Narcissistic Behaviour versus Being a Narcissist/Having Narcissistic Personality Disorder

I was recently asked a question in a comment: "You mentioned in one of the steps about making sure they aren’t acting narcissistic versus being a narcissist. I searched on google, “what’s the difference between acting narcissistic versus being a narcissist or NPD.” No site made a separation between essentially stating you can’t act narcissistic... Continue Reading →


Making Connections

The other day I said - Ask Me Anything... Sometimes I say things and later regret saying them. There's one particular thing I say fairly regularly which I invariably end up regretting (this can be a good thing - for more on that just ask me about it). It took me awhile to notice that... Continue Reading →

How Are You?

The other day in a post I said - Ask Me Anything - and fantasticomundodecarol - very thoughtfully asked me: How are you? It's a fairly common question which people ask each other. A simple question which should be easy to answer, and yet this is the kind of question which tends to surprise me... Continue Reading →

The Moral of the Story

The other day in a post I said - Ask me anything - and edifyingthespiritblog was the first to ask me something. Have I seen any new films? Yes, I have. Last night I watched a 'peplum' film - Ursus, Terror of the Kirghiz (also known as Hercules, Prisoner of Evil). A 'peplum' film is... Continue Reading →

Ask Me Anything

I'm on a bit of a blogging hiatus at the moment. This wasn't planned, it just happened. And I've learned the hard way (which is how I tend to learn things... although whether I've actually 'learned' anything is a moot point) that it is better to go with things as they happen (and pretend you... Continue Reading →

Experimenting with Human Design

There's a blog which I enjoy visiting - Love Your Design by Kim Gould  - which does astrology in a slightly different manner than usual. When I first came across that blog I thought that the system they were using was created by the blogger, Kim Gould. It was intriguing, appealed to my quirky mind... Continue Reading →

Reblog: The 10 Events That Shaped Me — geekstravelinjapan

This bit is from anupturnedsoul intro-ing the reblog: This is a great post about one person's journey through life thus far... and it's one incredibly inspiring story! I've always been intrigued about the personal story behind the person because there's so much more to people that meets the eye, and often in our meetings we... Continue Reading →

How do you deal with the bumps and lumps in life?

Every now and then I surprise myself. Sometimes it's a nice surprise, and I realise I'm not quite who I thought I was. Some incident, usually a small one, reveals to me that I'm less of a mess than I see myself as being. Or I realise that being such a mess is an advantage... Continue Reading →

Reblog: Existential crisis by Gobblefunk Words

This bit is from anupturnedsoul: I haven't yet figured out how to reblog properly using the new (which is now old) WP format. So this is a part of my learning curve (which I'm being slow about learning). The post I'm reblogging made me stop and read it (but I didn't comment because I'm me,... Continue Reading →

Narcie The Narcissist is a Problem Solving Genius

There are two kinds of people: 1 - Narcie 2 - everyone else Narcie is very relieved that she's a Narcie and not an everyone else because she's a bit special and therefore could never be an everyone else. People like Narcie often have BIG problems (and those BIG problems are always caused by everyone... Continue Reading →

Narcie The Narcissist’s Big Love Problem

With a narcissist things can escalate quicker than you can say the word - escalate. One minute they're blissfully happy, then you blink your eyes (you didn't mean to, you knew you shouldn't have done it, but it happened almost as though such a thing as blinking can't be controlled) and all shitstorminahellteacup has broken... Continue Reading →

Did the internet solve your personal puzzle or make it even more puzzlier?

Have you ever had a question about yourself which you decided to pop into the Google search box and see if the internet has the answer for you? And did the internet solve your personal puzzle or make the puzzle even more puzzlier? Usually when I pop a question about myself into Google... 1 -... Continue Reading →

Narcie The Narcissist is in Big Super Love!!!

In spite of the fact that my software keeps crashing and my computer keeps whirring like it's on its last breath, heating up until I could possibly fry an egg on it (if I wanted to do something like that). In spite of my not having enough RAM to deal with Narcie The Narcissist and... Continue Reading →

Your Weekend 7 January 2018 Echoes — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Influences today are oblique, coming at us sideways, so to speak, and echoing instinctive knowledge, what we know but haven’t recognized (info carried in the ‘blind spot’), or the past and what it has taught us (Neptune semi-sq Pallas, Mercury qnx Sedna and paralled by the Sun). How successfully do we handle this? It may […]... Continue Reading →

