One cycle ends and the next begins

If everything is made of thought, what type of thoughts created plastic… and is the plastic pollution problem caused by a surfeit of the type of thoughts which created plastic?

Yes, I know that’s an odd question.

My mind likes pondering odd ideas.

It’s a form of yoga for the mental body, stretching it into strange shapes and positions, and holding it there for a moment or two… to perhaps increase its flexibility, its cerebral plasticity.

When an odd idea pops into my mind, I may ponder it for a few minutes and then move on to something else.

That’s what I did with the one above.

I might go back to it at a later time, or not.

The something else I moved on to eventually led to even odder questions and ideas, which weren’t really the kind of odd my mind likes…

But sometimes it’s interesting to ponder what you don’t like… or at least ponder why it is your mind doesn’t like that subject.

Is it fear? Is it laziness?

At first it was just a bit of alternative astrological fun.

I was on a site which mentioned an astrologer who had taken the Sabian Symbols and turned them into the Chandra Symbols… or something along those lines.

So I decided to check those out, and found a site which had conveniently shared them all from a book:

Inside Degrees: Developing Your Soul Biography Using the Chandra Symbols by Ellias Lonsdale

A couple of the descriptions of the degrees did that thing which is what makes astrology so interesting…

Here’s one:

The outer casing of the Great Pyramid being removed.
Candor, stark naked honesty. Getting rid of all false coverings, going for what counts. You are sharply intent upon getting at the truth and staying on the truth. Self-disclosure. An extraordinary aptitude for reality, you are the world’s most direct person, willing to be seen and known unequivocally. The jackhammer treatment. Blunt, brutal, and straightforward. Devoid of charm or grace, but right on the mark, gutsy and truly incorrigible.”

excerpt from Inside Degrees: Developing Your Soul Biography Using the Chandra Symbols by Ellias Lonsdale

And here’s another:

A jellyfish.
Neither being one thing nor another. No longer belonging and not yet attaining. You live in limbo and fiercely get ready. This is a very strange predicament. You have no world to be in. The past is over; the future is not yet. The present moment becomes both magical and dreadful. It is dreadful in that nothing ever really happens and you cannot stand it. It is magical in that when you have lost everything and truly have nothing left to lose, you are free. You are free to dream and free to be. You still have no context, no place to plug in. But you are a free agent. Oddly released from pressures, demands, the crossfire of urgent criticality. And in this state, you have one amazing option. If you give this away, if you surrender your sparkling autonomy to the universal life-force, you can turn the world on and make everybody aware that they are free as well.

excerpt from Inside Degrees: Developing Your Soul Biography Using the Chandra Symbols by Ellias Lonsdale

They were rather accurate for me, my psyche, my life, which triggers hmmm… mode – which is a mode I enjoy being in.

After exploring the Chandra Symbols a bit, I did what I always do when intrigued by the work of an astrologer – I searched to see if I could find his natal chart.

Many astrologers don’t share their natal chart… that bugs me. If they’re into the subject to the point of being an astrologer, then surely their own astrological chart should be something they share freely and use as a template to show how the system works, for them and for others. I’m sure there’s a professional reason why they don’t, but hmmm…

I didn’t search particularly deeply or thoroughly, so that might have been the issue…

But even a cursory search might come up with a mention of his date of birth, what Sun sign he is…

I did however find out that he founded a school for Visionaries and Wizards… rightio.

And thought he’d had a past life in Atlantis. Not just any old Atlantean past life but an important one as a Star Seer or something along those lines.

Oh dear… those are the kind of odd ideas which my mind does not like – that bias is mainly due to my youthful excursions into the New Age movement… and the lessons I learned from it.

I decided to move on…


Sometime later I did another search to see how many other people think they had past lives in Atlantis… and, unsurprisingly, many people do.

Since recently I’ve been putting my skepticism on hold as it’s not as helpful as it thinks it is… I decided to approach the odd idea from a different angle than the “oh, dear…” one.

What if Atlantis was a real place, and all these people who think they lived there in a past life are right about that… let’s take a bit further than that… what if a large portion of people who are alive right now were also alive in Atlantis.

In reincarnation theories, there’s one which suggests that people tend to reincarnate in groups. Usually it means families, significant others, close friends… and enemies. But what if an entire generation of people reincarnated together… perhaps to finish unfinished business.

One story I read many years ago when I was interested in things like Atlantis said that the Atlanteans were very technologically advanced… and that’s what killed them. They took it too far, didn’t respect the laws of nature, were driven crazy by all the power they had, wanted more and more power…

In many ways the descriptions of what happened in Atlantis correlate with what’s going on at this time on Earth.

We’ve made incredible leaps in technological advancement… and are permanently hungry for more power… and we’re also very concerned that the end of our world is nigh.

