tend to attract and/or be attracted to people who can’t keep their shit together… it forces us to learn how to keep our shit together, but… we may end up using it as an excuse to never share our shit or deal with it.

While there are advantages to turning your emotions off because feeling that way isn’t practical at the moment… the later when you’re alone and able to feel your feels may never come.

What if just as you’re getting into a cleansing cry session, ready to release what’s been repressed… the postman or another delivery person or someone else who wasn’t expected rings the doorbell. They don’t need that emotional mess opening the door. So don’t do it during the day, working hours, waking hours… but when night comes… sound carries much further than usual, and it might disturb people who are sleeping.

You don’t want to be a spider, do you?

Dicranopalpus ramosus – harvestman spider

The blurry spider in the blurry photo above is not so blurry on the wall behind my desk (not when I’ve got my glasses on… although I did poke my eye with a branch earlier and also got hot ash in it, who said gardening was relaxing!?!).

I can see it as I write this.

I think it just pooped.

At least it’s not batshit… I kept finding what I thought was mouse poop on a window sill, but why would mice go there to have a shit? It’s bats… there’s a bat roost above the window! Of course! Duh!

Anyway… the spidder (that’s how I pronounce spider because… never mind)…

It’s a Dicranopalpus ramosus – I could look up what that means or I could try and guess using what I can remember of Italian (I learned Italian by osmosis).

‘Ramo’ means ‘branch’ in Italian… I think it also can mean ‘oars’. ‘Di’ usually means ‘from’. ‘Crano’… isn’t that ‘cranium’? ‘Palpus’… hmmm… ‘palpitate’ or perhaps ‘pulp’? So it’s from a branch of Palpitating-pulpy-brained-oarsmen?

[ps. that kind of crazy is nothing to do with 12th house stuff, it’s courtesy of having natal Uranus in the 1st house – my batshit self is out in the open, which trines natal Mercury (mind/communication style), and to put the cherry on top of the insane in the pink membrane, transiting Uranus is zapping natal Mercury too atm in an opposition, so there, that totally explains that or doesn’t and it doesn’t matter because… what is matter?]

Palpitating-pulpy-brained-oarsman is more formally otherwise known as one of several types of Harvestman spider.

This type is not native to the UK, however this particular one was born and raised here, and is copping a very British attitude, it will be damned if it’s going to take a test to prove how British it is (a reference to something which has been in the British News recently due to Brexitomaniaphobia) so I’d say it was a native even if its ancestors migrated here.

When you think about it… we’re all migrants.

We migrate from sperm to egg to blurry thing in utero to baby to child to pre-teen to teen to young adult to adult to friggin’ old now so fuck it…

We migrate from one place of abode to another, and if you’re me you’ve changed abode so often, don’t belong anywhere, that when you finally settled down into a place of your own you kind of feel all weird about it… is this real, live or memorex (you might get that reference, doesn’t matter if you don’t).

The house I’m living in now is my very first house of my own which is mine and I may die here… this house may kill me.

In some ways this house is my dream home.

In other ways it’s my nightmare, but those can be rather more interesting than placid dreams.

Dream or nightmare or both… one thing is consistent, this house is a place of healing…

much of that healing comes from self undoing…

When I first came across the term “self undoing” I thought it was an awful term and concept… I freaked out about it, going from despair to fury, and a lot in between, about it.

But I’ve flipped a bit, flipped it around…

What if it doesn’t mean all those negative things which I thought it meant and which others (mainly astrologers I may have misunderstood what they were saying, so don’t freak out astrologer people) keep saying it is.

I tend to freak out when I perceive that someone is saying – you’re doomed! – about me.

Everything about you is all wrong… fix-it!!!

I’ve said that enough to myself about me and my life… and I’m really fed up with that approach.

When I’m really fed up with an approach… I flip it around.

What if “Self Undoing” is actually the best thing ever…

but first it feels awful, because you’re so attached to how things are, all tied up in bows, knots, etc… and don’t want all of that undone.

However later on after you’ve freaked the freak out over and over… you end up wondering if perhaps it’s a rather good thing to self undo.

Undo all those bows, knots, just undo everything… come loose, relax, flow, flap in the wind getting frayed.

I was reading an astrology post last night where the astrologer writing it was saying some things which… well, I wondered what was up with him? It sounded like he’d reached a fed up place which he was seeing outside of himself, in others,

Resolve: The Art of Determination

For those interested in resolution, most of the solution involves engaging in the first kind of resolve — melting and loosening — and is then followed up by another kind of resolve, the noun, a much newer usage: “determination, firmness or fixedness of purpose; a determination.”

