When There Is No One To Call

At this time of year, you may hear, a question asked of you... but if you don't have an answer, you may be tempted to use your phone... who you gonna call? What if there is no one to call, because you are a ghost, an exhausted ghost in the exhaust, cast out of the... Continue Reading →

Shock me, Amadeus!

. “I am not thoughtless but am prepared for anything and as a result can wait patiently for whatever the future holds in store, and I'll be able to endure it.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart . What do you consider to be a disaster... a personal and ordinary disaster of the kind we encounter daily... Continue Reading →

One eye sees, the other feels

. “A line is a dot that went for a walk.” ― Paul Klee . Sit down with me for a moment, rest your weary bones, your aching muscles, give the vessel which carries you around a break... Let's go for a walk with our eyes... What do you see? And when you look at... Continue Reading →

A Summer Snow Storm of Wishes

When I was a child I was told that the seed of a thistle was a fairy, and if I captured it without harming it while it floated by, I could make a wish upon it. . . For the wish to come true I had to let the Thistle Fairy go, blowing it gently... Continue Reading →

…that violent, metaphysical, symbolic storm.

. And you really will have to make it through that violent, metaphysical, symbolic storm. No matter how metaphysical or symbolic it might be, make no mistake about it: it will cut through flesh like a thousand razor blades. People will bleed there, and you will bleed too. Hot, red blood. You'll catch that blood... Continue Reading →

The Sneezing Doorbell

. "I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing that's real" ― Johnny Cash . Imagine a door. Behind this door is the home of your dreams. Every room is exactly as you've imagined it could be, furnished just for you. But... The door is... Continue Reading →

Was this the way of insecurity or in security?

. “I understand what you're saying, and your comments are valuable, but I'm gonna ignore your advice.” ― Roald Dahl . Have you ever regretted taking someone's advice? Have you ever regretted ignoring someone's advice? Damned if you do and damned if you don't... But what is it that is damning you? Most often it... Continue Reading →

The Secret Life of Feelings

. “It always shocked me when I realized that I wasn’t the only person in the world who thought and felt such strange and awful things.” ― John Green . What does enveloped mean to you? . Enveloped... means to me exploring the layers which shroud us, inside and out. Thought. Feeling. And more. And... Continue Reading →

When a Tree Crashes into to You…

“The world spins. We stumble on. It is enough.” ― Colum McCann . With the sort of winds which we sometimes get around this part of the world... they could uproot a tree and blow that projectile onto you, like a hammer hitting a nail on the head, missing the thumb. However... That's not exactly... Continue Reading →

It’s 5 O’Clock (in the morning) Somewhere…

. . If you think I'm going to do what you suggested that I do... by dawn's early light... You're not so lucid dreaming. You've been staring at the rising Sun and are seeing blind spots without realising what they are. You're high on being an early bird who thinks that the worm you've found... Continue Reading →

Diamonds on Water

. . Do you ever observe all the permutations which your mind makes of that which your eyes see? In a split second it can see... The sun after a rainstorm playing with a puddle, a sea of stars, diamonds on water, reflections of light chasing away the dark, the cold absorbing warmth. Or the... Continue Reading →

Saying Terrible Things…

. I called this photograph which I chose for the DP photo challenge: Blur - The Shredded Man. This photo came about because I was feeding a fire with loose packaging material and noticed that there was a drawing on one of the pieces of shredded paper. My camera was close at hand and I... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I climb the Walls, and Lie on the Ceiling

. . “Let us dream of evanescence, and linger in the beautiful foolishness of things.” ― Okakura Kakuzō, The Book of Tea . . The title of this post is the tagline for my blog. It wasn't always the blog's tagline. I changed it... I changed it... because I felt a shift within which changed... Continue Reading →

How to be a Human Bean

. “For your information, I'm staying like this, and everyone else can just get used to it! If people don't like me the way I am, well TOUGH BEANS!” ― Bill Watterson . Hello, Human Bean! And welcome to life on earth! You're new here, freshly born, a little green, and probably wondering what the... Continue Reading →

It’s All the Rage!

Letting it slide is in many ways my go-to coping mechanism for life, and when dealing with those complex beings known as other people. It's one of those ways of approaching life and relationships which grows out of a natural trait rather than something unnatural which you force upon yourself. If you're irascible naturally... trying... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Orange is Blue…

. “When the light turns green, you go. When the light turns red, you stop. But what do you do when the light turns blue with orange and lavender spots?” ― Shel Silverstein . They say that nothing rhymes with orange. They say... a lot of things. They never stop talking, opining and making their... Continue Reading →

Every weirdo in the world is on my wavelength

“Every weirdo in the world is on my wavelength.” ― Thomas Pynchon . . It's a rather lovely experience to connect with someone else on a subtle level. It's a communion of being, no need to say or do anything, the communication is there, effortless and easy. You feel at home with them and they... Continue Reading →

The Story of Snow Doll

I am living in headcoldia at the moment, blissfully dopey (more so than usual), and thought I would re-share an old post.

