...opause ...struation ...tal health ...ding ...ace ...age ...tor ...ial ...tion ...u Yesterday I wrote a post, on too little sleep, about a dream I had which woke me up with a weird question. The question was: There's three there's? Remember that I just said it was a weird question in a dream, so it is... Continue Reading →

Reblog: How to have a couple of unexpected health related stories — nobodysreadingme

The first one comes from 2017, but somehow slipped under my radar. In China, apparently, if you’re constipated, a traditional folk remedy is to insert an eel into your anus. This seems a bit radical to me, but what do I know? Any road up, some 49 year old lamebrain in the Baiyun District […]... Continue Reading →

SYW: Sometimes you can’t hear me (it’s because sometimes I’m in parentheses)

Okay, maybe it's because I'm only talking to you in my head. Or because you're ignoring me, desperately trying not to hear me or even see me... was it something I said or didn't say? Or because there's so much chatter going on in your head that you can't hear anyone outside of your head.... Continue Reading →

A Good Friend Will…

Let you fall asleep in the middle of a game while snuggling a purring cat, gently wake you a couple of hours later to suggest you go to bed, but when you groggily whisper "I'm happy here", will leave you to sleep on the sofa but also put a freshly filled hot water bottle in... Continue Reading →

Two Narcissists in a Relationship? – a personal story

I was recently asked about how two narcissists ended up together. The two narcissists in question are my father and my mother... How did they hook up? What made them decide to turn that hooking up into a marriage? If one narcissist needs the world to revolve around him/her, how on earth could having two... Continue Reading →

Assertive or Aggressive ? – viewed from an Astrological Perspective

How do people experience you? Do they find you to be aggressive? Do they think you're assertive? Do they mistake your assertiveness for aggressiveness? This post is inspired by Sparksfromacombustiblemind: Assertive or Aggressive? which was inspired by Mentalhealthathome: What is... Assertiveness please click over to those posts as they are very interesting, informative, and I... Continue Reading →

Good Post, Bad Post, Old Post, New Post, Just Write Post

So, what do you think makes a good post on your blog? Do you have a favourite? What do you prefer to write about? What do you like to read on other people’s blogs (or mine)? What attracts you to follow a blogger? The above questions aren't mine, they're from Pensitivity101: What Makes a 'Good... Continue Reading →

Repost: How To Play The Narcissist’s Game

A quick (it's not going to be quick) intro: This is one of the top posts on my blog. Yesterday evening I decided to re-read it. This morning I decided to repost it. Why? I am surprised by how good it is. That might sound strange, but I am a strange person. I am partly... Continue Reading →

The Liebster Award 2018 – Discover New Blogs

Do you enjoy letting other people know that you like them? Do you tell people when something they've done has inspired you? Do you love discovering new things, places, and people? And when you find a new thing, place, or person do you share them with others, share the love? The Liebster Award is a... Continue Reading →

SYW: Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you

Would I really do that? No, not deliberately. Okay, maybe a little bit deliberately if his or her sanity was driving me nuts, inspiring in me a homicidal hankering, and it was the only way to make them go away so that I didn't get put away for... y'know, nudge nudge, wink wink. My Machiavellian... Continue Reading →

Repost: A Happy Place

Do you have a happy place? Do you let others into your happy place? Is your happy place a space outside of you or is it a place inside of you? Is your happy place a person? This is a repost of a post I published in October 2015 which was titled -  A Secret... Continue Reading →

Q and A: The real question is not whether machines think but whether men do

Do you like questioning answers? Do you enjoy answering questions? Do you get a kick out of questioning questions and answering answers? If you do this post is... well, it's something, still haven't decided what kind of something it is, what kind of something do you think it is? “The real question is not whether... Continue Reading →

Spirit of the Flame

I heard a loud bang, and then saw tiny vibrant sparkles flickering behind the dense branches of the trees in the woods beyond the fields. They were there for an instant, and then they were gone. As Kristian, of Tales From the Mind of Kristian, mentioned in his Word of the Day Challenge: Bonfire... It's... Continue Reading →

How To Respect the Dead Without Disrespecting the Living

How do you do that? How do you respect the dead without disrespecting the living? I'm asking you personally for personal answers, personal experience perspectives, rather than for impersonal answers... impersonal answers I can find by Googling. Impersonal answers I can find simply by sharing my own story online and putting it out there... like... Continue Reading →

Releasing Yourself From The Dead (which once were buried)