One of the saddest observations I’ve made in doing this work is how dense most people not just are, but are wholly committed to being. I believe that this seeming density is yet another defense mechanism. Being thickheaded is an excellent way to insulate oneself from caring, and therefore from taking action on your own behalf. It is a form of denial. So, too, is “being overwhelmed by the world.” What people mean when they say that is that they’re letting their awareness be pulled out of their body, and as a result, feel powerless.

Heck, anyone who didn’t have all those problems would suddenly be confronted by the unknown and infinite potential. And that is supposedly “scary.” After all, if you don’t have to try, you don’t have to worry about failing.

There’s one other notion of resolve: to see clearly, as when a lens comes into focus, your eyes fix onto something. We need that too. Here is a clue: unresolved problems almost always seem worse than they are. And part of the “unresolved” element involves unacknowledged anger. That is a real hook. If you carry around your anger, it turns to resentment, which turns to depression. No pill is going to solve that problem. You actually have to work that out, if you want to feel better.

excerpt from There Is Hope For Humanity by Eric Francis Coppolino


As within, so without…

We see others and the world through the filter of ourselves… that filter sometimes needs cleaning, needs changing, needs to be broken because that’s no longer a filter which is helpful, useful, even if it was before… now it’s making a blurry mess which focuses our attention on what’s wrong out there with everyone else.

What about what’s right out there with everyone else?

We often focus on what’s wrong out there with everyone else as a way to balance out, assuage, make us feel better about what we see as wrong inside with us… even if it fills us with doom and gloom about the fate of the human world.

Others out there sometimes make us feel as though everything is wrong with us… that makes them feel better, less wrong, themselves to do that sometimes.

I used to, and still do but not as much in the same way, focus on what’s wrong with me… which is just about everything as I am rather a weirdo. If only I could fix myself… okay that’s not possible… if only I was someone else, anyone else but not me… but then I don’t need to be because the whole point is for me to be me as is, isn’t it?

This human stuff is so…

Which reminds me of a window pane in my house. Sometime last year I noticed that it had a crack in it.

I asked my neighbour where I could buy a replacement pane of glass. He said he knew a glazier… that wasn’t quite what I wanted, but okay let’s go this way instead.

That glazier came around, spent most of the time talking up a storm about whatever was bothering him – he went on and on about being a good neighbour, about locals supporting other locals, loyalty, people should stick to their promises, do what they say they can and are going to do, blah, blah, blah. In other words he was wonderful and everyone else not so much.

Sounded good but was it all talk?

He also made replacing the window pane sound really complicated… he said he’d be back. I haven’t seen nor heard from him since.

So, it was all talk the talk but… uh oh when it comes to walking your talk.

The crack was small so I just left it… this house requires a certain amount of leaving things as they are even if they’re a bit broken, until the timing is just right for everything and maybe everyone to come together to fix it.

Don’t try to force it, and don’t freak out…

wait, wait, wait…

The crack is much bigger now…

I’ve been considering options, and looking for a place to buy a window pane.

But it’s still intact in spite of the crack, so… maybe wait wait wait until it’s truly broken.

It’s an intriguing experiment in who or what breaks first… I used to think I’d break first, but now I know the pane of glass will break first 😉

Of course that could be a case of the famous last words…

Check this out – Ruby Slipper Astrology: Horoscopes for September 1st, 2019 to September 8th, 2019 – as it touches upon stuff I’ve said in this post (maybe I shouldn’t have said that stuff… ah fuck it, said it now), but also stuff which you might find happening in your life with you and/or those around you. Tip – read the horoscope for your Ascendant/Rising sign as it places the transits in the houses (areas of your life or self) where they’re happening.

That’s it from me… you now!


  1. Yes, the “pause” button…that damn, I mean wonderful thing.
    My family use me as their emotional touchstone. If I’m okay, the sun shines and the birds sing. If I’m freaking out, tornados, earthquakes, floods… I am the calmest person in a crisis. I once held that pause button for a year, then had to get medication for depression. I now have short, intense mini freak outside to release some of the pressure.

    I kind of like the idea of self undoing. Busting through a wall like the Koolaid Man, oh yeah!
    Self undoing seems like a process I’ve been through many times before. Being totally torn down and then putting myself back together. The newer version is always stronger than the old one, so I’m cool with it. Ha, cool…Kool.

