Alarmingly Calm…

Have you ever... Freaked yourself out because you were not freaking out? Worried because you were not worried? Had anxiety about not being anxious? For most of my life all of the above has not been too much of a problem because freaking out, worrying, and being anxious was my default setting, therefore the chances... Continue Reading →

What type of people are you most attracted to now?

. Change is a natural part of life. Sometimes it is for the better, sometimes for the worse, sometimes its ambiguous and we're not really sure whether it's good or bad or neutral. It just happens and that's that. We may try to fight it, or we may try to force it... I've been trying... Continue Reading →

No Worries…

. . “You know that feeling at the end of the day, when the anxiety of that-which-I-must-do falls away and, for maybe the first time that day, you see, with some clarity, the people you love and the ways you have, during that day, slightly ignored them, turned away from them to get back to... Continue Reading →

Easier said than done… Have a Happy New Year!

“Hope Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering 'it will be happier'...” ― Alfred Tennyson . . United | Playing for Change via Playing for Change Youtube . . Best wishes from me to you for A Happy New Year . . “Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring,... Continue Reading →

Saving it for a Brainy Day…

Are you a thinker? Everyone is, we all think therefore we are all thinkers. So that question is easy to answer. Where things gets complicated is when we try to determine what type of thinker we are, as there are many options and sometimes we fall between the cracks of different options and then we... Continue Reading →

The Debauch – Waters of Delusion, Clouds of Intoxication…

. . There are things which I used to do, which I no longer do. . And there are things which I do now, which I did not used to do. . Have I changed? . You could call what has happened... change, evolution, transformation, transmogrification... Or, simply the opening of eyes, the waking from... Continue Reading →

The Pitter Patter of Cloven Hooves

Okay, sheep have hooves, not cloven ones, but being woken up long before it was my time to wake up by the pitter patter of rebel escapist sheep hooves making their way loudly past my window onto the busy road close by... Meaning that, unless I'm completely heartless and irresponsible, I'd have to leap out... Continue Reading →

Are you as surprised as I am that I’m the only one here behaving myself?

"Are you as surprised as I am that I'm the only one here behaving myself?"  ― Charles Vane, Black Sails I’ve been feeling so mellow at the moment that I almost don’t recognise myself. Yet I am more myself at this time than I have ever been. More aware of my own peculiar path and... Continue Reading →

And then something invisible snapped inside her…

“And then something invisible snapped inside her, and that which had come together commenced to fall apart.” ― John Green Do you ever feel that there is something inside of you trying to get out. Get outside of you and colour your world with a new hue. An emotion, perhaps. A burst of creative self... Continue Reading →

What is Genius?

You know this quote. This quote is iconic. This quote has been doing the rounds since it was first quoted and heard. It's a very clever quote. It's inspiring! But why? It's also probably the canniest marketing ploy ever. Pure capitalistic genius! And it doesn't matter if you're reading this on a Mac or PC,... Continue Reading →

Esmeralda the Snake

snake by joie   Esmeralda has a story to tell, but she can’t tell it herself because she is wrapped in the arms of transformation, the likes of which she has never before experienced, and it has stolen her words away. She slithered into my life like a shimmering apparition, emerald hued, with flecks of... Continue Reading →

Wherever You Throw Me, I Will Stand

The Three Legs of Man, Ronaldsway Airport by Kevin Rothwell via The title of this post is a loose translation of the motto of the Isle of Man - Quocunque Jeceris Stabit - which goes with the symbol, the triskelion, of the three legs on the Manx coat of arms. I was actually searching... Continue Reading →

Tetchycal Difficulties

I woke up in a tetchy mood this morning. My jaw and face were aching because I was grinding and clenching my teeth in my sleep harder than usual. I had a bad dream. My worst dreams, the ones I consider nightmares, are not ones which frighten me, but those which frustrate me. In this... Continue Reading →

The Devil is in the Dictionary

A while ago I happened upon a tome of delicious delight - The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce. "The Devil's Dictionary is a satirical "reference" book written by Ambrose Bierce. The book offers reinterpretations of terms in the English language, lampooning cant and political doublespeak, as well as other aspects of human foolishness and frailty.... Continue Reading →

Old Hat, New Hat… some thoughts about change Old Hat, New Hat by Stan and Jan Berenstain - sung by vancemo This is a fun version of one of my favourite books from my childhood. I loved this story, mainly because it made me feel good about myself. It told me that it was okay to like what I had and to... Continue Reading →

You Won’t Fall – Lori Carson Lori Carson - You Won't Fall I don’t need the surface of things To tell me I just know You can rest easy Your beauty is clear to me You won’t fall You won’t fall Heat hangs in this room With pictures on your wall Of other lives Do you mourn them all? Tears... Continue Reading →

Faux Reality

I was roaming aimlessly through the television guide late last night and happened upon a show I had never heard of, so I tried it out. It was called Big Rich Texas. At first glance I thought it was a spoof of faux reality shows like that Real Housewives series. By faux reality I mean... Continue Reading →

Attitude Problem For Sale By Owner

Fire Throws - Presented Off-Broadway by Ripetime Theatre Directed by Rachel Dickstein, February, 2009 - photographed by Richard Finkelstein Make me an offer. What? You want to know what is the attitude problem for sale? Some people are so fussy! What ever happened to taking a risk and living to regret it. The attitude problem... Continue Reading →

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