Saturn Issues: You Make Me Dislike The Things That I Like

Have you ever had something which gave you pleasure ruined by someone else which turned that pleasure into a displeasure. Perhaps they pissed on a passion of yours, and as much as you told yourself not to be affected by it, you were affected and it changed your experience of that passion. Have you ever... Continue Reading →

Aries Season: Let The Head Bashing Commence

Happy Birthday Season to Aries! May you get what you want and want what you get. Yes, I know that's a gypsy curse. No, I'm not cursing you... but even if I was I know you can handle it. You love a challenge, and you love showing that challenge exactly who it should not have... Continue Reading →

Things I’ve Learned From My Relationships With Other People

Every now and then I like to look at someone I know and wonder how I would perceive them if I knew nothing about them. How did I see them when we first met. How would I see them if we first met again. I tend to do that when I find myself taking them... Continue Reading →

Answering Blogging Questions With An Astrological Twist

I love blogging. I also love astrology. And I love to spot connections, contrast, compare, mix things up. So I thought I'd answer some questions about blogging using astrology. This may get very complicated, confusing, and I may lose the point and plot, but that's okay, I'm at home in strange waters. The questions about... Continue Reading →

It All Depends On How You Use It

See that man, the one pointing his finger at you, looking at you with a steely-eyed gaze, challenging you with his style, his expression, his attitude, his words. What impression is he making upon you? He has quite an ego, doesn't he. Does his ego provoke your ego? Do you want to agree with him... Continue Reading →

To Be Used Only For Contemplation

It's my birthday today. It's a good day for contemplation. For looking behind a bit and looking ahead a bit, while taking it easy in the now. I'm crossing the threshold not just from one year into another, but from one decade to another. I'm 50 years old today. YAY! I'm actually very excited about... Continue Reading →

Mars/Chiron – Courage in the Wound

I had this great idea last night as I was drifting off to sleep. I don't know if it was really a great idea, it just felt like one. Have you ever had one of those? My being was suddenly energised, raring to go go go. This is amazing, Ursula, do it do it do... Continue Reading →

Ask A Capricorn Random Questions?

Why does everyone keep insisting that today is Sunday? Because it is... but is it really? Well it does seem to really be a sunny day, which is nice after the windy downpour we had all day yesterday... I was just about to take the tarp off the ark. Someone asked me if I'd seen... Continue Reading →

Hidden Tensions

Hmm. We're having trouble finding that site. Updating failed. Try again later. We can't connect to the server... he's fed up of serving you, carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, so he dropped it and just walked away leaving a trail of devastation in his wake. And boom! The Wifi world which... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Not Invited to Play With Other Children

To celebrate transiting Mercury going retrograde in Sagittarius, I thought I'd do a bit of a review, a retrospective, remember, recall, and perhaps have a rethink of experiences and issues connected to that other centaur, Chiron. You are invited to join me and play along with me... I know I'm a tad on the strange... Continue Reading →

Assertive or Aggressive ? – viewed from an Astrological Perspective

How do people experience you? Do they find you to be aggressive? Do they think you're assertive? Do they mistake your assertiveness for aggressiveness? This post is inspired by Sparksfromacombustiblemind: Assertive or Aggressive? which was inspired by Mentalhealthathome: What is... Assertiveness please click over to those posts as they are very interesting, informative, and I... Continue Reading →

Releasing Yourself From The Dead (which once were buried)

Have you ever found yourself doing things which you were certain were things you did not do? Over and over you told yourself - I don't do that, I can't do that, I'm not the sort of person who does that... Have you ever done something of which you were afraid, terrified of the consequences... Continue Reading →

The Full Moon and Uranus: I shall not defeat you – I shall transcend you

What is the truth? Do you know the truth when you hear it? Can you feel the truth when it touches you? How would you describe the concept of truth to someone who asked you to tell them what the truth is, since they've heard many talk of it but still can't figure out what... Continue Reading →

Venus Rx and Lilith: Wild Women Spilling Secrets

What is a wild woman? Who is a wild woman? Do you have a wild woman in your life? Are you a wild woman? Last week at the supermarket I ran into Trouble - that was the name on the name tag of a woman working there. I asked her if her name was really... Continue Reading →

The Many Faces of the Moon

  photograph by Aneev Rao What face comes to mind when you think of the Moon? Is it a familiar face. Is it male or female. Is it easy to read. Is the expression upon it soft and glowing. Is it mysterious and veiled. Is it a mirror of your emotions, your dreams and desires.... Continue Reading →

Who Comes First – Me or You or Everyone Else?