    My ascendant is Aquarius…its all about money and dont spend too much money. I hate talking or thinking about money… Oh! Well dang…

    No new clothes for me right now. I guess I’ll just keep wearing my blessed holey clothes. I still have a few things that are “acceptable for public”.
    I’m not big on clothes shopping either. I have shirts that I wore when I was pregnant with my younger daughter. She’ll be 25 in December.

    I guess that sums it up for now.😆


    • Cool, Angie 😀

      My Winter coat is about 25 yrs old too. Last year a guy at the supermarket asked me where I got it because he really liked it. It is a man’s coat. I was tickled by that because my partner rolls his eyes at it, but he’s given up trying to get me to get a new one. As long as it still does what it’s supposed to do why get a new one. Sometimes my partner buys me clothes but in his eyes I’m at least one size smaller than I am so I don’t always fit into them. I’ve always been like this, my mother used to throw my favourite clothes away when they had holes in them and I’d be furious – you can’t just throw friends away like that!

      Luckily I live in an area where pretty much everyone dresses like I do, however they please, wearing old clothes and the same ones over and over again, which are usually dirty because it’s the countryside, so no one notices what you’re wearing unless they like it and want to know where you got it. It’s a refuge for the eccentric and easy going, so anything is acceptable for public. One guy dresses like Merlin. Holey clothes are the norm.

      I have to admit I never liked the Koolaid man because wtf dude and he never fixed the mess he made of people’s houses 😉 he expected people to be totally okay with him smashing their homes. He reminded me a bit of narcissists. But I used to be wound up very tightly… and after many years of self undoing I’m finally learning to be more chill. Still though if the Koolaid man pays me a visit he’s ending up as fertiliser for my garden.

      One of the things I do when I read horoscopes and astro interpretations is to notice where I bristle at what I’m reading, and then I investigate why that bothers me. It’s often an old knot which needs unraveling 😀

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  2. Hi Ursula 🤓
    As much as I enjoy shopping(whenever I do), I get such anxiety when shopping. Sizing and patterns and mods can be overwhelming. And forget having to try stuff on- so time consuming, (Kareem, my hubby, strongly suggests I do it if he comes with me). Its something about jeans.👖 Jeans dont lie- they either fit or dont and when they are worn out, they let you know it; sometimes in unflattering ways. As you, I will grab that needle & thread and stitch away until they can’t handle it anymore🤣🤣

    Ouch🤕! to jab your eye gardening; I hope its okay. Keep it moisturized. For some reason eyes are getting drier now. Climate change and all🙄

    As much as I would love to garden, it’s the bugs that I think about. They’re apart of the cycle but are so damn creepy. 😱 I had a run in with a bat 🦇wasn’t fun; had a run in with a mouse🐀, quite entertaining.


    • Hi Scherezade 😀

      My eye is fine, it protected itself so it didn’t get scratched, just briefly poked. When I’m doing physical stuff I often forget where my head is in relation to objects, so I bump into stuff while caught up in the momentum of motion.

      Staring at phone and computer screens will dry the eyes out or at least make them feel like they’re dried out, have grit in them, especially when looking at the screen when it’s dark in the room. It’s the glare and lack of blinking, I think. I find that I need to use my glasses more if I’ve been on the computer for too long.

      I used to quite like shopping in charity shops (thrift stores) because not many people would be in there but then they became increasingly popular, and it’s too crowded for an introvert-level-hermit 😉 The local supermarket has clothes, so I sometimes grab things while food shopping, but their jeans are mom-jeans with the high waist and I have a low waist which means they slip down and I look like I’m wearing weird pampers. I also hate trying things on, but it is a good idea to do it because I really hate returning stuff. I’m very fussy about the texture of materials, I like to feel things with my fingers before buying, so shopping online is problematic.

      I used to be more buggy about bugs, but mostly when you’re gardening the bugs stay away because you’re disturbing them and they’re buggy about humans. Except for the ones which want to drink your blood. Oh and except ants if you disturb their nest. It depends on what you’re working on, how and when you do it.

      I remember your bat story. Bats flapping around inside the house are different because they’re spooked so they spook you. :O

      Oh, btw, awesome post about the judging a guy by how he looks. Beautifully written and expressed!!!


      • Thank you😊 about my “poem”

        😂😂 at mom jeans and pamper butt. I have that trouble too, which is why I dont wear Lane Bryant jeans. Their plus size view of women in jeans is a little off😑

        We’re having problems with ants 🐜 at this new place; it’s their season. Can’t spill a kibble of my dog’s food without a swarm materializing on it. It’s so weird, we can’t track where they come from, but as soon as a piece of kibble ends up on the floor, its covered😤 Been spraying or burning lavender or peppermint oils, on top of spraying family friendly pesticide. Can’t wait for them to hibernate.


