Super Capricorn Season: Getting Real with Yourself and Others

I love it when seemingly random things come together…

This morning I was browsing Psychology Today and came across an article:

Two Cultures of Knowledge: Is all of psychology a footnote to William James? Should it be? by Alexander Danvers Ph.D.

It’s not what’s in the article, but the name included in the title which came together with something else I was browsing a while after…

After having forgotten about the article.

After checking out what a couple of my favourite astrology blogs had to say about transiting Jupiter moving in Capricorn today, and its long stay there, plus its joining of forces with transiting Venus, Saturn and Pluto which are all already in the sign.

Here are those posts if you want to check them out too:

Raising the Roof? Jupiter Enters Capricorn by Amanda Painter on Planet Waves

Jupiter Enters Capricorn by Nadia Gilchrist on Ruby Slipper Astrology

I kind of felt unsatisfied after reading those posts, as though something… real? … was missing from the astrological narrative.

So I decided to pop over to Astrotheme and search for people born with Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, and anything else in Capricorn to see what those energies look like in people form, in living life form, in experiential form.

And William James, the very same one who is referenced in the PT article, appeared in the results.

natal chart of William James via Astrotheme

He had Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Moon and Sun all in Capricorn… so he was quite the super Capricorn. He didn’t have Pluto in Capricorn, but it did square his Sun, Mercury and Moon, adding its energy to the mix from Aries.

I haven’t read any of his books, but just by perusing his quotes on Wikiquote, I feel somehow reassured.

It’s nothing specific… there’s just a sense of grounded earthiness, with just the right amount of optimism – of a kind which does not tip over into the overly idealistic.

One thought has been on my mind recently – I’m really fed up with all the criticism.

Not so much of the personal kind (I grew up in an overly critical of me environment… with narcissists who love to point out what’s wrong with everyone else and then innocently wonder why everyone else hates their company), but more so of the impersonal, the collective critical mind which seems focused on pointing out faults and flaws, on lifting itself up by putting others down, of making itself feel clever or safe by making others feel stupid, unsafe… and then wondering naively why others are attacking such a flawless, faultless, clever and safe specimen of humankind.

It seems as though the only thing people notice in others these days is what is wrong with them, how they look wrong, where they went wrong, what they did wrong, what they said which was heard as something wrong. It’s reached the point where none of us want to interact with others because it’s too painful… regardless of whether we’re on the side of being told we’re wrong or on the side of telling someone else they’re wrong.

Dimentichiamo tutto con un Amen…

In case you can’t see the embedded video, it’s Francesco Gabbani’s Amen (he’s a Virgo Sun, with only Lilith in Capricorn, I’ve included this here because I like the song, it speaks of the shit we’ve been up to collectively).

Perhaps one of the benefits of Pluto in Capricorn is that it’s gradually counteracting the effects of the generation, which includes me, who have natal Pluto in Virgo… the effects of which is still being felt. Pick, pick, pick, pick, pick… destroying others and self in an effort to achieve some illusory concept of perfection. But anything or anyone who gets close to being perfect… has to be destroyed too. So we want perfection but hate it when we get what we want!?

It’s time to stop that bullshit, don’t you think, since it’s made us all rather miserable.

Increasing our self esteem by decreasing someone else’s. Bigging ourselves up by making others small. Feeling better about ourselves due to making someone else feel worse about themselves. Focusing on the flaws of others to make ourselves feel less flawed. These are all shortcuts to get something for ourselves which doesn’t last very long when we do it the shortcut way… so we have to keep doing it… and that drug just doesn’t work anymore.

Enter the super Capricorn to tell us all some hard, blunt truths…

The quote above sounds like Jupiter in Capricorn talking. Faith is a Jupiter thing, and authenticity, the true self, is a Capricorn thing.

It sounds great, but who is your true self? How do you locate your true self in amongst all the selves within you and outside of you? Which of those many selfies you’ve taken and shared is really you? Yes, they’re all really of you… but which one is you-you?

