How To Get From Gigolo To Heraclitus

In her latest Share Your World, Melanie asked: How are you, truthfully?

Asking me to truthfully tell you how I am… will get you into a whole load of mind warping trouble.

Wouldn’t you rather I just said “Fine, thank you for asking“?

How am I, truthfully?

TBH, I’m not really sure. Depends on the moment.

One minute I’m very much experiencing transiting Saturn grinding on my Sun (it’s almost exact, few more mili-degrees to go), and the next minute I’m feeling transiting Mars in Scorpio closing in on a grind over my natal Mars, and opposing transiting Uranus in Taurus – a few astrologers have been warning people about the Mars/Uranus opposition’s effects since it’s a troublemaker.

In non-astrological terms – one minute I’m Heraclitus, who was sometimes referred to as “the weeping philosopher” and in the next minute I’m Heraclitus who was sometimes referred to as “the obscure”.

I didn’t know I was Heraclitus until I got there after a rather odd journey…

“ἦθος ἀνθρώπῳ δαίμων”

– Heraclitus (via his wikiquote) put that into Google Translate all at once and then word by word… it’s quite the mind trip. According to some it means – Character is fate… but Google translate thinks it might mean people demons.

It all began the other night when “Just A Gigolo” popped into my head, started playing on repeat, stuck on a loop.

Sometimes earworms are soothing, sometimes they aren’t. In this case it was funny.

The part of the lyrics which my mind was focused upon and wanted me to hear over and over was:

“There will come a day
When youth will pass away
What will they say about me?
When the end comes, I know
They’ll say “just a gigolo”
Life goes on without me”

– Just A Gigolo lyrics

I’m 50, so youth passing away is the theme of the decade for me.

What’s that? Oh, hello smartass…

If you haven’t reached my age yet, are younger, you’ll most likely think youth passes away much earlier than that… and you might stretch self thoughts out to include others to frame yourself and might therefore think I’m deluded, clinging to something I lost many birthdays ago.

The etymology of the word “loss” is rather interesting, it includes “loosening” in its connections… as you get older, you can if you want to, loosen up… or you can become more rigid.

In some ways both will happen, and you don’t always have a say in it, but sometimes you do, so you make the most of the parts you do have a say in… maybe.

Many of the things which you thought were so important when younger… eh… meh… whatever (this one will come up regularly if you’re a Gen-X-er)… not so much anymore.

Such as what people think of you.

I read a wonderful bit of wisdom on a comment thread last night, it had very little to do with what was being discussed (which was the real life stories of people who had been lost at sea from long periods of time and had survived):

“Most people get very upset when they are called negative names by others, but there is a simple trick to overcoming this. Here it is: If I went up to you and called you a fire hydrant, would you be upset? Of course not. Obviously you are not a fire hydrant, you are a human being. The same concept applies to when someone calls you something that you know you are not. They are foolish for saying such things, so why would you react with such anger? The only exception is when someone calls you something that is true! In this case, you should thank them for alerting you to a weakness, one that you can now work on changing.”

– wisdom bite from What Manifesto on 10 Harrowing Tales of People Who Survived Months at Sea on Listverse

Yes, there was a reason why I was on that posting on that site. Is it a good reason? Does it matter?

One of the survivors was sued by the family of his sailing mate who didn’t survive – they suspected him of having survived by eating their family member…

Which is a strange segue into an article I read on Psychology Today yesterday:

“Nutric People:” How to Recognize and Attract Them Happiness and success often depends on surrounding yourself with Nutric People. by George S. Everly, Jr. PhD, ABPP, FACLP

wherein the expert who wrote it has decided to call those who are the opposite of Toxic people – Nutric people, as in nourishing people.

It’s quite a good article, and it’s rather nice to focus on those who are good for you rather than those who are bad for you, if you can get passed the fact that the guy writing it might eat you when hungry as he sees other people as food – either poisonous or nutricious food.

Here’s his list for what constitutes a “Nutric” person:

Nutric People Are:

1. Nurturing. They are supportive and encouraging. They are motivating but not demanding. They seem to truly want you to be happy and successful.

