Your Personal Story through the Eyes of Others

In some ways you could say that a personal blog is a country, a land which has its own flag design, culture and customs, rules and etiquette, cuisine, art, language, definition and meaning, values, creeds, opinions about what reality is, and other variations to the human being human theme. . my inner child is always... Continue Reading →


Appreciation and Expectation

Someone recently asked me to share my thoughts on the quote below: . . The version of it which I've used here says the author is unknown, and most of the image search results for this quote don't attribute the words to anyone in particular. Most images of this quote advertise the website which has... Continue Reading →

How To Scare A Narcissist Away

. The title of this blog post comes from a query in my blog stats' search terms... The stats for my blog have been falling recently... which is logical, normal, natural, and expected considering that I've been taking a (self-ish) break. While I have narcissistic tendencies like we all do, prone to having its personal... Continue Reading →

When I Worry I End Up Killing Things…

The other day I repotted three house plants which were suffering and heading slowly, painfully, towards death... they were doing that because when I first got them I worried that I would kill them by forgetting to water them so I ended up almost killing them by overwatering them... once I realised what I'd done... Continue Reading →

Narcissists in the News

Recently on several different news sites there were articles about an open debate which had broken out between psychologists about whether they could professionally weigh in on President Trump's mental status. This is an excerpt from one of those: . via The Guardian online . Both sides of the debate have valid arguments... so I... Continue Reading →

Challenging Structures – thoughts on Pluto versus Saturn and vice versa

At the moment astrologically I am caught in the middle of transiting Pluto squaring natal Saturn and transiting Saturn squaring natal Pluto. For those who are not into astrology this roughly translates as - that bunker you built for yourself to protect you from the coming apocalypse and survive for many years... well the apocalypse... Continue Reading →

Learning to Figure Things Out for Yourself

There are moments in life when you may suddenly get the strong impression that you're on your own, that you're all alone... in some impossible situation which you're certain you can't possibly solve on your own... you need help, but... there isn't a knight in shining armor coming to your rescue, there isn't going to... Continue Reading →

Pop Up Problems

The other day I clicked on a link to an article, and as I scanned it quickly from start to finish to decide whether it was worth reading it properly, the whole page was frozen by a pop up problem which required that I either agree or disagree with it to unfreeze the page and... Continue Reading →

How To Deal With A Narcissist When You Can’t Go No Contact

If you have a Narcissist in your life and you ask for advice on how to deal with them the most common answer you will get is - Go No Contact - in other words get away from them, run and keep running and never look back, cut them out of your life, get rid... Continue Reading →

Shift Happens

Every now and then I find myself... not being myself anymore and not really sure of who myself is. I'm old enough these days to realise that this is a natural shift which happens often due to a change of circumstances, or some penny finally dropping once you've had time to process a bunch of... Continue Reading →

I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion

Have you ever stopped... paused... taken a break from the flow of your life to contemplate that flow. To travel backwards along the trail you leave behind, retracing all the twists and turns, bends and straights, to find the source of it. To rewind consequences to their starting point. To discover why you think and... Continue Reading →

Can being with a Narcissist turn you into a Narcissist?

Can being with a Narcissist turn you into a Narcissist? This question is one I found in the search term stats of my blog along with other queries about Narcissists, such as - Why are children of Narcissists afraid of becoming Narcissists (because they don't want to do to others what was done to them,... Continue Reading →

Why Are Your Eyes Blue?

What do you fill your mind with before you go to sleep? What about when you wake up, what kind of breakfast do you give your mind? Do you think about what you give yourself to think about at night, in the morning, and during the day... and wonder why you've chosen to give that... Continue Reading →

What Are The Defining Moments of Your Decades

I was born at the end of a decade, just before a man landed on the Moon (... or did he?). I was a bit too young to appreciate that event, or be interested in it or anything else that happened then (including my birth... it's weird isn't it how our own birth is kind... Continue Reading →

That Moment when a Narcissist goes from being Interesting to being Boring

When it comes to the question of - How do you identify a Narcissist - before you get too involved with them, invest too much of yourself in them and your relationship with them, before you get into a relationship and figure it out the hard way later on, my go-to answer is - pay... Continue Reading →