Luckily there’s another super Capricorn who explored the matter of who is you-you and who is not you-you but another you which is you but not you-you…

And he did it in a typically practical Capricorn manner, by practicing what he was preaching on himself to test it, make sure it was sound, grounded in reality, making mistakes and learning from them, growing up bit by bit, taking the long hard road to maturity… never being certain if maturity had been reached, but that’s okay because self doubt is as useful as everything else which is a part of your human self.

Here’s his natal chart:

natal chart of Carl Rogers via Astrotheme

He had Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Moon and Sun in Capricorn. With Pluto forming an inconjunction with Sun and Saturn, adding some Gemini energy to the mix.

Again, I haven’t read any of his books, but exploring his quotes once again feels reassuring.

He has a comfortable acceptance of being a messy human trying to figure things out as he experiences being and living.

He’s very open about his errors, not ashamed of them, but aware of the shaming element which hounds humans and the human experience.

“I found myself doing this same thing—playing a role of having greater certainty and greater competence than I really possess. I can’t tell you how disgusted with myself I felt as I realized what I was doing: I was not being me, I was playing a part.”

― Carl R. Rogers, A Way of Being

He was a big supporter of the value of empathy… which is intriguing because “empathy” is not an association which is often made with the sign of Capricorn.

And yet, there he is, a super Capricorn embracing empathy, advocating the use of it in both his professional sphere…

“The third facilitative aspect of the relationship is empathic understanding. This means that the therapist senses accurately the feelings and personal meanings that the client is experiencing and communicates this understanding to the client. When functioning best, the therapist is so much inside the private world of the other that he or she can clarify not only the meanings of which the client is aware but even those just below the level of awareness. This kind of sensitive, active listening is exceedingly rare in our lives. We think we listen, but very rarely do we listen with real understanding, true empathy. Yet listening, of this very special kind, is one of the most potent forces for change that I know.”

― Carl R. Rogers

And personal sphere of life…

“When I have been listened to and when I have been heard, I am able to re-perceive my world in a new way and to go on. It is astonishing how elements that seem insoluble become soluble when someone listens, how confusions that seem irremediable turn into relatively clear flowing streams when one is heard. I have deeply appreciated the times that I have experienced this sensitive, empathic, concentrated listening.”

― Carl R. Rogers

For me personally, what I like most about his words and ideas is the focus on authentic authenticity (a term I heard the other night while watching a bit of the first episode of a TV series wherein a character was trying to explain to another the difference between real authenticity and faux-authenticity – the other character didn’t care to see the difference… and I didn’t care to see the show beyond what I watched of it, which wasn’t very much but enough to know I wasn’t going to see more than that).

On being really real, for your own sake, for your own self care.

“I find it very satisfying when I can be real, when I can be close to whatever it is that is going on within me. I like it when I can listen to myself. To really know what I am experiencing in the moment is by no means an easy thing, but I feel somewhat encouraged because I think that over the years I have been improving at it.”

― Carl R. Rogers, A Way of Being

Being real with yourself… is the main step to being real with others.

And embracing your own real makes it easier to embrace the real of others…

So your self care becomes the care of the self of others too.

Now some may come across this post and focus in on what’s wrong with it… and may feel the need to point it out to me just in case I thought it was okay and was feeling good about it, and myself…

To those people I would say this – if you were me and I did that to you, how would you feel about it? How would you react to it? So…?

I’m a Sun in Capricorn, with natal Saturn squaring Sun from Aries… I’m used to being told that everything I do is not good enough (it comes with that aspect, if others aren’t doing it to me, then I’m doing it to myself, both may occur simultaneously), and while the only planet I have in Capricorn is the Sun, so I’m not a super Capricorn by any stretch of the astrology, I have taken a similar direction as Carl Rogers about the judgements of others about me.

“evaluation by others is not a guide for me. The judgments of others, while they are to be listened to, and taken into account for what they are, can never be a guide for me. This has been a hard thing to learn.”

