The Anger Games

[Please note: This is a repost of a post published on this blog in May 2013. I have added an image of the 'purpose of emotions' chart which I mentioned in the post and linked to the article which contains the chart (it's a different article from the one in which I originally found the... Continue Reading →

Power Love Anger

There were three abstract subjects which were of prime importance in my formative years, and early environment: 1 - Power 2 - Love 3 - Anger Of those three - Love - was usually connected to and on the cusp of Anger or Power... . . When certain people get angry they sometimes justify their... Continue Reading →

The Lash of Truth May Draw Blood

. "To free the soul from the chains of illusion in order that the lash of truth may draw blood at a greater number of points." − definition of Disenchantment by Ambrose Bierce, The Enlarged Devil's Dictionary . There are certain questions which have two answers. One such question is - Do you hold grudges... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Anger Quotient?

. Is anger your ally or your enemy? Is it your little friend or foe? What makes you angry? . . How do you deal with your anger? Are you in control of it or does it control you? Are these questions making you angry? Why am I asking? Well... It started last night, but... Continue Reading →

You don’t read me the way that you used to…

If books could speak to me, they would probably accuse me of not loving them the way that I used to… and they would be right. I used to be a voracious reader, hungry for more, devouring every morsel, every word on a page was a tasty treat and if it fell on the floor... Continue Reading →

Seeing Red

  ∇ “From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere!” - Dr. Seuss Δ I already held in my mind's eye my vision for this post. I'd taken a shot this morning of a red dragonfly and it's colour inspired my vision. Yesterday I used a shot of a blue dragonfly... Continue Reading →

Grin and Bear it… Or is it Bare it?

“You’re always smiling…” the delivery guy said to me this morning, stating a fact he had noticed rather than criticising or complimenting with his words, “…so many people on my route complain.” I added a soft laugh to my smile, one of those laughs which fills in for words as I really couldn’t think of... Continue Reading →

Don’t Look Back… okay, maybe just a little peek

At the moment I should be furious. The sort of justified fury which could lead to righteous blindness or spontaneous combustion. I could be furious... But. This sort of fury is pointless and has a tendency to lead to stupid mistakes. Mind you. The reason for the opportunity to be furious is due to a... Continue Reading →

What Are You Feeling?

What are feelings? What purpose do they serve? A while ago I came across this chart which attempts to give the function of feelings. I find it interesting and insightful, a good place to start if you’re experiencing a feeling which is considered negative and would like a more balanced view of it, to know... Continue Reading →

Guidelines For Commenting on my Blog Posts

The other day I deleted a comment from a regular commenter. This commenter is usually respectful, insightful and gives good comment. I do not have a problem with them, I had a problem with that particular comment and the context of it. First it was directed at another commenter, and I am protective of those... Continue Reading →

Incandescent Eyes

I watched a film last night - Bedevilled (2010) - which was incredibly harrowing to view, especially as a female. One of the main characters, a woman, has suffered so much horrific and constant abuse at the hands of both men and women, family, community and friends, and put up with it since childhood, never... Continue Reading →

Dear Person Whose Comments I Won’t Approve…

I suppose some would brand you a troll, a merchant of wind-up, an agent provocateur of the world of social media, and would advise me to ignore you and your comments. However you, just like every other human, has a right to express yourself, and has a right to receive attention for your self expression.... Continue Reading →

I Grab My Pen…

"When I get mad And I get pissed I grab my pen And I write out a list Of all the people That won't be missed You've made my shitlist For all the ones Who bum me out For all the ones Who fill my head with doubt For all the squares Who get me... Continue Reading →

A Very Biased View on Violence, Video Games and Being Human

I read a comment the other day which was attached to an article about a murder. The impression I had of the person commenting was that they thought they were very intelligent, savvy about the world and its workings. There was a hint of tired superiority in their attitude, as though they tutted so much... Continue Reading →

The Finger of Jupiter

The other day I burned my index finger rather badly. I threw an old box on the fire, and a piece of hot melting tape flew off and glued itself to my skin. I like to approach seemingly random events, from different angles. It makes life more intriguing. One of my preferred angles is to... Continue Reading →

The Anger Games

I've written about my anger before. In fact my anger fuels a lot of my posts. I have a lifetime supply of suppressed anger within me. Since I was first able to feel the emotion, it has been denied expression. This denial of expression caused more anger. More anger equals more inner resources channeled towards... Continue Reading →

My Anger is a Storm

My anger is a storm that rages inside Violent and warm it never subsides Exploding with crimson, scarlet, vermillion But my love is much stronger And lasts much longer… This is part of a poem I wrote many years ago. I used to be a rage-filled volcano, rumbling inside, never quite exploding, but always on... Continue Reading →

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