2. Understanding. They seem to understand you. They are perspective-takers able to understand your point of view on most things. When they disagree, they present their point of view without insulting your perspective.

3. Trustworthy. You can trust them without any fear of betrayal.

4. Reliable. Reliability is the key to trust. They act and think in a pattern that is usually predictable and this puts you at ease.

5. Integrity. They evidence honesty and ethics. They seem to follow a moral compass.

6. Confident. They are confident in themselves and their confidence is contagious. Studies on interpersonal attraction show that self-confidence is a key factor in attraction. Do not confuse confidence with narcissism and arrogance, as these two traits are characteristic of toxic people.

excerpt from “Nutric People:” How to Recognize and Attract Them by George S. Everly, Jr. PhD, ABPP, FACLP

I wonder what Soylent Green he views himself as being? I’m going to guess he thinks he’s a Nutric since that’s the good one and we all tend to view ourselves as the good one in any good versus bad scenario.

But is it better to be a nutric people food or a toxic people food?

Surely toxic is better since then other people won’t eat you?

Of course, things like maybe you want to be eaten have to be factored in… but what if you don’t?

If you’re nutritious there won’t be much left of you… unless you’re one of those healthy foods which no one wants to eat because it’s not as delicious as the stuff which is bad for you. Hmmm…

one of many warning signs on a hydraulic lift

The pic of the warning sign is included in this post because it made me chuckle, still does, when I saw it… and I mentioned to The Reverist that I have a habit of taking pics of signs.

If you’re wondering why I mentioned that to him, then check out his latest post:

Changing Seasons – Riddles & Reveries

And spot the sign he took a pic of… one of the most intriguing signs ever!

As What Manifesto said when asked what relevance his bit of wisdom shared had to do with anything: “It’s all linked in a broad sense.

So everything in this post is all linked in a broad sense…

The morning after the night “Just A Gigolo” started playing in my head, it kept playing so I thought – I’ll listen to it and maybe it’ll exorcise the demon.

Onto Youtube I wenteth, and decided to ixnay the version I was familiar with, David Lee Roth being all DLR going solo, in favour of the Louis Prima version:

As I was listening to it, my eyes went wanderwegging (What the Swiss do in the Alps) to the sidebar with recommendations and I ended up clicking on a musical link, which led to another, and another until I ended up…

On Takagi & Ketra’s – L’Escercito Del Selfie (the Army of Selfie) ft. Lorenzo Fragola (Lawrence Strawberry) and Arisa:

For those who don’t know, I’m sort of fluent in Italian… never learned it properly except for a short spell while being lazy at school (Oh, I can take Italian lessons… it’s easier than German), just picked it up by osmosis while partly growing up in Italy.

“Hai presente la gente che corre in mutande

Dici che non esistono più, dici che non esistono più

Dici che sono depresso, che non sto nel contesto, che profumo di marcio

Ma non abbiamo più contatti

Soltanto like a un altro post “

L’Esercito del Selfie lyrics

After that I checked out what’s hot on the pop charts in Italy… I did a lot of ADHD jumping from thing to thing, video to video, song to song, until I ended up on Francesco Gabbani’s – Occidentali’s Karma:

It’s sort of a pop music intellectual commentary on modern Western culture. He mentions selfies and intellect being out of style, with a tendency to look for easy answers to complex questions, and to get caught up in useless dilemmas.

“Essere o dover essere
Il dubbio amletico
Contemporaneo come l’uomo del neolitico
Nella tua gabbia 2×3, mettiti comodo
Intellettuali nei caffè
Soci onorari al gruppo dei selfisti anonimi
L’intelligenza è démodé
Risposte facili
Dilemmi inutili”

Occidentali’s Karma’s lyrics

As I perused the comments under the video while listening to the song, I spotted this: “Adesso che a filosofia ho studiato il panta rei ho capito di cosa parla

Which in loose translation of a comment which isn’t entirely sensical says: “Since I’ve studied the panta rei I’ve understood what he’s talking about“.

My mind went: “WTF is panta rei!?