Have you ever found yourself doing things which you were certain were things you did not do? Over and over you told yourself - I don't do that, I can't do that, I'm not the sort of person who does that... Have you ever done something of which you were afraid, terrified of the consequences... Continue Reading →

When There Is No One To Call

At this time of year, you may hear, a question asked of you... but if you don't have an answer, you may be tempted to use your phone... who you gonna call? What if there is no one to call, because you are a ghost, an exhausted ghost in the exhaust, cast out of the... Continue Reading →

Off Kilter in the Middle of Things

I'm in the middle of drinking a cup of tepid tea while I write this. It's tepid because in between making it and drinking it there was a flurry of activity of me finishing off some things I'd left unfinished in the middle of doing them, and of me starting new things then taking a... Continue Reading →

SYW: I was now on the verge of liberty

Here's Melanie! 's latest Share Your World 10-29-18 - the Spooky edition please free yourself from your fear of clicking links and head on over there to read her scary answers, check out more chilling links, and join in with the trembling hijinks.... you won't be sorry (I think they've fallen for it, Melanie, they'll... Continue Reading →

Repost: A Party at MoonVooDoo

Intro to the Repost: I was looking for a specific dream in my archives to repost because it ties in with the theme of Hallowe'en, but then I found this one. I'd forgotten about it. This one ties in with a few things I've been thinking and writing about recently. I've been messing around with... Continue Reading →

3 Things About Blogging

If you could turn back time, would you do it? If you could travel back in time, would you do it, and where in the when would you go? For you, is time: 1) money, 2) of the essence, 3) a big ball of wibbly wobbly wimey stuff? This morning I woke up later than... Continue Reading →

I Laughed At A Man When He Was Serious – What Do I Do Now?

Don't you just love being in awkward social situations? What would you do if you were the one who had been laughed at while you were being serious? What would you do if you were the one who had just laughed at someone who was being serious? Would you press pause on the interaction and... Continue Reading →

SYW: What is Art and What is Not Art?

Art. Three little letters which describe... what exactly? When you hear the word - art - what is the first thing which comes to mind? What does - art - mean to you? What do you consider to be art? What do you consider to be not-art even if others are calling it art? Are... Continue Reading →

The Full Moon and Uranus: I shall not defeat you – I shall transcend you

What is the truth? Do you know the truth when you hear it? Can you feel the truth when it touches you? How would you describe the concept of truth to someone who asked you to tell them what the truth is, since they've heard many talk of it but still can't figure out what... Continue Reading →

Conversations With and Within Books

If a book wants you to read it, do you read it? If a book which you don't want to read wants you to read it, do you read it? If a book which you want to read doesn't want you to read it, do you read it? Do those questions make sense to you... Continue Reading →

For Those Who Love Questions: A What Type Are You Questionnaire

Don't worry I'm not the one asking the questions. However these are the sort of questions which I love to ponder, and which have helped me to get to know myself better.  Do you have courage to move into the unknown? They're also quite useful for getting to know others better. Are you truly interested... Continue Reading →

Venus Rx and Lilith: Wild Women Spilling Secrets

What is a wild woman? Who is a wild woman? Do you have a wild woman in your life? Are you a wild woman? Last week at the supermarket I ran into Trouble - that was the name on the name tag of a woman working there. I asked her if her name was really... Continue Reading →

Game On: Just Creepy-ing Around the Inner Catacombs

Boo! Did I scare you? Did I scare myself while trying to scare you? Did you scare me by not being scared by my scare-tactics? Are you afraid that I'm going to keep asking you questions? The sort of questions which my mind loves to ask, and my mouth (or fingers) sometimes asks out loud,... Continue Reading →

The Many Faces of the Moon

  photograph by Aneev Rao What face comes to mind when you think of the Moon? Is it a familiar face. Is it male or female. Is it easy to read. Is the expression upon it soft and glowing. Is it mysterious and veiled. Is it a mirror of your emotions, your dreams and desires.... Continue Reading →

Q: What do you consider to be sins and what do you consider to be virtues?

When one thing leads to another, you can end up in some interesting places, having conversations with intriguing people, and asking yourself some interesting and intriguing questions. Which leads me to... Q: What do you consider to be sins and what do you consider to be virtues? Some people consider it a sin to phrase... Continue Reading →

What Gets You Thinking?

A minute or two after I popped the words - What gets you thinking? - into the title box of this post, while I was quickly browsing William Burroughs quotes and had just read this one: “A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what's going on. A psychotic is a guy who's just... Continue Reading →

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