Enjoy (hopefully)!

An Upturned Soul


When I was a child my mother used to tell me Japanese folklore stories. Her favourite story was – O Tsuru no Ongaeshi – The Grateful Crane.

There are two versions of it, one with a young man and one with an old couple. I was told the latter version.

It is the tale of a crane who is rescued from a hunter’s trap and set free by an old man who is out collecting firewood in Winter. A while later on a snowy night a young woman turns up at the house of the old man and his wife. She claims to be lost and is welcomed into the home.

She ends up staying with the couple, being adopted as their daughter.

They are a poor couple and the young woman offers to help them earn more to thank them for their hospitality and generosity. She asks that they…

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…the scale of disaster you’ve left yourself open to.

“It was like when you make a move in chess and just as you take your finger off the piece, you see the mistake you've made, and there's this panic because you don't know yet the scale of disaster you've left yourself open to.” ― Kazuo Ishiguro . . . . The other day I... Continue Reading →

It’s Better than a Stick in the Eye

“...it's better than a stick in the eye...” ― Spider Robinson . . . . "What's better than a stick in the eye?" When I first asked this of Treeowl, he thought that I was setting the verbal scene for a joke and he patiently waited for the punchline to be delivered, and prepared himself... Continue Reading →

The Dangerous Assumption

. . “When first I was put into prison some people advised me to try and forget who I was. It was ruinous advice. It is only by realising what I am that I have found comfort of any kind. Now I am advised by others to try on my release to forget that I... Continue Reading →

It’s not the face, but the expressions on it…

“It's not the face, but the expressions on it. It's not the voice, but what you say. It's not how you look in that body, but the thing you do with it. You are beautiful.” ― Stephenie Meyer . . . . When I first saw the focus of this week’s Daily Post Photo challenge:... Continue Reading →

All the small things…

. . “True life is lived when tiny changes occur.” ― Leo Tolstoy . You're asking me... as though you think, expect, are more certain than I am that I have an answer. That I have a system, an order, a ritual which guarantees something. And maybe, in a tiny corner of your eye, in... Continue Reading →

Of Shadow, Shapes, and Shrouded Apparitions

. . “Then shadows and shapes, shrouded figures, appeared to join him, apparitions, ancient, mythical faces, wise and beautiful, like holy ghosts, shimmering around around him, beside him, beyond him, enveloped by a brume indescribable, shot through with shafts of pink and blue and gold, as though the heavens themselves had opened up and poured... Continue Reading →

A Strange Kind of Peace

“What do you think…?” I asked my partner as he walked into my office while I was working on the image in this post. He paused. Looked. Paused. Paused a bit more. I knew he didn’t like it. “You don’t like it,” I stated the obvious in an obvious yet neutral way to remove the... Continue Reading →

Experience is a brutal teacher…

. . “Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn fast.” ― William Nicholson . . What is shadow? Is it the contrast of light or is light the contrast of it? And what about the shades of grey which exist between shadow and light? . What is... shadowed? Is it the same as shadow...... Continue Reading →

The Scent of a Woo Man

. . “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.” ― Jim Henson . . Can you smell that, what is that scent…? Is it sweet, bittersweet, sour, umami - can you have umami for the... Continue Reading →

Love is a Doing word…

. . Love is a doing word… and the heart loves a new challenge. I would like to thank the beautiful soul who inspired me to do this. They messaged me on tumblr and, as I replied, what they had shared with me swirled within the place where I listen and a spark set light... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Melting Point?

. . “I am not an outsider. I am an insider who discovered that everyone else had gone out.” ― Stephen J. Day, Horizontal - The Recumbent Adventures of Philias Switchmoat . . Warmth... Hmmmm... what is your definition of warmth? Is it physical, mental, emotional, soulful, abstract or... a very real kind of thing... Continue Reading →

Please help me and/or yourselves with a Creative Project and Share your Twinkling Sparks

. . I know this is cheeky, but it's a fun for all kind of cheekiness (at least I think it is which is why I'm doing it)... The image above is my entry into The Daily Post's Photo Challenge: Twinkle. The prize for entering this kind of challenge is the inspiration to create and... Continue Reading →

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