Artificially Intelligent Conversations

Last night I came across an amusing transcript of a conversation which someone had shared online. This conversation was between a human and an AI known as Cleverbot. Anyone who wants to can talk to Cleverbot by going to its website and plopping some words down into the conversation bar. Then off you go, where... Continue Reading →

It Interferes With Being Nuts

What interferes with being nuts? - you ask, because what else are you going to ask, and you're definitely asking something so it must be that... maybe it's not, maybe you're not asking anything, you're just out taking a stroll (sitting down) and you ended up walking (with your fingers) by here... and here sucked... Continue Reading →

Lead me not into temptation, I can find the way myself…

Some of you... why I oughta... hunt you down... and bottle you! You're special sauce! You ask such great questions, make such good statements, share such awesome personal perspectives, and are brave enough to give voice to an opinion... online... knowing how dangerous that can be even with the most innocuous seeming thing, even when... Continue Reading →

Evasive Manoeuvres…

Have you ever wanted to use a word, but... even if your life depended upon it you can't remember how to spell it, or you can recall how to spell it but it just looks wrong spelled the right way... it looks wrong no matter how you try and spell it, and soon enough your... Continue Reading →

What Makes You… Laugh, Cry, Scream, Go Hmmm, Want to Apologise, Criticise, Smile… You?

Behind every personality there's a person... a human being who may be complicated, simple, both at the same time... who sometimes gets forgotten because they or others are focused on the outside rather than the inside. We can get so involved with 'typing' people (or ourselves) that we can forget they're (we're) people first and... Continue Reading →

a zone of noise where everything and nothing is said

That moment just before sleep... who are you? That moment in sleep... who are you? That moment just before fully awake... who are you? . Hardcore Henry is one of the weirdest film watching experiences I have ever had (that I can recall). Saw it last night after Mad Max: Fury Road (which I walked... Continue Reading →

Who Are You and For What Are You Searching

It's that time of year... whatever this time of year means to and for you. For a lot of people this is a time when we review what we've gained and what we've lost, what went right and what went wrong, what is coming together and what is falling apart... and maybe wonder WTF happened... Continue Reading →

The Big Nope: Narcissists during Christmas and New Year

Every year it seems to get harder and more complex to wish people well at this time of year. What is the politically correct term to use that will not offend, upset, deeply hurt one person or an entire social group (or an entire social group through one person), cause a debate about some issue... Continue Reading →

What a Trite Truism that is!

Someone recently said something in my general direction sort of in reply to something which I had said in their general direction which made me... Stop! And think about what you're trying to do to me! . . Because me is always there... your me, my me, his me, her me, our me... army!?! Anyway... Continue Reading →

Under the Floorboards

Sometimes I climb the walls and lie on the ceiling... and sometimes I slip through the cracks in the floor and crawl around under the floorboards. . . A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to do both. That opportunity didn't knock on my door so much as drip, drip, drip its way down... Continue Reading →

The 12th House – It All Ends in Tears

Have you ever felt that someone was hiding something from you? Have you ever sensed that you were hiding something from yourself? An intangible itch, an elusive spot to scratch which can't quite be reached, a pricking of the thumbs, an intuitive hunch which won't tell you what it knows, a suspicion of something lurking... Continue Reading →

The 11th House: Stark Naked in the Classroom

I once peed myself in the middle of a History lesson... and when I say I peed myself I mean it literally and not as an expression of how horrified I was about what humans have done to each other over the course of our history, nor do I mean that I peed a little... Continue Reading →

The Midheaven and 10th House: What You Want to Be and Who They Think You Are

Who do you want to be when you grow up... and when exactly will you be a grown up? What to you is the essential ingredient which makes someone a grown up as opposed to a child in an adult body masquerading as a grown up? What's your public persona... and do others see you... Continue Reading →

The 9th House: The Quest for Meaning and Purpose

Not all who wander are lost... so why are they wandering? If they're not trying to find their way home, following breadcrumb trails, yellow brick roads, or lights at the end of the tunnel, what are they trying to find? What if they're not trying to find anything? What if they're comfortable living without purpose,... Continue Reading →

The 8th House – What is Theirs and What I Want to Make Mine

Do you like it when I ask you questions at the beginning of my posts? Does it engage you, make you feel like you're part of the conversation as though we're having a tete-a-tete? Or does it make you shift a little... move your finger to click away? Are my questions a little too probing,... Continue Reading →

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