        • Ants are a nightmare when they decide your house is their house too. They’re great for and in the garden but definitely a big nope in the house. The first Summer I lived here we had carpenter ants invade the porch and a window, they’re like termites and turn wood to dust. Last year because it was so unusually hot we kept getting masonry ants swarming (when the ants have wings and leave the nest in packs to start up new colonies) into the living room through a crack in the brickwork.

          I’ve tried the eco-friendly approach but the chemical stuff works better. I use the powder. Although the ant bait boxes work quite well too. Depends on the type of ant.

          I always feel guilty for killing living beings but when they’re driving you nuts and trespassing on your territory en masse… it takes the edge off the guilt, it’s either them or you :O

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  3. I also hate shopping! I shop for specific things I need to buy and then I get out of there. Shopping (especially on Saturdays) is a horrible activity for an introvert. I never understood how people can “go shopping” as an activity. They go all day and often don’t buy anything. But then again, they don’t understand me …

    Self undoing – interesting. It makes sense if you’re trying to deal with some unappetising characteristics, but sometimes, pulling on that string may unexpectedly undo all kinds of things.

    That spider is gigantic. Maybe the glasier caught sight of it and decided he would never come back, or maybe it was all the batshit. 😉


    • Haha! 😀 I think the glazier ran away because he made the job overly complicated for himself, when all he had to do was simply replace the glass. He kept talking about replacing the entire window frame or routing the existing frame and he didn’t know how to use a router – which my partner does know how to use, he has his own and he offered to do that bit. Anyway once I figure out where to buy a piece of window glass locally (which strangely isn’t as easy as I thought it should be even though every other shop is a DIY store of some sort), I’m just going to pop the old one out and plop the new one in. It hasn’t been on the priority list of things to do in the house, but I guess it kind of is now.

      It’s been an interesting lesson in self-reflection since I have a tendency to do what the glazier did – make things overly complicated for myself until I want to run away from it all 😉 Self undoing in recent years has been all about simplifying things for myself so that I can actually do it and stay put.

      My mother was one of those people who loved going shopping as an activity. For her it was a way to get away from what was stressing her out, it was a mini-vacation from life and its problems, and a way to make herself feel better. For people who love to go shopping even if they don’t buy anything it’s a form of what is now being called “self-care”. They’re treating themselves.

      Part of the reason I don’t like going shopping is because my mother used to drag me along with her and while it may have been a de-stress for her, it was stressful for me. But mostly I’m just not interested in buying stuff or looking at it… unless it’s junk, I do love browsing junk shops 😉 But I still prefer chilling at home and browsing the internet.

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      • Oh my, Ursula. That’s a very familiar experience. My mother also went shopping as an activity and I usually was required to go along too (when I got to 14 or so I refused). She loved it; I hated it. It was hot and loud and crowded and boring, too. It’s true that she was much happier after she had been – it makes sense that this is a form of self-care.

        I like to poke around in antique stores (aka junk) or off-beat shops selling oddities.

        Good luck with the window. 🙂


  4. Your comments section has never been lack of interesting conversations between you and other bloggers, however, today I read a most hilarious almost ridiculous comment on one of your old post. I was laughing, a face full of expressions as I walk in the mall 😉

    It highlights to me how people think differently and why some people just never get along becos of their diverse way in thoughts. Well, I’m having a similar problem with my colleagues now haha lol sometimes this can be frustrating 😀


    • Pressed the reply button by mistake. Anyway I’m just saying that clearly we all have our own opinions and are different in own ways. However, few people I’ve met or maybe rather have shown to me that rigid way of thinking and doing until I join this company. Lol that commenter on your old old post was just like one of my colleague 😀


      • I’ve met some very intriguing people via comments on my blog, like you 😉 haha! It’s a pleasure to know you even if I don’t know you in person you 🙂

        Mostly it’s great, but then sometimes you get one person with whom you are going to clash no matter what, it’s just a mix which fizzes in the glass and overflows and both of you get soaked and aren’t happy about it.

        I’ve had a few arguments with people in the comments on my posts. I still recall a few because I learned a lot from the interaction. Sometimes I totally misunderstood what they were saying. Sometimes I didn’t. While I have closed comments on old posts, I’ve left everything as is, the messes and mistakes I’ve made over the years of blogging, especially the stuff which happened in the comments. I think it makes the post more interesting, sometimes the comments are more interesting than the post.

