Things You Should Know – About Suffering

The Joke's On You by Andry-Shango Unfortunately suffering comes as a standard part of the package we get with our lives when we are born. The birthing process itself is one of pain, so I guess we should not be surprised that life can be painful. Everyone suffers, even those who never show it. Some... Continue Reading →


Narcissism is the Game, and You’re It

It always makes me chuckle, a slightly sad and tired chuckle, when I read certain things. In recent years Narcissism has become big news. For psychologists, pop psychologists, bloggers, and the media. That's the way of the world, something catches our attention and starts to trend, and off we go. Overexposure ensues, we get bored... Continue Reading →

Tweet #21

"I love that quote - L'enfer c'est les autres (Sartre) - however, I realise that I am sometimes one of les autres." - @UrsusAbstrusus

Don’t Speak Ill of the Dead

There are some things that you are not supposed to say, at least not out loud in public. People are very sensitive, and anything too frank, honest, blunt, outspoken… well… anything really in some cases… can make their ears ring with alarm bells and cause their mouths to open and tell you to shut up.... Continue Reading →

The Attack of the Qi Vampire

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” - C. J. Jung I have a friend who is very charming. They flatter others generously, throwing compliments around like confetti at a wedding. They put on great displays of fussing and caring, making sure other people are comfortable, happy, and aware that they... Continue Reading →

Tweet #20

"It's a strange thing in life, how we seem to attract the same person in different guises and bodies, over and over again." - @UrsusAbstrusus

Internet Treasures: Jolly Jack’s Collected Curios

So... Sometimes I say I should do something and wish I hadn't said it. At other times I like the idea, but I don't follow through. And then there are those times when I say I'm going to do something, time passes, more time passes, and I eventually get around to doing it. When I... Continue Reading →

Life As A Video Game

Please note: As with many of my posts on WordPress, but not all - Silently Screaming is a new piece - this one was written a while ago for tumblr. I am enjoying reviewing my old tumblr posts to see which ones to transfer to WordPress, especially as many of them, like this one, are... Continue Reading →

The Self-Conscious Dance

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, yet still half awake, I had a vision of sorts, a semi-dream. The image I saw was of a woman, her name was Georgina, though how I knew this, and why that name, I do not know. I was observing her from a distance. She was... Continue Reading →

Why Do You Blog?

Please note: This was written for my tumblr - Damaged & Dangerous - before I had a WordPress. But it applies equally to WordPress. I had a previous WordPress blog many Moons ago, which I deleted for reasons explained below. For every blog which exists, there is a story behind its creation. For some answering... Continue Reading →

Silently Screaming

A friend I haven't heard from in a while, emailed me today asking me how I was. I stared at the message trying to think of an answer. Some time passed, then I logged out of my email and decided to deal with the task of replying later. I went onto Pinterest to distract myself... Continue Reading →

The Great I Am

Have you noticed how often people contradict themselves. I’m not talking about those who say one thing one minute and the exact opposite the next, they are very easy to spot if you are listening to what they are saying and have said. I mean those who make a statement about themselves, but then contradict... Continue Reading →

Tweet #19

"Some memories don't even belong to you, they're just stories people told you about your life, which aren't necessarily true." - @UrsusAbstrusus

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Yesterday I wrote about a friend who keeps telling me the same story, over and over again, and it made me think about the stories I repeat, the patterns which keep playing out in my life. This reminded me of something I wrote a while ago for my old blog. Since this blog is in... Continue Reading →

Pinteresting Memories

To be completely honest… or at least as honest as I'm ever going to be with others and with myself… although… no… I think I was about to tell a fib… anyway… the reason I joined Pinterest was because I liked the layout. It's how I would like my mind to archive memories and information.... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Time in a Land Far Away

The weather is wild in this part of the world, bringing with it rain, chills, and gusting wind. Upon the wind came a memory of fairytales, fables, and fascinating stories which I absorbed as a child. I was a voracious reader, and loved to lose myself in tales of adventure, quests, and the weird, wonderful... Continue Reading →

Tweet #18

"Don't ever stop doing what you do, saying what you say, there is always someone who is inspired by you, even when you don't know it" - @UrsusAbstrusus

Missing Teaspoons and Other Very Important Issues

And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon by Randolph Caldecott . . Once upon a time two little teaspoons went missing, or so the Lady of Cutlery thought. She didn’t bother to look for the little teaspoons. She wasn’t really the least bit interested in the welfare of the teaspoons at all. Her only... Continue Reading →

Toxic Niceness

So many people move through life pretending to be who they are not, being nice on the surface when they are seething with rage inside, being mean when they have a heart of gold, being cold when they yearn for the warmth of others, being overly helpful when they actually want you to fail, being... Continue Reading →

Tweet #17

"Dear Past, I severed ties with you a while ago, why must you keep coming back to haunt me, lots of unlove, fuck off now, Me." -@UrsusAbstrusus

Memories Hold Messages

Out of the blue the other day I remembered a dinner party that I attended many years ago. It was an intimate and very strange gathering of strangers, who momentarily pretended to be friends. The hostess was the director of a modelling agency, the co-host was her boyfriend, an ex-CIA agent. Perhaps he should not... Continue Reading →

Tweet #16

"I stopped caring about what people think of me, when I realised that it was based on whether I did what they wanted me to do or not." - @UrsusAbstrusus

Flies and Other Messengers of Nature

What is your animal totem? I see this question a lot on the internet. Some people answer it seriously, others take the piss. Those who take it seriously always choose glamorous creatures as their totems, tigers, wolves, snakes, bears, eagles, etc, whereas the ones who take the piss often choose the less favoured creatures, cockroaches,... Continue Reading →

La Cucaracha

The Cockroach King by E. "Wolfkina" Crowder   The Cockroach teaches us how to use what we have available to us for survival. To clean out the dead and useless aspects of our lives. When the Cockroach appears as a totem, our sensitivity to subtle changes will be magnified. We will have the power to... Continue Reading →

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