The Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination… Part Two.

My Nominees for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, in chaotically random order, are: 1. Cosmos Quest Storytelling 2. Herbal Tea, Books and Madness 3. [Naked Writing] 4. Malmaxa. C G Ayling’s world –… Continue reading

Wacky Wednesday

Dr. Seuss was a very wise and extraordinary man. One of my favourite books is Wacky Wednesday – A baffled youngster awakens one morning to find everything’s out of place, but no one… Continue reading

Tweet #11

“Today is hump day, right… well I tripped on the hump and fell flat on my face, still there because I’ll get up tomorrow, safer that way.” – @UrsusAbstrusus

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination… Part One.

I just found out that the very lovely Random Dorkness nominated me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you kindly. *curtsies. I am not worthy! Shhh… don’t tell anyone that! So… according… Continue reading

A WordPress Quote

 Writing Is A Struggle Against Silence by =MoonlessDepth You know how when you publish a new post, WordPress gives you a quote to go with it, as a sort of celebration for such… Continue reading

Ghosts in the Brain – Ghost #4 – Trapped

No, you haven’t missed any of my ghost posts, and yes, I am writing about Ghost #4 – Trapped – before dealing with the first three. Never Good Enough, The Rage and The… Continue reading

Ghosts in the Brain

WARNING: This post is part of a series which contains elements of the darker side of my nature. Not a pretty sight. Do NOT read if ugliness offends you. I know many of… Continue reading

HowSheLooksAtMe by MoonVooDoo

HowSheLooksAtMe by MoonVooDoo

Things You Should Know – About Beauty

You are beautiful. I am not talking about what you look like. I don’t know what you look like, and neither do you. We are not born with the ability to see our… Continue reading

Tweet #10

“Some of the most beautiful photographs are those taken with the eyes & kept in the mind’s album of exquisite moments.” – @UrsusAbstrusus

Self Portraits

Pippi Longstocking by Ingrid Vang Nyman If you were to paint a self portrait, not just to capture your physical form, but one which encapsulated how you see yourself inside and outside, how… Continue reading

Validation, Acceptance, and Rejection

The more you explore human relationships, the more you realise just how incredibly complicated they are. Intricate. Even the most basic interaction has a thousand threads which entangle themselves. We need other people,… Continue reading

We Are Not As Invisible As We Believe Ourselves To Be

The title of this post comes from a tweet I wrote the other day. Which came from a post I wrote on the day that Oblivious (by Fernanda Suarez) pulled me out of… Continue reading

IcySilence by MoonVooDoo

IcySilence by MoonVooDoo

Tweet #9

“Stop apologising for being yourself, you are amazing, let it out, rock my world, shake this earth to its very foundations with your soul.” – @UrsusAbstrusus

Bullies, WUMs (Wind-Up Merchants), and Other People Who Feel The Need to Make You Feel Shit About Yourself

The other day I had an interaction with someone who felt it very necessary to let me know that I was a shit human being. I indirectly confronted them, as I was not… Continue reading

A Storm in a Twitter Teacup

Today I received an @ to my Twitter account from someone who isn’t following me: “Lady, this may be something of a shock to you, but not everyone is interested in having your… Continue reading

A Party at MoonVooDoo

. . Last night I went to a party. It was at an old mansion in the countryside which was owned by a polymath of the mysteries of life, death, and everything else.… Continue reading

It’s All A Blur by MoonVooDoo

It’s All A Blur by MoonVooDoo

Tweet #8

“I’m still waiting for my reality check. I was told it’s in the mail.” – @UrsusAbstrusus

Anonymous Asked You

Is there anyone in this world more mysterious than Anonymous. Famous and infamous, ageless, timeless, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, offering wisdom, advice, encouraging words, although not always, occasionally going out of their way… Continue reading

A Thank You to All WordPressians… and Other Stuff

Thank you all for the Likes and Follows and Comments and attention. I truly appreciate it, although I may have an odd way of showing appreciation, or at least I think I have… Continue reading

Ghosts in the Brain – Ghost #3 – Why Am I Alive

Why am I alive. I have no idea. Other than the simple fact that I exist. Sure, there is the reason why I was born – My mother, according to her, decided that… Continue reading

IceDevil by MoonVooDoo

IceDevil by MoonVooDoo

Graven – A Hypnagogic Nightmare

WARNING: This may upset those of a sensitive disposition. DO NOT READ unless you have a strong stomach. It’s not that bad, but it could be, depending on the person reading it. I… Continue reading


I mention Pluto a lot in my posts. I love Pluto, without it I would perhaps not exist. What it represents to me is primal energy. The raw guts inside of me. Survival… Continue reading

Tweet #7

“Climbing the walls to lie on the ceiling.” – @UrsusAbstrusus

Ghosts in the Brain – Ghost #2 – The Rage and The Fury

A friend pointed out to me the other day that I’ve developed the habit of covering my mouth. What are you not telling me, they asked, what are you stopping yourself from saying.… Continue reading

Plutonic by MoonVooDoo

Plutonic by MoonVooDoo

My Anger is a Storm

My anger is a storm that rages inside Violent and warm it never subsides Exploding with crimson, scarlet, vermillion But my love is much stronger And lasts much longer… This is part of… Continue reading

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