― Carl R. Rogers, On Becoming a Person: A Therapist’s View of Psychotherapy

Hard lessons to learn are often the most valuable, especially in the long term. Once you learn them… you’ve learned them, even if you may have to do some re-learning of them every now and then in case you forget.

All of this transiting planetary pile-up in Capricorn will be and has been crossing over my Sun, aspecting natal Saturn and natal Pluto (which aspects my Sun with a beneficial trine) in the process.

Transiting Pluto has been there and is done with that, it’s heading towards my Mercury now, but that’s in Aquarius so it’s got a while to go.

Transiting Saturn is almost finished grinding on my Sun… it’s been quite nice really, but maybe that’s because I’ve been cooperating with it.

I’ve noticed lately that I’m opening up in ways I never did before to experience, which is also causing a closing off of areas I should have shut down much earlier…

I’m no longer putting up with people who disrespect me and my boundaries, or who I experience as doing that even if they don’t experience themselves as doing that, and maybe they’re not doing that… but I feel like they are.

But to do that I have to cross some lines I drew in the sand for myself, I have to go against my own rules for myself, ones which I pride myself on following. But if what you pride yourself on doing becomes a weapon which others may use against you or anything along those lines… maybe it’s time to stop it. Maybe it’s time to let that particular prideful thing fall and get stomped on by you. That ego drug ain’t working anymore.

I was thinking about the above when I read the article below, and several others connected to that one by the same author, the other day:

Why Daughters of Unloving Mothers Struggle With Shame: Taking a close look at the elephant hidden in plain sight. by Peg Streep

I’m not elaborating further than that… I’m not in elaborating mode at this time.

On a parting note, here’s something super interesting to ponder upon from super Capricorn Carl Rogers (via his Wiki entry) about what he views as being part of a “fully functioning person” – in some ways it’s the formula to counteract being narcissistic:

  1. A growing openness to experience – they move away from defensiveness and have no need for subception (a perceptual defense that involves unconsciously applying strategies to prevent a troubling stimulus from entering consciousness).
  2. An increasingly existential lifestyle – living each moment fully – not distorting the moment to fit personality or self-concept but allowing personality and self-concept to emanate from the experience. This results in excitement, daring, adaptability, tolerance, spontaneity, and a lack of rigidity and suggests a foundation of trust. “To open one’s spirit to what is going on now, and discover in that present process whatever structure it appears to have” (Rogers 1961)
  3. Increasing organismic trust – they trust their own judgment and their ability to choose behavior that is appropriate for each moment. They do not rely on existing codes and social norms but trust that as they are open to experiences they will be able to trust their own sense of right and wrong.
  4. Freedom of choice – not being shackled by the restrictions that influence an incongruent individual, they are able to make a wider range of choices more fluently. They believe that they play a role in determining their own behavior and so feel responsible for their own behavior.
  5. Creativity – it follows that they will feel more free to be creative. They will also be more creative in the way they adapt to their own circumstances without feeling a need to conform.
  6. Reliability and constructiveness – they can be trusted to act constructively. An individual who is open to all their needs will be able to maintain a balance between them. Even aggressive needs will be matched and balanced by intrinsic goodness in congruent individuals.
  7. A rich full life – he describes the life of the fully functioning individual as rich, full and exciting and suggests that they experience joy and pain, love and heartbreak, fear and courage more intensely. Rogers’ description of the good life: “This process of the good life is not, I am convinced, a life for the faint-hearted. It involves the stretching and growing of becoming more and more of one’s potentialities. It involves the courage to be. It means launching oneself fully into the stream of life.” (Rogers 1961)

That’s it…

The sun is setting now here in the UK… it’s perfect as it is and so are you, and you, and you…

Let the sunset that you are be beautiful as is…

If you decide to comment on this post, you have to say something really real about yourself and say it as though you were talking about a sunset which you are making love to with your eyes and other senses.


