Stop the Voices!

I am telephone phobic. I have always been shy where the telephone is concerned, but the phobia only developed when I was overexposed to people who had verbal diarrhoea of a very negative… Continue reading

An Introverted Extrovert

I used to long to live by the sea, then I discovered the ocean within and forgot about the one outside. If I could live inside of myself, swimming freely, never coming out… Continue reading

Tweet #3

“We sometimes journey very far from ourselves, getting lost along the way, but we eventually find our way back and the reunion is blissful.” – @UrsusAbstrusus

Stained by MoonVooDoo

Stained by MoonVooDoo


Advice. The stuff is everywhere. Is it good advice or bad advice. Hard to tell. It depends on you, your life. And on the life of the person giving the advice. If the… Continue reading

Thoughts on Worpressing Myself

Going through my tumblr posts to decide which ones to post on WordPress is a strange experience. I wanted to eventually post them all… or at least most of them… but I’m not… Continue reading

Dissolving by MoonVooDoo

Dissolving by MoonVooDoo I love to play with sunlight and shadows. This is one of many versions of this kind of game.

1001 Nights of tumblr

I have a tendency to fragment. Bits of me fall off and run away to do other things. Which makes life interesting in some ways, but problematic in others, especially when I want… Continue reading

Tweet #2

“I’m thinking outside of the box, wondering how I got inside of it.” – @UrsusAbstrusus


It never ceases to amaze me how connected everything and everyone is. The daily synchronicities which occur. Sure, there are many explanations for this, the most skeptical being that we notice the things… Continue reading

Disconnected by MoonVooDoo

Disconnected by MoonVooDoo I sometimes feel disconnected from the world. This image expresses that feeling.

My Very First WordPress Post – Hi *waves and smiles

Hmmm. I’ve only just started, and this theme is annoying me. It’s my fault. Details and other fiddly things always trip me up. Anyway… onwards, ever onwards, and don’t look back for fear… Continue reading

Tweet #1

“We are not as invisible as we believe ourselves to be.”  – @UrsusAbstrusus

Damage by MoonVooDoo

Damage by MoonVooDoo This is me. This is the image I use on all my cyber bubbles. I used to use different images for tumblr, Twitter, deviantART, Pinterest, and Stumbleupon… phew, I think… Continue reading

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