Because they’re a Capricorn – is not the answer to your question

Because they’re a Capricorn is not only not the answer to your question… but it’s also not the solution to the problem which you have with them. Blaming the problems you have with… Continue reading

Sometimes all it takes is admitting something to yourself…

. If no one invites you to dance… and you would like to dance… perhaps it’s time you just admitted to yourself that you want to dance and… either invite someone else (who… Continue reading

Reasons to Avoid People

Avoiding people is something that I’ve been doing all my life in one form or another. If practice does indeed make perfect, then you could say that this is something I’ve perfected… .… Continue reading

Never Wear Yellow… unless you want to be a target

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last… … time that I thought it was the first time. . . Never wear yellow unless you want to be a target… …… Continue reading

Maybe you’re right…

. “Not one of your pertinent ancestors was squashed, devoured, drowned, starved, stranded, stuck fast, untimely wounded, or otherwise deflected from its life’s quest of delivering a tiny charge of genetic material to… Continue reading

Random personal thoughts on Brexit

If you’ve been following the news wherever you are you may have come across a few news articles discussing something known as Brexit. Recently it’s been called many other things as well. It’s… Continue reading

that’s all anyone wants from anyone else

. “She wants to know if I love her, that’s all anyone wants from anyone else, not love itself but the knowledge that love is there, like new batteries in the flashlight in… Continue reading

Meandering Ways

. “I don’t want to be little again. But at the same time I do. I want to be me like I was then, and me as I am now, and me like… Continue reading

The B Team

. “Modern man has transformed himself into a commodity; he experiences his life energy as an investment with which he should make the highest profit, considering his position and the situation on the… Continue reading

Why Do People Complain?

I have to confess that when other people start complaining I tend to make a hasty exit if I can. If I can’t make an exit and have to stick around I’ll space… Continue reading

Book Promotion: Abundant Delicious – On Obtaining Your Heart’s Desire by Andy White

Many years ago, while searching for something to read in a secondhand bookshop, I came across – Going Mad to Stay Sane – The Psychology of Self-Destructive Behaviour by Andy White – in… Continue reading

Narcissist – The Dream versus The Reality

Recently I’ve been watching the TV series – UnREAL. It’s a fictional account, based on the real experience of one of the creators and writers, of what goes on behind the scenes of… Continue reading

What happens when you stare into your eyes in the mirror

What happens when you stare into your eyes in the mirror… . Halloween Greeting Card . is a search term I found in my blog stats, which caught my eye because it asked… Continue reading

Inheriting Dysfunction

I’ve noticed that more people seem to be searching and researching what it means to be a child of narcissists. Particularly whether the condition of being a narcissist is something you can inherit… Continue reading

Insight into the Blame Game

extract from – Blaming Justifies Your Own Bad Behavior via No Nonsense Self-Defense . The other day I came across a brilliant article which explored blaming and other aspects connected to the blame… Continue reading

When the best tactic is no tactic at all

While trying to decide what to write about in this post I tried one of several tactics in my tactic box to get the rambling online on a blog juices flowing… I scanned… Continue reading

Through the Looking Glass…

If you read all the stuff written about narcissists online at some point you’ll come across the concept of Flying Monkeys – which is a pejorative term to describe people who are used… Continue reading

A lesson learned from a spare pair of cow’s legs…

. “According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to… Continue reading

How to Reclaim Yourself

. “People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed.” ― Audrey Hepburn . Sometimes I think there’s an order to this chaos… Sometimes I think there isn’t.… Continue reading

Dealing with a Narcissist – the Awaken With JP way

I don’t know what you’ll think of this… I didn’t know what I would think of it when I clicked on the ‘Play’ button, and I didn’t know what I thought of it… Continue reading

How Dark are You?

Do you know your own darkness? If yes, how well do you know it, and do you fear it, want to exorcise it, or is it a friend, an ally there for you… Continue reading

How to Describe a Narcissist to Someone…

*If you want to cut to the chase of this post – scroll to the bottom. I was looking through the search terms in my stats which bring people to this blog –… Continue reading

The Most Savage Sentence

The title of this post comes from a sentence in one of my favourite Monty Python sketches – Court Scene [Multiple Murder]. . excerpt via Monty Python scripts (click on the link for… Continue reading

I Was Thinking About What You Said

Have you ever had one of those experiences where suddenly something that someone said pops into your head and strikes you differently from the way in which you originally heard it. Perhaps you’ve… Continue reading

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

. “You never live an inch without involvement and hurting people and fucking yourself everlastingly.” ― James Agee . “I hope I haven’t ruined your Saturday…” Did he really mean it or did… Continue reading

Fish Story and other Strange Encounters

. “Sober or blotto, this is your motto: keep muddling through.” ― P.G. Wodehouse . When I was in the process of taking one of the biggest leaps of faith in my life… Continue reading

Chiron opposition Pluto – When Old Wounds Resurface

If I change my mind one more about about the subject of this post, the post may implode before I publish it… but I wasn’t so much changing my mind as trying to… Continue reading

Dirt on the Lens

. “Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the… Continue reading

In a World full of Words…

. “I am out with lanterns, looking for myself.” ― Emily Dickinson . With a little effort on my part I might be able to get the lantern in the photo above to… Continue reading

The Compassion of Hornets

. There are so many things in this world which can hurt you… that it can seem as though you’re a delicate flower whose petals are just seconds away from… . “I look… Continue reading

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