I’m Ursula (that’s my nickname),

Welcome to my blog, and thank you for visiting!

If you are looking for a way to contact me privately, perhaps by email, I’m sorry, but the only way at this time to contact me is via the comments on my recent posts (comments on old posts are closed) or on one of my pages, like this one (I’ve only just added this page, in October 2018, if you’d prefer not to be the first to comment here, a lot of people use my About page).

Please be aware that my blog is public, therefore all comments are public too.

Don’t share private information, yours or anyone else’s, which you don’t want anyone to see or know, and pass that courtesy on to others even if the comment is about a narcissist whom you hate and want to expose (remember, you’re not the narcissist).

If you share something which you would like deleted, just ask me to do so in another comment.

Please note if you’ve never commented before on my blog, WordPress keeps all comments in moderation until I approve them, so if it doesn’t appear immediately don’t worry. I approve most comments.

Sometimes comments end up in the spam filter and I don’t always find them, especially if there has been a lot of spam. My apologies if that happens or has happened to your comment.

I don’t have rules about what you can and can’t say in a comment – I trust people to use common sense, and to be considerate of other human beings the way they’d like others to be considerate towards them.

I am a human being, occasionally people forget this which is why I’m saying it as a reminder.

Feel free to ask any questions. I probably don’t have the answers. If it is about a specific post, please let me know which one it is.

Feel free to share your story. To ramble, to rant, to get things off your chest. One person did start calling my blog their blog and called their comments posts on their blog – I’m happy to share my blog with you, but it is my blog and I do have an ego.

If you have any suggestions for my blog or for a post, please feel free to share it. If your suggestion is something along the lines of – stop blogging… I’ve already thought of that and as you can see I’m ignoring such a good piece of advice.




I reply to comments. You don’t have to answer back unless you want to.

If my reply doesn’t suit you, please ignore it. If my answer to your question doesn’t answer your question, keep searching, you’ll find it or it will find you!

When I remember to do so, I often advise people to re-read their own comments, particularly when they’re long, when they contain their life story, and discuss their problem, because the real solutions are usually ones which reside within rather than outside of you. Take a pause to listen to yourself and what you have said – the answers and insights you’re seeking may be there!

I am very weird and very crazy… you’ve been warned!

Thank you for sharing!