Maybe those who lived in Atlantis reincarnated en masse, and have simply repeated now what happened then. Making the same mistakes… doing the same thing as they did before.

I guess they learned nothing then… what about now?

Part of what influenced that take on it, was my recent watching of the second season of the series Britannia.

I didn’t see season 1… because it sounded like another GOT type of series and my mind didn’t find that particularly interesting.

I didn’t watch season 2 from the start…

I fell asleep on the sofa one evening and when I woke up I was watching it. Since I woke up to this image:

And what happened next… my mind kind of went hmmm… this is oddly interesting.

It’s sort of similar in some ways to Monty Python’s Holy Grail, only with crazy druids and ridiculous Romans.

It’s very funny… with some possibly profound wisdom hidden within the hilarity.

At one point this character, who is carrying his dead sister’s head around in a bag, a head he bought at an auction, proudly announces that he’s made amends for past sins… and gets told that, nope, he’s not done anything of the sort, he’s actually made things worse for himself but it’s okay since it’s all part of the prophecy, and he exclaims “Oh shit!”

There are many “Oh, shit!” moments for the characters…

Here’s the trailer:

At the very end of the season…

Yes, I’m spoilering it, so if you don’t want it to be spoilered for you, you know what to do…

the viewers get a glimpse of the past and future in the present, summed up in the words – “One cycle ends and the next begins“.

It sounds great, wise and whatnot, but the truth of it is the same story is stuck on play, rewind, repeat, again and again and again… no one seems to know how to break the cycle. Maybe that kind of cycle isn’t meant to be broken.


  1. Hi Ursula. This subject reminds me of a book that might interest you. It’s called The Fourth Turning, and it’s about how society replays history in four stages. It claims time is not linear, but rather, cyclic. My brother thinks it’s the most accurate book he’s ever read. I’ve only read bits and pieces, because for some reason, it makes me nervous, but the theory is quite intriguing and plausible.

    I get the hint that you aren’t responding to me anymore, but I believe you have things of interest to offer so I stop by when I can.


  2. Hey Ursula🌻,

    New Agers and past lives🤦‍♀️ my first reaction is usually “really?” because I usually heard the one about being a “Native American Princess”…ugh! I don’t know of any tribes that royalty. They do a thing at Pow Wows but its totally different. Aside from that, why does everyone have to claim something so so special? Was no one just a factory worker or a farmer?

    I see where looking at it from a different perspective is a good practice. I was thinking I should do that… DUH🤦‍♀️ am I a Pisces? 😂

    The degrees thing was interesting. I looked at my sun, moon, Mars and Neptune. Some of it was relatable, some not so much. So, I’m going to look at the not so much parts again later.😉

    After your last post and our chat I looked up when Venus was gonna hit my moon… it’s not surprising that its Dec 11, same day as Saturn. I was going to put it on my calendar, no reminders, just a note and I saw I have an important meeting that day regarding the Virgo in my life… hmmmm. I tried to find info about Venus & Saturn transit moon but either I used bad search terms or it doesnt come up often. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I gave up.

    I have always held the belief that souls incarnate in groups. I’ve not really studied any of the eastern religions or much of the new age stuff, I guess I just KNOW some stuff…or think I know, or whatever (pisces again😉) There are too many people I have met that are too familiar, deeply familiar… The whole Atlantis thing is interesting. I dont have strong feelings about Atlantis. I dont believe and I dont disbelieve.

    That show looks pretty cool from the trailer. I love the Python.

    Thank you for another cool journey❤


    • Hey Angie 🙂

      I went through a period of being very interested in the whole past lives theory, partly because it was popular a couple of decades ago and there was a lot of material about it. I even had a past life regression – I enjoyed the experience but I didn’t come away from it thinking I’d recalled past lives (I’ve shared the stories somewhere on my blog).

      I did explore the eastern perspective of reincarnation, it’s much more in depth than the western view of it. Bits and pieces stuck with me, didn’t fall through the sieve in my mind. I particularly liked the Bardo Thodol perspective, or at least my understanding of the bardo of rebirth where your attachments, desires, cause you to be reborn. The rebirth is to work the attachment out of your system until you’re no longer attached to it. Your attachments are like the Mafia, just when you thought you were out they pull you back in.

      The only value, imo, of knowing you were whoever you were in a past life is its relevancy to your life now, as in if it clues you in on what you’re here in this incarnation to solve, sort out, work out, resolve. So if you were someone important in a past life – Did you abuse your position of power? Did you perhaps rely too much on the opinions of others? Were you too caught up in your status?

