Snow Coffee in a Hobbit House

SnowDay by MoonVooDoo I still have no running water. Whatever is causing the problem, other than the below freezing temperature, has baffled the water company. They are hoping to fix it today, but… Continue reading

A Moon Powered Train

DropIt by MoonVooDoo Please note: I wrote this last Winter. But since I’ve been getting strange messages from the universe via errant Monopoly cards found in my garden, one of which was Water… Continue reading

MonopolyCards by MoonVooDoo

MonopolyCards by MoonVooDoo I keep finding these old Monopoly cards in my garden. First one was the Water Works card. Which made me laugh because this past Winter the temperatures dropped so low… Continue reading

Gathering Moss

Why is Kate Moss always naked. That was the question I asked myself in my dream last night. I sometimes have conversations with myself in my dreams. Usually it starts with a part… Continue reading

The Places We Live…

A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens I recently came across a photograph on an architectural and interior design website which was of an apartment in Paris overlooking the Eiffel tower. At… Continue reading

MarsInScorpio by MoonVooDoo

MarsInScorpio by MoonVooDoo I have Mars in Scorpio. This is my interpretation of that astrological placement. Well… it was, but then the cat stepped in and took over the photo shoot. My cat… Continue reading

Intensely, Passionately, Wild and Crazy

Please note: This was written during Mars’ transit of Scorpio last year. I have Mars in Scorpio, so when this transit happened, all my passionately wild and crazy bells went off. It has… Continue reading

VenusInPisces by MoonVooDoo

VenusInPisces by MoonVooDoo Occasionally I try to capture my astrological chart in my photography. As a way to explain something intangible about myself to myself. Everything I do creatively is done for myself,… Continue reading


Do you ever stop and do a double take and look at something considered a normal and necessary part of life, and wonder why it is. Why is this thing considered a normal… Continue reading

Tweet #23

“Sorry, I just got stuck in a traffic jam in my mind. I may be stuck in it for a while.” – @UrsusAbstrusus


Memories of Matsuko | directed by Tetsuya Nakashima | Based on the novel by Muneki Yamada Memories of Matsuko is one of my favourite movies. It is visually stunning and evocative. Complex, poignant,… Continue reading

What’s Your Favourite Movie?

On the surface ‘What’s your favourite movie?’ is a simple question. It is a common question, often used to break the ice, and as a way to get to know someone better. It… Continue reading

Internet Treasures: Healthy Levels Of Insanity by NoxSatuKeir

Healthy Levels Of Insanity 6 by  NoxSatuKeir I’m one of those people who, when life gets tough, intense, and too serious, needs to find a humorous release from the pressure. The internet is… Continue reading

Tweet #22

“Life is so much better in cartoons. You can always draw extra bits in if you need them, and you can run on air.” – @UrsusAbstrusus

Things You Should Know – About Suffering

The Joke’s On You by Andry-Shango Unfortunately suffering comes as a standard part of the package we get with our lives when we are born. The birthing process itself is one of pain,… Continue reading

Narcissism is the Game, and You’re It

It always makes me chuckle, a slightly sad and tired chuckle, when I read certain things. In recent years Narcissism has become big news. For psychologists, pop psychologists, bloggers, and the media. That’s… Continue reading

TheDarkBlueSide by MoonVooDoo

TheDarkBlueSide by MoonVooDoo

Tweet #21

“I love that quote – L’enfer c’est les autres (Sartre) – however, I realise that I am sometimes one of les autres.” – @UrsusAbstrusus

Don’t Speak Ill of the Dead

There are some things that you are not supposed to say, at least not out loud in public. People are very sensitive, and anything too frank, honest, blunt, outspoken… well… anything really in… Continue reading

NoirDoll by MoonVooDoo

NoirDoll by MoonVooDoo

The Attack of the Qi Vampire

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” – C. J. Jung I have a friend who is very charming. They flatter others generously, throwing compliments around like confetti at… Continue reading

Tweet #20

“It’s a strange thing in life, how we seem to attract the same person in different guises and bodies, over and over again.” – @UrsusAbstrusus

Internet Treasures: Jolly Jack’s Collected Curios

So… Sometimes I say I should do something and wish I hadn’t said it. At other times I like the idea, but I don’t follow through. And then there are those times when… Continue reading

Life As A Video Game

Please note: As with many of my posts on WordPress, but not all – Silently Screaming is a new piece – this one was written a while ago for tumblr. I am enjoying… Continue reading

The Self-Conscious Dance

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, yet still half awake, I had a vision of sorts, a semi-dream. The image I saw was of a woman, her name was Georgina,… Continue reading

Swirled – colour by MoonVooDoo

Swirled – colour by MoonVooDoo

Why Do You Blog?

Please note: This was written for my tumblr – Damaged & Dangerous – before I had a WordPress. But it applies equally to WordPress. I had a previous WordPress blog many Moons ago,… Continue reading

Silently Screaming

A friend I haven’t heard from in a while, emailed me today asking me how I was. I stared at the message trying to think of an answer. Some time passed, then I… Continue reading

The Great I Am

Have you noticed how often people contradict themselves. I’m not talking about those who say one thing one minute and the exact opposite the next, they are very easy to spot if you… Continue reading

Tweet #19

“Some memories don’t even belong to you, they’re just stories people told you about your life, which aren’t necessarily true.” – @UrsusAbstrusus

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