Hi.About Ursula


I’m Ursula.


That’s a nickname someone gave me because I reminded them of a bear, mostly because I can sleep anywhere, and when I am asleep I look like I’m hibernating… don’t try to wake me up even if it is for my own good or you’ll find out the other reasons why I received this nickname. But don’t worry, I don’t usually fall asleep on my blog.


Speaking of my blog… Welcome to my cyber home!

Here you will find the scribblings which erupt from me. I write in the style of my thinking – I’m a tangential thinker, which is apparently a disorder, luckily I like chaos. I talk this way too, when I can actually be bothered to talk. Translating my thoughts into verbal utterances is not always a good idea, at least that’s the impression I get from those who hear my words… then run away covering their ears, screaming… or maybe they’re singing. I can be rather blunt. Sometimes I’m just odd.

I’m an INTP… according to MBTI. The ‘P’ bit has the most influence on the way I express myself. I love exploring different ways of perceiving things, and people, and life.

So you’ll find a mishmash of all sorts on here.

Conversations (often arguments) with myself, soul-searching, self-analysis, ghosts in the brain, astrology…

You can find my astrology chart here. I am a Capricorn Sun, but that’s not the part with which you need to be concerned (some people think all Capricorns are sociopaths), it’s Pluto and Uranus located in the 1st house which is far more disturbing. I call them Death Stares and Fruit Loops, which explains everything – you’ll either love me or hate me or both at the same time. The latter sums up how I feel about myself.


I am an ACoN – Adult Child of Narcissists. I’ve written about my experiences, some people relate to what I’ve expressed, others think that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I often don’t know what I’m talking about either, confusion is a familiar destination for me. I have sexdaily, otherwise known as dyslexia.

…rants, humour (at least I think it’s funny), musings, dreams, memories, photography…

The images I capture with my camera, and then mess with in Photoshop, and occasionally remember to upload to my deviantart.

…and a plethora of other things, sometimes fluffy, sometimes spiky, sometimes just odd.

This is a very self-indulgent blog. It changes from time to time… it flows with me. I flow back-to-front, upside down, topsy turvy, and any which way except the way that I’m supposed to go.

I have a Twitter – the bio says (yes, I wrote it so it’s actually me who said it) that I’m – irregular – in every sense of the word. When I tweet, I express whatever is on my mind at the time, and a lot of it is drivel.

I have a Pinterest – I sometimes Pin stuff.

I have a tumblr – Where I collect images and words which appeal to me, inspire me, express something better than I ever would or could.

Thank you for visiting, and may your journey through life take you on many wonderful adventures!