SYW: Steering Into The Fall

I keep being hit by these intense inner waves of strong emotion. It's not anger, or grief, or anything grim and gritty. It does feel as though it's energy which has been held back, detained and contained. It's rather refreshing. I'm not sure what to do with it, so I'm not doing anything with it... Continue Reading →

What Your Reaction Says About You

One of the things I've taught myself to do is to press pause on reacting until I've given myself time to think things through, gather more information about the matter, and process whatever I am reacting to logically. Of course there are situations when there is no time to do that, when I have to... Continue Reading →

SYW: The Lonely Guardian

Each of us is lonely in some way. Even when we are surrounded by friends, family, acquaintances, supporters, and colleagues, and are constantly caught up in social activities. There's a loneliness within. What's the purpose of the feeling? To me, it feels as though one purpose of loneliness is to guard individuality. To keep us... Continue Reading →

A Questionnaire – My Answers

Here are my answers to that questionnaire mash-up which I posted yesterday. If you're wondering why I split the questions and my answers into two separate posts... You're not wondering that, are you? Cool... Let's go... 1 - What is your favorite word? At the moment it's "jinjja" - pronounced a bit like "chincha". It... Continue Reading →

A Questionnaire

This is a mash-up of several well-known questionnaires, plus some added extras from a selection of job interview questions. Please feel free to share your answers in the comments section of this post or in a post of your own if you're a blogger - if you do a post please share a link to... Continue Reading →

My Post Keeps Forgetting Its Title

One of the advantages of having a glitchy mind is that it makes you rather forgiving and flexible when dealing with glitches found elsewhere, such as on WordPress. It's glitching a lot at the moment. WordPress, that is. My mind is actually less glitchy than usual. If you're at all into astrology, you'll know that... Continue Reading →

SYW: Engaging Chingu Mode

I'll explain that later. Unless I forget and then it will remain unexplained. Unless you decide to use the force (aka. the internet). But you might forget that you have such an exquisite ability at your disposal. I love the internet. I know it has faults, flaws, and dark sides to it... but it's a... Continue Reading →

The Invisible Web

I was challenged to tell a story based on a photograph of a spider. I made several attempts to do so, but I kept being interrupted by my internet connection disconnecting itself. That's not an unusual occurrence. My attachment to the web is tenuous, and the strand breaks easily. It reattaches and detaches on a... Continue Reading →

SYW: We’re Sperm Waiting To Be Released

The title of this post comes from something I said out loud to my partner while I was stuck in a crowd of thousands of people while we were at a standstill waiting to be released by those in charge of regulating our flow. There was nothing else to do while waiting other than think... Continue Reading →

This is Genius!

No, not this post. This post is just a post on just a blog posted by just a person. What is genius is the video which I am going to share in this post. Why am I sharing this video? It's in answer to Fandango's Provocative Question #15. Fandango's questions is as follows: This week’s... Continue Reading →

SYW: Are You Human Too?

Every now and then the whirring gears in my mind screech to a halt. Several things can cause that to happen. One is when I get the strong impression that someone with whom I am interacting doesn't see me as a human being. To them I am a thing. A tool. An object designed to... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of Strange Magic

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Now that the small talk is over, let's delve into that mysterious magic known as asking questions, which has such a strange effect on the human psyche. When someone asks a question, whether it is directed at you or not, do you feel compelled to answer? Even if you say nothing,... Continue Reading →

SYW: The Heart-Shaped Edition

Do you love me? Why? What is it about me that you love? Why? Please explain your love for me in detail until I'm satisfied with your answer. Will you always love me? Why not? What's wrong with me that you can't love me forever!?! Oh, I see... well, that's not acceptable, change that about... Continue Reading →

No Matter How Strange It May Be

This post is... what is a post? Some people call posts - blogs. Which term is the correct one to use? Does it matter as long as you understand what someone is saying when they say it. But that isn't as easy as it seems, is it. I often misunderstand what people are saying. I... Continue Reading →

The One Challenge

I thought I'd do this because I can. I'm very grateful that I can do things because I can. For many years I didn't think I could do anything. And the few things I thought I could do, I couldn't do them because I was told not to do them. If I did them anyway,... Continue Reading →