  1. I just comment as ‘me-me’, nah 🙂 I loved to read about Rogers. He is truly a wise man in my opinion and is not often talked about. I learned about him when he wrote about ‘understanding’ someone. Like you wrote about the ‘art of listening’. He said that we cannot understand some else ‘fully’, that the act of truly listening implies a non-understanding (see that is my interpretation as I look at the sunset). To fully understand someone would break their boundaries and we can’t do that. So to say, espacially as a therapist: ‘I understand’ is not very good in his opnion. It makes a lot of sense to me. It really clicked in my head when I heared that. He also speaks about the acceptance of the other of course.
    On a side note; I read that article too. Not elaborating on that one 🙂
    I liked the points you’ve written down the most; I’m improving at some of them and I feel like they all make sense and I will have a peek now and then to remind me that I am doing so well 🙂


    • Thank you-you, Kacha 😀

      That’s a wonderful point about things which “click” for you when you hear them. That’s a knowing moment, when whatever it is, is just right for you. That just reminded me of that piece of wisdom about how we all already know everything we need to know, but much of it is dormant within us until it is woken up by someone saying what we already know and us recognising it.

      The reverse is also quite useful, when something just does not “click” for you no matter how good it sounds, how well explained it is, how much sense it makes superficially, intellectually, how much everyone else thinks it’s right – if it doesn’t work for you, doesn’t “click” then it just isn’t right for you.

      Sometimes I find that something which didn’t click before, clicks later on, and sometimes something which clicked no longer clicks, it’s one of many ways of glimpsing your own movement along a path 🙂

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      • It is about the click I agree and the clicks travel through life. What you said so beautifully – and it clicks with me – is that we already know but we sometimes need some else to revive it. That would be the essence of a true connection for me. Such wisdom om WP!

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  2. Capricorn astrology info has been trotting across my awareness too.
    This ‘pile-up’ of planets in cap will conjunct my 3h cap moon, which is without major aspects in my chart, my cancer 8th house sun is flashing in anticipation, Scorpio AC is rolling-eyes but excitingly intrigued! 12th house Pluto is opening my dreamworld…once again taunting me with what’s to come.
    I shall cross the ocean to become it, surrendering the old to resurrect the real. Pluto, my dear, you’re welcome to submerge me once more into the abyss of bliss, while chaos swirls through my life, in the centre of the storm Saturn keeps me steady. This time I shall fully cross the threshold with jupiterian faith that i’ll never fall again if willing to fall completely. History repeats and bangs on karma’s door, i can’t allow this to keep happening anymore. Allow the ocean to voluptuously consume and nullify the taint to aid the world to sparkle more than ever before.
    That, or this multi-year transit will annihilate me!
    I feel like a moody dark purple, dirty orange sunset 😉

    As an aside, someone once judged me as being ‘stoic’…it surprised me. I guess I have a calm, held together persona, yet beneath the calm ocean surface the rip tides are ferociously active!
    Like you said, discerning what judgements to think about and which ones to discard takes a level of wisdom I never knew needed recognition. Sometimes thrown out , carefree comments by others/strangers have come to have deep significance in my life, that I should have perhaps heeded more,…while ironically, those I know and respected to be insightful in their judgement of me have turned out to be a reflection of themselves, and nothing to do with me…and should have been ignored.

    I think Pluto conjuncting your mercury is going to be just incredible! I can’t imagine how your writing will reflect that exchange, as it’s already like you’ve undergone that journey. Maybe you’ll publish?! What a treat for the world that would be…another great Ursula author 🙂


    • Thank you very much, Bee 😀

      That’s an absolutely stunning sunset self! I adore what you wrote ❤ It's visceral beauty!

      There's always a certain element of annihilation with Pluto, but it's working with Saturn and Jupiter, and in Capricorn, so it's about removing structures which are no longer practical as a living space. It's more like one of those shows where a house is overhauled, the crew comes in, knocks a bunch of walls down (that's Pluto at work), the debris is cleaned up, sorting through it, keeping anything which can be repurposed (that's Saturn at work) and you're now living in a spacious light-filled open plan home (Jupiter's redesign) which was once a warren of dark musty pokey rooms. The challenge is adjusting to the change, the rearrangement of the space, structure, system (Uranus transiting Taurus is there to help out with that).

