Youniversity Challenge

Who are you and how do you know that's who you are? How did you react to that question - are you still reading or did you move on? Should I chase after all those who decided not to give this post a chance or should I focus my attention on you - you who... Continue Reading →

SYMW: When Life Gives You A Three Breasted Woman

It's that time of the year when we're supposed to be thinking about it being that time of the year... and what that means for us. Is it about endings or beginnings? Is it about what came before or what will come afterwards? Is it about giving or receiving? Is it about the glass being... Continue Reading →

Chaos for the Spider

If when the cat is away the mice will play... what does the cat do when the mice are away? I'm not sure if my cat considers me to be a mouse, but I do know what my cat gets up to when I'm away. Thanks to my partner who loves gadgets and put up... Continue Reading →

Spoiler Alert

How do you know that you're not perfect? How do you know that you've made a mistake? How do you know that the person telling you that you've made a mistake isn't making a mistake? How do you know that you don't know something? How do you know that you know something? How do you... Continue Reading →

SYW: What Happens in Disney

Can you recall your very first Disney experience? Was it a cartoon? A film? Or was it a place? Did you enjoy it or think it was stupid? Did it influence you? My very first Disney experience happened when I was about 3 years old. My parents took me to Disney World, but I was... Continue Reading →

Let’s Play Happy Families

Have you ever given something away only to wish later on that you could magically get it back? I'm not referring to time, opportunities, youth, your heart, your mind, your soul, or your virginity... I mean an actual thing, an object, a book, a toy, or a pack of playing cards. I've moved around a... Continue Reading →

And the Mortal Moral of the Story is…

The people who sold you their morals are mortal and will die, leaving you holding the baby. They're dead now. But that's not as bad as it seems, for them anyway, for you... The baby didn't belong to them, and since they're dead they can't tell you where they got it from... haven't checked... Continue Reading →

SYW: Do you suffer from freckles?

Once upon a time... really, this again? I'm sorry, you're mostly right, I was being unimaginative... Pray tell me, how would you like for me to start this tale? In a magical and mysterious kingdom called Blogging, there reigns a queen... She is witty, wise, and she does not need a king or any kind... Continue Reading →

Red Hair Is…

Apparently a reason to follow me on Twitter. A reason to ask me if the carpet matches the curtains. A reason to touch my hair while I walk passed you in the street. A reason to call me the spawn of the devil. A reason to fear me for my fiery temper. Do all redheads... Continue Reading →

Making Breaking Wishing Waiting… Taking Stock

Have you ever had one of those moments when you get incredibly angry over something ridiculous and you know it's ridiculous of you to be getting incredibly angry over it? Have you ever had one of those moments when you don't know what I'm talking about or why I'm talking about it? I have those... Continue Reading →

I Have Lived Neither Intelligently Nor Wisely

Intelligence and Wisdom walked into a bar, they were seeking Knowledge, but she wasn't there. She blew them off to go on a date with Foolishness because he was fun and life is too short to spend time with bores. However Ego was there as usual, buying everyone drinks, up to his old tricks which... Continue Reading →

The People Who Drive Us Crazy

Think of something which drives you crazy. Is that something which drives you crazy a something which someone else does? Are there certain people who drive you crazy? Is one of those certain people you? I'm already crazy... but even though I'm already at that particular destination, there are still certain somethings and certain people... Continue Reading →

SYW: I refuse to answer that question…

Imagine that you're almost at the end of a job interview and things have been going rather well, all the questions have been answered with professional expertise, the other person seems... Well, that's just it, that's what's bothering you... What if they're not who they seem to be? The interviewee has answered all the questions... Continue Reading →

Losing Sight of the Fact that We are People

When you read a post on a blog, an article in the news, a book, a tweet, or look at the cover of a glamour magazine, browse Instagram, Facebook, watch a video, TV or a film, do you see people? When you look in the mirror, or at a photo of yourself, do you see... Continue Reading →


...opause ...struation ...tal health ...ding ...ace ...age ...tor ...ial ...tion ...u Yesterday I wrote a post, on too little sleep, about a dream I had which woke me up with a weird question. The question was: There's three there's? Remember that I just said it was a weird question in a dream, so it is... Continue Reading →