Yesterday I was finishing off some DIY in the sitting room. Don't award me a halo. I was fixing a mess I'd made this Summer while trying to find the point of entry of swarming ants - the third time this happened I took out a hammer. My partner was in the room playing Fortnite.... Continue Reading →

Experimenting with Human Design

There's a blog which I enjoy visiting - Love Your Design by Kim Gould  - which does astrology in a slightly different manner than usual. When I first came across that blog I thought that the system they were using was created by the blogger, Kim Gould. It was intriguing, appealed to my quirky mind... Continue Reading →

Your Weekend 7 January 2018 Echoes — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Influences today are oblique, coming at us sideways, so to speak, and echoing instinctive knowledge, what we know but haven’t recognized (info carried in the ‘blind spot’), or the past and what it has taught us (Neptune semi-sq Pallas, Mercury qnx Sedna and paralled by the Sun). How successfully do we handle this? It may […]... Continue Reading →

Cappy Birthday Thoughts

Today is my birthday, and I'm saturning 49. I don't have too many thoughts about being 49 specifically, and being in my 50th year on planet Earth. (I have enjoyed being in my 40's, it's the best decade yet! But I have no idea if I'm doing my 40's as the 40's are supposed to... Continue Reading →

Pluto Square Saturn – Testing your Mettle

Hello, and welcome to one of my astrology posts! If you're new to my blog neighbourhood, here's some things you might want to know before settling in: 1 - I'm not an astrologer, so my version of astrology is... my version of astrology (which is sort of astrology but not really astrology, it's basically another... Continue Reading →

It’s Like Nothing I do Makes a Difference

The title of this post - It's Like Nothing I do Makes a Difference - comes from something I jotted down on a pad I have on my desk for jotting somethings down... These somethings are things which don't really have words to describe them and the words used to describe them don't really describe... Continue Reading →

Does Capricorn Hate Nagging?

Put your hands up... No, this isn't a stick up... and no, you're not being arrested... for being a Capricorn capricorns and people (anything in bold in this particular post is a search term which popped up in my blog's stats over the last 7 days) apparently Capricorns aren't people, and may be stopped, frisked,... Continue Reading →

Jupiter in Scorpio – When the Dirty Little Secret Comes Out of Hiding

This post is part-astrology and part-not-astrology, it's part-about-Narcissists and part-not-about-Narcissists, but it is all about me... or is it? Have you ever considered the conundrum of - What's your individual role in the community, in humanity, in the evolution of the human species? Have you recently participated in #MeToo, or have you wanted to but... Continue Reading →

Pluto Direct(ly) and Indirectly

Is this a post about astrology? - you ask no one in particular and the air inside your head in general, groaning a little or perhaps kind of excited about the prospect... which is it? Do you know? I'm not sure if this is an astrology post - I answer into the void (you left... Continue Reading →

Sweet Dreams are Made of Marilyn Manson

Do you ever have dreams which you can't explain to yourself... ones which don't seem to have any connection to anything you were thinking about or feeling before you fell asleep, which don't appear to connect to what you experienced, witnessed, noticed, saw, what had an impact upon you, your conscious or subconscious, during the... Continue Reading →

My Past Life as a Narcissist

Like with most of my posts I'm going to jump around from subject to subject, go off on tangents, ramble seemingly randomly, babble about myself, and so on... if you haven't got the time or patience to sift through all of that to find what you're looking for, need or want from my word share,... Continue Reading →

Living in a David Lynch World

Today started off with bright blue sky and radiant sunshine... it was scorchio even though this is England (summer is not supposed to be summery here) and early in the morning... but then the sky grew dark, thick with a fast moving ominous blanket of grey cloud which soon took on an eerie pink glow... Continue Reading →

Things My Father Taught Me

My father died a few years ago... which was a bit of a surprise because he had been so convinced of his immortality that I'd begun to suspect he might be right about it, and wasn't as mad as he often sounded and seemed. While it was improbable, some improbable things do happen (the world... Continue Reading →

Challenging Structures – thoughts on Pluto versus Saturn and vice versa

At the moment astrologically I am caught in the middle of transiting Pluto squaring natal Saturn and transiting Saturn squaring natal Pluto. For those who are not into astrology this roughly translates as - that bunker you built for yourself to protect you from the coming apocalypse and survive for many years... well the apocalypse... Continue Reading →

The 12th House – It All Ends in Tears

Have you ever felt that someone was hiding something from you? Have you ever sensed that you were hiding something from yourself? An intangible itch, an elusive spot to scratch which can't quite be reached, a pricking of the thumbs, an intuitive hunch which won't tell you what it knows, a suspicion of something lurking... Continue Reading →

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