      If the combo aspects your Sun, then the ego structure is going to get overhauled. Ego does not like being redesigned, it gets very attached to its clutter, restrictions, limitations, and mechanisms. So a lot of internal screaming goes on, struggle, resistance, but then once the ego egg is smashed out pops what was shut inside of it and WOW! Why didn't I do this sooner!? But of course the timing is exactly right for it to happen now, it wasn't right for it to happen sooner or it would have happened sooner… and if it had then in the sooner you'd have wondered why it didn't happen sooner 😉

      It's worth noting that transiting North Node is in Cancer, with South Node in Capricorn, so there's a need for the new structure to incorporate what is nourishing, nurturing, that which moves the ocean within, satisfies the deep inside, which connects with the collective ocean of Neptune in Pisces.

      You're a deep diver, you're in tune with the call of the wild!


  3. Hey Ursula🌻

    I’ve been trying to think of something really real to say about myself, but I tend to do that anyway. At least, I think I do. I am me. I like me. I worked hard to get to this moment and I am generally happy, mostly content and I want to keep learning and keep experiencing each moment of each day.

    I like the list for the fully functional person. According to the list, I’m doing good. But I didnt need the list to know that😉

    My experience with Capricorn is huge empathy, so reading that they’re not known for empathy doesnt fit.

    That mother-daughter article… yeah… but interestingly it ties into something that popped into my mind today. I was thinking about my two deconstructions and rebuilds and about how the first made me a better mother for my daughters (and all the friends they brought home) and the second made me better for helping to raise Ben with his needs.

    They were both first and foremost good for ME. The better me is passing better on to two generations. That’s pretty cool! Not that there aren’t negatives too, I am human, there is free will and everyone has their own paths…
    One of the friends of one of the daughters used to call me “Mama Earth” because he said I took care of everyone. That’s a nice thing. I’d like to give everyone a hug and some warmth and love. Always including myself in the everyone. (That lesson is LEARNED)🌻💝


    • Very beautifully said, Mama Earth Angie 🙂

      The collective really needs more mama earthiness, nurturing the seeds within each being so that their inner garden grows rather than feeling barren inside and plundering the gardens they see in everyone but themselves. There’s been far too much focus on what others have that we don’t, rather than on what we have within which we can share without ending up empty.

      Capricorn usually gets typed as the stern patriarch businessman father who is closed off from feeling, unemotional, cold, ruthless, etc. Its polar opposite on the axis, Cancer, gets typed as the classic mother of all mothers, and gets given all the empathy, warmth, richness of emotion and feeling. I think astrology is one of many systems which needs an overhaul, it’s a bit stuck in an old and outdated structural perspective comfort zone. I thought that a while back when a couple of astrologers were discussing how they viewed Uranus moving into Taurus – they saw it as possibly bringing radical change to the arts – and I thought the art of astrology could use some radical change too. 😉

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    • Hi Lynette 🙂

      I’m well, hope you are well too. Thank you for the compliment of missing my posts, don’t miss them too much though because I reckon I won’t be writing a new post for a long while. I took a break from blogging over the X-mas period and the creative flow decided to redirect itself into offline projects, and I am rather enjoying the new scheduling of my time 😉

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  4. Hi Ursula 🙂

    Hope you are well amid the upheaval of the crown virus.

    I’d suffered a severe lower back pain for two weeks but otherwise still fine…

    Today I felt like there’s loads of Plutonian energy to be released… I did let out some at those ppl provoked or rather slightly poked at me in a way. Although I stopped arguing, not pursuing further. Thing is my sarcastic remarks made were quite enough in an environment where I’d better not give any less than nice comments.

    Hey, miss you here 😉


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