      If you feel insignificant in this lifetime, knowing you were someone significant in a previous life can give you a boost, but it can also lead to not dealing with the here and now because the there and then seems so much more whatever, so you escape into it and don’t want to face the you who you are now. Of course I’m viewing it all through the eyes of me and my story, my attachments, etc.

      With regards to Saturn/Venus on your Moon on the day of the meeting – it’s a good combo for a serious discussion, especially about your Virgo. Saturn will keep your emotions in Zen mode, and Venus will add gentleness to the Saturn/Moon. It’s actually a perfect combo for that kind of a scenario.

      When looking at transits to natal, it’s usually a good idea to take your daughter’s advice about not letting the planets rule your life. 🙂 They’re energies, what you do with those energies is up to you.

      If you can’t find something – not finding it may be exactly what you need to find. With transits to natal, you usually have to look things up individually and then try to blend them yourself if there’s a combo. But keep in mind that there’s a lot of personal bias in interpretations, and the best interpretations come from having the experience and writing it for yourself based on your experience of it because it interacts with your entire chart, not just the part activated by the transit. Your Moon is one part of the whole, and the whole is part of the one’s experience.

      But if you’re worried, here’s some inspiration, if you search Astrotheme’s database for someone with Saturn/Venus conjunct in 12th house Capricorn, who also has Capricorn Moon (albeit not conjunct Saturn/Venus in 12th), you get this guy – – who wrote a lot of books about relationships, love, etc, from a practical and philosophical standpoint.

      So you’re going to be just fine 🙂

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      • Thank you for doing research on my behalf😍
        I agree that sometimes NOT finding the answer is exactly what we need. I made the note as kind of a possible postmortem thing. If something weird happened.
        It’s like when I feel anxious or irritated out of the blue, I check the emotions of people around me, check the pressure level on the weather app… looking to see if it may be an outside influence before I check inside. That weird hormonal thing is still happening with older daughter.
        I was getting caught up in over-thinking things for a while. When I realized what I was doing I went back into witness protection😉 My instincts are pretty good, I just need to stay loose and go with the flow. More testing myself maybe? Meh… whatever😉😂🌻

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  3. Hi Ursula, like King Ben’s Grandma, I’ve heard lots of people claim to have been royalty or someone rather important. Maybe it’s a way of garnering some importance in a present life that feels unimportant or there have been disappointed aspirations.

    I have a memory of being very little (a toddler maybe) and in my mother’s garden, and wondering why I was there – a powerless child. Then I realised that I was a child who could do nothing about it, including tell anyone. I had the sense that I had been a middle-aged man. The “memory” is quite strongly with me still, but maybe I’ve added layers or twisted it over the years. I don’t know. Maybe it was a dream. However, one time when he was about four, my son asked me about “his other life.” He said something like, “you know, I did that in my other life when I was big.” We were making lunch together and he was asking about using the bread knife. 🙂

    Britannia looks fun. 🙂 Don’t know if I can get it here.


    • Hi Lynette 🙂 That’s very intriguing and cool!

      When I was exploring reincarnation theories, there were a lot of cases involving children recalling their past lives. Some were incredibly detailed and their stories were able to be verified which was fascinating. One child’s past life had been relatively recent and they were taken to meet the family of their past life self, and they recognised people who they had not known in their present life. The theory is that children are more open, their doors of perception embrace possibilities which the adult mind is closed off to, thus they’re more likely to recall past lives than adults.

      If you think about how many royals and important people of one sort or another there have been throughout history, and go with the theory that each soul incarnates to have different human experiences including at least one life where they’re a big shot of some kind, it’s not all that farfetched for there to be many souls in the present who have been royal or important in a past life. And yes, maybe the idea that in a past life they were royal or important appeals to their present self who feels insignificant or powerless… but perhaps they feel insignificant or powerless in this life because of having been royal or important in a past life, and that’s what the present life experience is about – the experience of being a nobody while having this memory of having been a somebody.

      There are so many variations on the theme. 🙂

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  4. Hi Ursula, a fun Q: If the higher being within the self is not human or just half human, which supernatural or any other being would your higher self be (assuming you’ve found your higher self)? 😉


  5. Thanks Ursula. 🙂

    These are the two things I think about when asked about spirituality or religion. I am not religious and I believe that the world would probably be better off without organised religion. Personally, I think I might be an atheist, but then I think about that childhood memory and my son very innocently asking about “his other life,” in only the way that a child can (as you say, they are more open), and I realise how much there is that we don’t know that we don’t know.

    I don’t think I was ever anyone important. More likely the guy who had to clean up after the army came through. 😉

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  6. A totally intriguing read Ursula. The theory, your thoughts on Atlantis and that series of written words – very interesting and thought provoking. Ultimately a fascinating question of sorts that requires a lot of deep thought – thank you 🙂


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