So I looked it up and ended up on Wikipedia… of course… and its entry for Heraclitus.

Fascinating entry.

He was a Greek Philosopher but nothing much is known about him other than what other more well known Greek philosophers said about him.

He apparently was considered to be a pain in the butt because he didn’t play by the rules, was proud of being a contrarian, challenging thought at every opportunity in whatever way he felt like doing it… which was often obscure, hard for others to understand, which made it difficult to cleverly construct a rebuttal to it.

He wrote a lot but not much of what he wrote is left except for some fragments which mainly come from other philosophers who quoted and credited to him… while trying to figure out what he was saying.

The fragments of his sayings have been interpreted in so many ways by so many people after him that… no one is sure if he said what they think he said or if that’s just what someone else thinks he said.

He apparently died of a cow dung overdose… what a way to go!

It’s all rather mysterious… and fun to explore.

And that’s how I went form Gigolo to Heraclitus… and you can too know that I’ve shared how to do it.

And that’s how I am truthfully…?

That’s it… your turn now!


  1. Ah! Thanks so much Ursula for answering How You Are – Truthfully! Insightful and right to the point. Great song choice too (the Gigolo song)! And I think I’d like Heraclitus if we had lived at the same time and I happen to meet him. Because his wisdom is something I can totally identify with. Thank you for sharing him too!


  2. Thank you for the song, finally a song that sends a clear but happy message that I ain’t got nobody. Now I can be sad but with a happy tune, what shifts my feelings 🙂


  3. Hiya Ursula🎭

    I spent quite a bit of time on this thought journey. Thank you for the sign posts😉

    It’s funny how a song wants your attention out of the blue and demands that you figure it out. Mine was Vogue, yours was Just A Gigalo and I see “go with the flow” in both journeys. Maybe that’s what I want to see, or expect to see?

    Saturn sitting on your sun and creeping up on my moon. December 11th is the exact. Maybe I should start honing my sarcasm’s edge so I can be toxic Soylent Green, push people away…nah… I’d feel too guilty😉

    I read the entire wiki on Heraclitus (whose name I will always be able to spell, cuz… well… yeah…😂). Its kinda cool that noone really knows what he said or didnt say, or what he meant by what he said. Philosophy is open to interpretation anyway and his is even more so.

    I’m gonna go ponder some more, maybe laugh…maybe cry… Thanks again!💃🏼🌻


    • Hey Angie 🙂

      Maybe you see “go with the flow” because that’s the message for you, so no matter where you look that’s what you will see in all its different forms. It’s a good one to keep seeing.

      I had another song pop into my head just after the Gigolo one, it was a bit like my mind was having a conversation using songs. The other song was – Take It Easy by the Eagles, and for some reason I decided to check the astro of the songwriters – they both have Cappie Moons 🙂

      Saturn conjunct Moon is great for clarifying emotions, getting to the bottom of the well, and figuring out what nurtures, nourishes and replenishes, especially when the natal Moon is in the 12th which is a Moon which often forgets itself. Saturn forces a 12th house Moon to focus on itself, own its emotions, feelings, rather than push them aside, focusing too much on how everyone else is feeling, on the emotions of others.

      I wonder if Saturn transiting through your 12th is part of your Zen Zone. Saturn is adept at bringing calm. The difficulties we tend to have with Saturn transits are usually when we’re resisting its influence to simplify our system. It’s sort of like one of those gurus who come into your house and tell you to get rid of all the clutter, and while part of you agrees that it would be nice to be clutter free, there’s a certain resistance because other parts of you cling to the clutter – Oh, no I can’t get rid of that, I might need it one day, I’ve had that since I was a baby, that thing holds memories, is of sentimental value, etc.

      It’s worth keeping in mind that Venus is transiting Capricorn now, and Jupiter will soon enter the sign, so there’s some lovely energy to offset the intensity of Saturn and Pluto in the sign. When Venus then Jupiter conjunct your Moon, you’ll get a burst of loveliness 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, Take It Easy is a fantastic song and WOW, great for interpretation.
        More swimming goats? I always thought older daughter was just contrary because… I finally ran her natal. She’s got major Capricorn. I bought her one of Elsa’s deals and she said she’s not going to let the planets rule her life😂 Typical response, right?!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. That gigolo song…

    …I used to hear it as a child – I had no idea what a gigolo was – but I used to hear “I aint got no body”…and I would imagine heads bobbing up and down singing that they didn’t have a body.