Learn Narcissist in 5 Minutes for FREE

So you want to learn Narcissist in 5 minutes for free. Okay. The clock is ticking. Let's do this. But before we go any further I need to answer a few questions. It won't take me more than a kazillion years. Take a seat, shut up and put up with it. No, not on that... Continue Reading →

SYW: I’ll Think Of A Title Later

I can't think of a thing to say. Ah, wait, false alarm. Phew! You were almost spared the pleasure of another one of my posts. Or something like that. I thought I'd do three challenges in one. Plus one from me to myself - I'm going to attempt to give straightforward/short answers. Challenge #1 comes... Continue Reading →

9 Things I’ll Do in My Next Life

I've been creatively challenged to do something I'm really not good at doing at all - making plans. I've tried, tried and tried again, and I'm still waiting for that moment when I succeed at it after all that practice. This creative challenge comes from The Reverist of Riddles & Reveries, where he writes beautifully... Continue Reading →

What’s a Biggest Lie?

If you know what a "biggest lie" is, please let me know as I've just spent more than an hour trying to figure out what it is. It has been both interesting and frustrating trying to figure it out. Of course I ended up on Wikipedia reading the extensive list of types of lie which... Continue Reading →

SYW: Welcome to the Blunderdome

I may have to delete my blog after this... there's probably a less extreme solution, but I can't think of one at the moment. All I can think about right now is the fact that I exclaimed "Cha-cha-bing!" out loud with triumphant gusto after I'd finally managed to get the WordPress editor to embed the... Continue Reading →

The Tell A Story Challenge

A few days ago Pensitivity challenged me to write a story to go with an image. Now it's my turn to challenge others to do the same. After a bit of investigative work, I've found the source of this challenge - The Eclectic Contrarian: Tell The Story Challenge - which means I now know the... Continue Reading →

SYW: Scared money can’t win and a worried man can’t love

I thought I'd mix things up a little and combine two writing challenges in one post, since in my mind they go together as they're both asking provocative questions. Things will probably get messy... One challenge comes from Fandango of This That And The Other in his latest Fandango's Provocative Question #10 This is his... Continue Reading →

Best Guess For This Image: Feeling Wrecked

I've been challenged, by the wonderfully creative Pensitivity, to write a story or a poem to go with the featured image of this post. There were actually two images to choose from - to see the other one you'll have to click and visit Pensitivity: Missed the vital bit........ I picked the one with the... Continue Reading →

It All Depends On How You Use It

See that man, the one pointing his finger at you, looking at you with a steely-eyed gaze, challenging you with his style, his expression, his attitude, his words. What impression is he making upon you? He has quite an ego, doesn't he. Does his ego provoke your ego? Do you want to agree with him... Continue Reading →

By The Power of Capercorn

The moment I saw it I loved it. But why? What was it about it which inspired me to feel for it? Why did I love it? It... is the image which is the feature of this post. It... is by Kira. What do you see when you look at it? I see the zodiac... Continue Reading →

Careless Talk

I was going to say nothing, but in the last hour things have changed. However, is it a struggle? It is bothersome and it does make me wish I had the ability to electrically zap people... but if I had that kind of power, would I really use it? There's this conundrum which presents itself... Continue Reading →

SYW: I Give You Permission To Read This Post

The title of this post is quite arrogant, isn't it. It's based on a line said by a character in a TV show to another character which was: "I give you permission to like me". At first I reacted to hearing it as I think viewers were supposed to react, with eye roll at the... Continue Reading →

A Parrot Repeats The Conversation He Has Overheard

What did the parrot overhear? Why is he repeating it? Was someone foolish enough to share a secret with a parrot? Or did they tell him something they wanted to be shared but they didn't want it coming from them? Sources close to so-and-so say such-and-such... Have you ever been told something "in secret" which... Continue Reading →

SYW: Zozays to Zeezays

Hello, and welcome to January 2019. Please unfasten your seat belts, it has been a bumpy ride, but you've made it at last and we have landed. Last night I watched The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2018 on replay, and minutes after it ended I moved onto the main event, Jools' Annual Hoontenanny.... Continue Reading →

The Worth of Words

Are you woke? Are you a special snowflake? Are you an entitled Millennial? Are you getting annoyed by those questions? I'm still not entirely sure what those words mean or at least what people mean when they use them like that. Fights may break out if you ask a forum of people online what those... Continue Reading →

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