CryingIcicles by MoonVooDoo

CryingIcicles by MoonVooDoo


Missing Teaspoons and Other Very Important Issues

And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon by Randolph Caldecott . . Once upon a time two little teaspoons went missing, or so the Lady of Cutlery thought. She didn’t bother to look for the little teaspoons. She wasn’t really the least bit interested in the welfare of the teaspoons at all. Her only... Continue Reading →

Toxic Niceness

So many people move through life pretending to be who they are not, being nice on the surface when they are seething with rage inside, being mean when they have a heart of gold, being cold when they yearn for the warmth of others, being overly helpful when they actually want you to fail, being... Continue Reading →

Tweet #17

"Dear Past, I severed ties with you a while ago, why must you keep coming back to haunt me, lots of unlove, fuck off now, Me." -@UrsusAbstrusus

Memories Hold Messages

Out of the blue the other day I remembered a dinner party that I attended many years ago. It was an intimate and very strange gathering of strangers, who momentarily pretended to be friends. The hostess was the director of a modelling agency, the co-host was her boyfriend, an ex-CIA agent. Perhaps he should not... Continue Reading →

Tweet #16

"I stopped caring about what people think of me, when I realised that it was based on whether I did what they wanted me to do or not." - @UrsusAbstrusus

Flies and Other Messengers of Nature

What is your animal totem? I see this question a lot on the internet. Some people answer it seriously, others take the piss. Those who take it seriously always choose glamorous creatures as their totems, tigers, wolves, snakes, bears, eagles, etc, whereas the ones who take the piss often choose the less favoured creatures, cockroaches,... Continue Reading →

La Cucaracha

The Cockroach King by E. "Wolfkina" Crowder   The Cockroach teaches us how to use what we have available to us for survival. To clean out the dead and useless aspects of our lives. When the Cockroach appears as a totem, our sensitivity to subtle changes will be magnified. We will have the power to... Continue Reading →

Only The Lonely Can Play

Hiding. That is probably my real superpower. Hiding behind a facade of make-believe. Let's pretend I'm fine, happy, and other pleasing lies which people prefer. It's the game I play which never seems to come to an end. Just when I think that I can come out of hiding, something happens which makes me realise... Continue Reading →

Love Without Restriction

The other day I came across this quote: “Love me without restriction, Trust me without fear, Want me without demand and accept me for who I am.” My initial reaction to it was - Wow! Excellent!. Then I read it again, something about it made me uneasy. My mind began to whirr. I was compelled... Continue Reading →

Unnatural Talent

Most of my friends are misfits, mavericks, and wonderfully weird. When I say ‘most’ I mean ‘all’, but some of them have not accepted their fate yet. It is important to allow your friends to keep their illusions, the only time I intervene is when it becomes a delusion. If one of my friends thinks... Continue Reading →

Tweet #15

"The smallest thing can make my lips curl into a secret smile of utter pleasure." - @UrsusAbstrusus

Your Secret Self

Someone recently asked me - What do you disclose about yourself to others, and what do you keep hidden? They were trying to figure out how much of themselves, their life, to reveal to others through writing. They were not asking me the question seeking an answer, but more to know what my approach is,... Continue Reading →

GhostsDon’tBurn – November Tale by MoonVooDoo

GhostsDon'tBurn - November Tale by MoonVooDoo This is my entry for the Neil Gaiman/Blackberry A Calendar Tale Competition.

Everything is a Ghost in the Brain… And Ghosts Can’t Be Burned

This Ghost in the Brain series has been quite an intense experience. When I get too intense, when it lasts for a long period, the intensity stops being thrilling and becomes a heavy feeling which is too weighty to carry. When that happens I switch gears and shift into silliness. I look for a distraction... Continue Reading →

Tweet #14

"Rules tend to eff things up because that's what they exist to do even though they promise to fix everything." - @UrsusAbstrusus

Just When I Thought I Was Out… They Pull Me Back In.

Yes, the title of this piece is a quote from The Godfather trilogy. It sums up perfectly how I'm feeling right now. About life. About family. Just when I thought I had managed to create a simple life for myself, free from the complications of my past… Indeed! Never relax, because the moment you do... Continue Reading →

Tweet #13

"People who express themselves as they are, who do it because it is an impulse stronger than the desire to belong and fit in. I adore you!" - @UrsusAbstrusus

Ghosts in the Brain – Ghost # 5 – Why Don’t You Love Me

“Tell me who you want me to be and I can be that person for you. For a while. Then the illusion will dissipate, the mists will part, and you will see the face behind the mask. You won’t like it, because it will not be the person with whom you have fallen in love.”... Continue Reading →

Tweet #12

"When people share their inner selves I am always filled with awe, their power shines with vibrant intensity." - @UrsusAbstrusus

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination… Part Two.

My Nominees for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, in chaotically random order, are: 1. Cosmos Quest Storytelling 2. Herbal Tea, Books and Madness 3. [Naked Writing] 4. Malmaxa. C G Ayling's world - literally © 5. Rick Mallery 6. Faith is Torment 7. Simplicity is the Key 8. Spoon & Tamago 9. Iconic Photos 10.... Continue Reading →

Wacky Wednesday

Dr. Seuss was a very wise and extraordinary man. One of my favourite books is Wacky Wednesday - A baffled youngster awakens one morning to find everything’s out of place, but no one seems to notice!. As a child it described how I felt almost every day. Adults don’t make sense to children because they... Continue Reading →

Tweet #11

"Today is hump day, right... well I tripped on the hump and fell flat on my face, still there because I'll get up tomorrow, safer that way." - @UrsusAbstrusus

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination… Part One.

I just found out that the very lovely Random Dorkness nominated me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you kindly. *curtsies. I am not worthy! Shhh… don't tell anyone that! So… according to the rules, which I may or may not be about to break, a nominee must: 1. Display the logo on your... Continue Reading →

A WordPress Quote

 Writing Is A Struggle Against Silence by =MoonlessDepth You know how when you publish a new post, WordPress gives you a quote to go with it, as a sort of celebration for such a daring and foolishly brave act. I don't usually read them, but the last one caught my eye, and I thought it... Continue Reading →

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