  5. Fantastic! 😀 oh yes, that sign is hilarious! It appeared to me to be there is a deliberate action somewhere, not sure how to explain this. And the stick human in front looks like he is on his four haha…

    It’s my first time to hear the gigolo song, I prefer DLR cover and the MV is funny funny. And the Italian tunes, l dig it 😉

    Aha, your thought of a nutric being eaten Hehe… That happens even if it’s unintentional most of the time. I’m enjoying this post, the thoughts it provoked thru subtleties and tangents. And oh, caught a glimpse of your post notification last night when I woke briefly, I misread the title as From Gigolo to Hercules lol

    Thank you for your mention and this wonderful post 🤩


      • The story of the stickmen could go many ways, it looks to me like the casually is not only the one at the end but also the one at the top of the ramp… Lol cos both his feet are off the ground. What you said is indeed so true, it lookd like it’s frozen in time 😉

        Haha yup the mind picture I had was similar to the advert, a skinny boy transform to a muscle man 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • “Exit, pursued by a bear.” It was funny that you linked the bear, body odor and deodorant together, love it! I wonder if at any point, you were the bear? 😉

        Aha, your reference to the Bible verse, I kinda agree with that, and disagree… as Mencius believe in the innate goodness of human, so do I. But in very recent years, yes, only so recent that I met two persons that made me think some people are born evil. I can’t sense the slightest goodness in them. Then again maybe it’s me, haha going into mid-life and changing temperaments. But I still think they are pure evil. Ive meet all sorts of people previously due to many jobs, especially as a bartender and no one had ever give me trembles before. Haha I’m not exactly exaggerating here. One of them did make my hair stand at the sound of their vioice.

        Hmm, there are several contradictions in Bible, I just take in what suits me. Haha, what is your belief/religion, if any?


        • Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I don’t recall what that post was about, might reread it later. Your digging through my archives has been quite fun for me, I’ve reread some old posts, lots of hmmm… I do repeat myself a lot 😉

          I don’t believe in anything in particular.


          • Haha, thank you for your blog 🙂 Im reading it like a book as and when time allows. Yes, you repeat yourself a lot indeed, however, I would say on different times, … So your words might have a different context.

            I believe there is s higher being and one could find it yourself. And when I was reading Mencius on wiki, I found this qoutes: “He who exerts his mind to the utmost knows his nature”[26] and “the way of learning is none other than finding the lost mind.”[



            • Sometimes I know I’m repeating myself and sometimes I don’t until later. It depends on what is being repeated. And yes, you’re right, some of the repetition happens when I have a slightly new perspective on an old issue and I’m reviewing it. Sort of like saying to myself – What happens when I look at it like this and tell it from this angle. Sometimes I’m just being really dopey and forgetful 😉

              Looking quickly through Mencius’ quotes this one caught my eye – “The great man is he who does not lose his child’s-heart.” – because it’s similar to one of the fragments of Heraclitus – “Time is a child playing a game of draughts; the kingship is in the hands of a child.”

              I also rather liked this one from Heraclitus – “human opinions are children’s toys.”

              And I like your belief 🙂


              • Looking again at my repeated text, it must be I reread and misread my original reply after sending, and the second text was to correct or explain it lol influences of alcohol and the sleep deity 😉

                Which of my belief you like? That the higher being is within yourself or some people are born evil? When you said you don’t believe in anything in particular, I think I’m like that too, only it’s a flip side. Because I don’t believe in anything in particular, I believe that everything is possible. Until proven. Am I being confusing again? Nope no drinks tonight…

                Both the Heraclitus fragments are intriguing, I’ve never read it before. Hm, make a mental note to check him out after the exams 😅 I’ll be turning into a 🐼 in the next two weeks preparing for the papers. Wish you a good weekend!


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