Cappy Birthday Thoughts

Today is my birthday, and I'm saturning 49. I don't have too many thoughts about being 49 specifically, and being in my 50th year on planet Earth. (I have enjoyed being in my 40's, it's the best decade yet! But I have no idea if I'm doing my 40's as the 40's are supposed to... Continue Reading →

Narcie The Narcissist is Looking for New Friends

Yes, it's another Narcie post, and Narcie is really sorry she's monopolising my blog but Narcie really needs this... You see she's having a bad start to the New Year. Everything was supposed to magically and miraculously change for her on New Year's Day, and when it didn't she was terribly upset. But she got... Continue Reading →

Narcie The Narcissist… is a bit Embarrassed

I was going to do a not-a-Narcie post today, but... as you can see I did a Narcie post. Like a typical Narcissist, Narcie is taking over my blog... while protesting that she is not doing any such thing. I must be mistaken. She doesn't mean to be invasive, that's just her way... you wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Narcie The Narcissist on January 1st 2018

January 1st is always a bit of a strange day. The first week of a new year can feel surreal. If you've ever lived with a narcissist, every day of every year can feel strange and surreal. Narcissists are big egos with big dreams of a big life... and the typical narcissist expects those big... Continue Reading →

Narcie The Narcissist’s New Year’s Eve

Have a Happy New Year everyone! These days I quite like this time of year. I don't do very much, just chill at home doing sweet FA. When I was younger, and forced to spend X-mas and New Year with my parents, or later on just with my mother because the royal We was not... Continue Reading →

Introducing Narcie The Narcissist

I don't always do everything I say that I'm going to do, however sometimes I do... and this is one of those sometimes I do times. In a recent post (this one: Are We Nearly There Yet? ) I mentioned that I had an idea for a drawing series and that I would reveal more... Continue Reading →

What if you died and came back as someone else’s memory of you?

The question: What if you died and came back as someone else's memory of you? The idea behind the question: Imagine that there was a way to come back to life after you died. But... there is always a but... To come back to life after death relies on 2 things: 1 - Someone (anyone... Continue Reading →

How Do You Hear?

How do your hear the world around you? What do you hear when you listen? Are your ears more attuned to the negative or the positive? Do you hear cries for help or shouts of anger or screams of joy more readily, more easily, more than usual? What's your hearing style? And where did your... Continue Reading →

Are We Nearly There Yet?

I don't know if you've noticed... if you haven't I'm going to point a finger at it and shout: Look, look, LOOK! I've changed my blog's theme... it may take awhile for me to sort out the mess which this is causing, as I have to get used to how this theme works (and doesn't... Continue Reading →

Things You Do Because You’re A…

. How many things that you do can you explain simply by saying: It's because I'm a woman It's because I'm a man It's because I'm French It's because I'm a Northerner It's because I'm a Leo It's because I'm an Aries rising It's because I'm an Empath It's because I'm an Introvert It's because... Continue Reading →

Decompartmentalising Yourself

I was having a conversation yesterday evening which began in the compartment of work/business and slowly crossed lines into other compartments until it ended up in the deeply personal and intensely private (mine, not someone else's because that's not my boundary to cross). At one point the person I was speaking with said something along... Continue Reading →

Pluto Square Saturn – Testing your Mettle

Hello, and welcome to one of my astrology posts! If you're new to my blog neighbourhood, here's some things you might want to know before settling in: 1 - I'm not an astrologer, so my version of astrology is... my version of astrology (which is sort of astrology but not really astrology, it's basically another... Continue Reading →

Doing Things You Don’t Want To Do

What do you consider to be a true sign of success in life? Is it money? Is it fame? Is it power? Is it love? Is it getting lots of Follows and Likes on Social Media? Is it being able to eat pizza, bacon, cake and chocolate while sitting on a comfy sofa playing video... Continue Reading →

Strange Gifts – Am I the Narcissist or is He/She?

Q: Am I the Narcissist or is he/she? A: It's not as simple as that. Q: Why isn't it as simple as that? I want it to be that simple so that I can move on from the conflicts, confusion, cognitive dissonance, discomfort, that question is causing for me, and get on to the next... Continue Reading →

It’s Like Nothing I do Makes a Difference

The title of this post - It's Like Nothing I do Makes a Difference - comes from something I jotted down on a pad I have on my desk for jotting somethings down... These somethings are things which don't really have words to describe them and the words used to describe them don't really describe... Continue Reading →

Neurophilosophy by Scott Williams – clinical therapist, life learner, storyteller

My wife and I had an argument. It took me some time to realize that I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. I know I’m a man and that is typically how we define normal, but his was different. I mean, I understood the words, even in proper order, but I couldn’t […]... Continue Reading →

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