SYW: Sometimes you can’t hear me (it’s because sometimes I’m in parentheses)

Okay, maybe it's because I'm only talking to you in my head. Or because you're ignoring me, desperately trying not to hear me or even see me... was it something I said or didn't say? Or because there's so much chatter going on in your head that you can't hear anyone outside of your head.... Continue Reading →

A Good Friend Will…

Let you fall asleep in the middle of a game while snuggling a purring cat, gently wake you a couple of hours later to suggest you go to bed, but when you groggily whisper "I'm happy here", will leave you to sleep on the sofa but also put a freshly filled hot water bottle in... Continue Reading →

Good Post, Bad Post, Old Post, New Post, Just Write Post

So, what do you think makes a good post on your blog? Do you have a favourite? What do you prefer to write about? What do you like to read on other people’s blogs (or mine)? What attracts you to follow a blogger? The above questions aren't mine, they're from Pensitivity101: What Makes a 'Good... Continue Reading →

SYW: Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you

Would I really do that? No, not deliberately. Okay, maybe a little bit deliberately if his or her sanity was driving me nuts, inspiring in me a homicidal hankering, and it was the only way to make them go away so that I didn't get put away for... y'know, nudge nudge, wink wink. My Machiavellian... Continue Reading →

Q and A: The real question is not whether machines think but whether men do

Do you like questioning answers? Do you enjoy answering questions? Do you get a kick out of questioning questions and answering answers? If you do this post is... well, it's something, still haven't decided what kind of something it is, what kind of something do you think it is? “The real question is not whether... Continue Reading →

Spirit of the Flame

I heard a loud bang, and then saw tiny vibrant sparkles flickering behind the dense branches of the trees in the woods beyond the fields. They were there for an instant, and then they were gone. As Kristian, of Tales From the Mind of Kristian, mentioned in his Word of the Day Challenge: Bonfire... It's... Continue Reading →

How To Respect the Dead Without Disrespecting the Living

How do you do that? How do you respect the dead without disrespecting the living? I'm asking you personally for personal answers, personal experience perspectives, rather than for impersonal answers... impersonal answers I can find by Googling. Impersonal answers I can find simply by sharing my own story online and putting it out there... like... Continue Reading →

When There Is No One To Call

At this time of year, you may hear, a question asked of you... but if you don't have an answer, you may be tempted to use your phone... who you gonna call? What if there is no one to call, because you are a ghost, an exhausted ghost in the exhaust, cast out of the... Continue Reading →

Off Kilter in the Middle of Things

I'm in the middle of drinking a cup of tepid tea while I write this. It's tepid because in between making it and drinking it there was a flurry of activity of me finishing off some things I'd left unfinished in the middle of doing them, and of me starting new things then taking a... Continue Reading →

SYW: I was now on the verge of liberty

Here's Melanie! 's latest Share Your World 10-29-18 - the Spooky edition please free yourself from your fear of clicking links and head on over there to read her scary answers, check out more chilling links, and join in with the trembling hijinks.... you won't be sorry (I think they've fallen for it, Melanie, they'll... Continue Reading →

SYW: What is Art and What is Not Art?

Art. Three little letters which describe... what exactly? When you hear the word - art - what is the first thing which comes to mind? What does - art - mean to you? What do you consider to be art? What do you consider to be not-art even if others are calling it art? Are... Continue Reading →

Don’t Lick the Knife

. “Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke . I never look in the mirror, so I have no... Continue Reading →

My Blood Whispers to Me

. “I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.” ― Hermann Hesse . Do you ever look at something with both eyes, then close one eye to view the same thing from the... Continue Reading →

…with an unbearable sweetness

. “She was breathing deeply, she forgot the cold, the weight of beings, the insane or static life, the long anguish of living or dying. After so many years running from fear, fleeing crazily, uselessly, she was finally coming to a halt. At the same time she seemed to be recovering her roots, and the... Continue Reading →

The Hazards of Being Human

After forty years of careful consideration I have finally come to the conclusion... . . ... of a cycle of my life. . “I came into the world under the sign of Saturn -- the star of the slowest revolution, the planet of detours and delays.” ― Walter Benjamin . This theme has been played... Continue Reading →

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