        Funnily enough the post I just wrote touched upon something along those lines, must be something in the air, do I smell the aroma of synchronicity.

        I don’t reply like I used to reply, and don’t really get those sorts of comments anymore, it’s more chill here now.

        Rigid thinkers clash with my flexible mind and vice versa. Since you’re also a flexible thinker, the rigid thinkers will most likely clash with you too. Online it’s okay, you can both float away on the ether from each other certain that the other type of thinker is wrong or whatever, but in RL it’s a whole other story, particularly if you have to work with people who have very different minds from you.

        Rigid thinkers like to try and tame the minds of flexible thinkers… that’s not going to happen, but it’s quite an interesting experience for the flexible thinker to go through, much can be learned. You’ll never get a rigid thinker to not be rigid in their thinking, but you never know, they might just bend a little if inspired to do so but it’ll come from them and not you. Rigid thinkers are afraid of breaking, they’re quite brittle, so handle them with care 🙂


        • Thank you very much. The pleasure is mine 😉

          You’re right, rigid thinkers like to tame flexible minds, what makes them think that’s possible?! I never would want to tame anybody’s mind, give me a rigid mind I would chuck it into the freezer, keep frozen. When the time is right, never know when though, bring out and shove it in the oven for a roast 😀

          I often smell synchronicity here and there on your blog that which is addictive haha cos I love synchronicities too! Btw, I read your post It Follows Me Like A Shadow, it very intriguing, open end, elusive… somewhere in the post somehow/sort of reflects my RL experience, not a mental state like what’s describe in the post.

          Oh ya, after reading your new post and that hilarious comment, I found some cues for my new post 🙂


          • Cool, look forward to seeing what you write 🙂

            Follows Me Like A Shadow was inspired by something my father said about me in one of his books. Funnily enough I recently recreated the photo of me in that book which was placed next to those words. Ha! Another synchro 😉

            I read an article this morning about personality changes which in many ways was about the different approaches of flexible and rigid minds. There was one particular phrase which reminded me of our comment chat about rigid minds – “if we remain in the words of Jung an “immovable pillar of the past” then eventually the fragile order of our life may give way to chaos whether we like it or not. A sacrifice of our old ways will be forced upon us,”.

            Rigid minds try to tame flexible minds for many reasons, depends on the particular rigid mind’s owner. Sometimes they view flexible minds as untapped potential which just needs to be tamed for that potential to be tapped.

            Flexible minds tend to want to liberate rigid minds from the bonds of rigidity.

            Both types of mind think their way of mind is the right way… twas ever thus 🙂


            • Last week, I unintentionally undone some already frail knots of the past and solved some puzzles whose story had long ended. That left my brain fried and I started a watching a drama to simmer the heat lol 😉

              In your post, Many miles to go… The sign you saw as s resistant umbrella hmm haha I saw it simply as a borderline and an arrow that says go ahead

              Then in An Optical Illusion-The mouse who was a leaf, the paragraph that begins with your mother is a cover narcissist, ohh it aptly describe my ex. Haha another interesting thing is my ex Chinese zodiac is a mouse haha 😀

              Anyway, the Chinese drama I’m watching The Longest Day in Chang’an is a gripping detective-terrorrism story set in the Tang dynasty that reveals the facade of politics and how characters evolve in the battle. Surprisingly intriguing for me, I shunned the drama a couple of times when looking for something to watch becos one of the main lead is a teen pop idol


              • It’s always intriguing when we do that – dismiss something for whatever reason, don’t go in that direction, and then sometime later we decide to try it out for whatever reason and go in that direction.


                When we’re ready, we’re ready, even when we’re not sure we are. When we’re not ready, we’re not ready, even when we’re sure we are.

                Optical illusions are fascinating, in some ways everything we see isn’t what is there. It can be particularly interesting when how you used to see someone changes into how you see them now (including the self).

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                • Ehm, timing. There is a season for everything. Just when I thought it was a good timing to create new posts, I fell into my black moods. After that, I started my new post and then suddenly I went untying old knots. Managing time and timing is certainly not my forte lol.

                  Sometimes I do enjoy the last minute adrenaline rush, but not like pesle-mesle. Did I interpret the weird correctly? That’s what I got from search, pesle-mesle Old French, pell-mell in a hurried uncontrolled way. Lol on second thoughts, maybe I did or appeared to others that way once 😀

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