Manifesto-ing Madness

When I first set eyes upon The Daily Post's most recent writing challenge - Manifesto - my mind buzzed with ideas... until it came to actually writing a manifesto... my manifesto... and then my mind did what it always does, which sometimes is a blessing and sometimes a curse - it started scrolling through all... Continue Reading →

Anonymous Asked You

I am finding it impossible to concentrate today, which reminded me of this old post…
It’s strange to re-read old posts and see what I was thinking or feeling once upon a time not so long ago…
Does present me agree with past me?
Was my truth then still my truth now?
Do I think I was talking BS then… and what about now?
Have I changed my mind, perspective, myself?
Has there been a shift?
Did I figure out whatever problem I was trying to elucidate for myself?
Have I moved on or am I still stuck in a rut, a knot, a conundrum?
I know myself so well… and yet there is always a new facet or way to view myself to discover, which blogging can reveal both in the present and in reviewing the past.
Anyway… enjoy my nonsense!
Have a lovely Sunday!

An Upturned Soul

Is there anyone in this world more mysterious than Anonymous. Famous and infamous, ageless, timeless, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, offering wisdom, advice, encouraging words, although not always, occasionally going out of their way to brazenly insult, perhaps as a challenge to see what kind of a person we are, perhaps as a way to toughen us up, to balance our sense of ourselves, of other people, to let us know that not everyone will be kind, so we must strengthen the muscles we use to deal with adversity.

Although, so far, all the things Anonymous has had to say to me have all been very polite, kind, and thoughtfully thought-provoking.

Anonymous is a very curious soul, and loves to ask questions.

So, Anonymous asked me: If you were stranded on an island, what are the three things you would take with you?

Now, I could just give a straightforward answer…

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When the Veil Between Worlds Drops

Crab Nebula: a Dead Star Creates Celestial Havoc via HubbleSite Daily Prompt: Trick or Treat If bloggers had their own Halloween and could go from blog to blog collecting “treats,” what would your blog hand out? Questions… Like this… This time of year there are several celebrations which take place. Halloween is the most commercialised... Continue Reading →

Soundtrack of my MInd: Weaponised Pop Music

So I was browsing my reader and came across this - Hot Topic of the Week - Pirates and Pop by Writings of a Mrs - which I thought was a great post because it stirred my rather addled mind. I've spent the day doing a mind-numbing task, so a bit of creative thinking is... Continue Reading →

What’s my name all about?

This is the post from this blog which astounded me and fed my mind until it burst! This post made me a Rob’s Surf Report addict.

I love research. It’s something I do with passion, but not to this extent, yet this is the extent to which I secretly aim and miss… with perhaps a sigh of relief that I am not this obsessive of detail… yet I wish I was sometimes.

Awesome post, and if you want to explore the shenanigans of the meaning of your name, read this and click those links. It totally topsy-turveyed my mind and I loved the upside-down tumble!

And so it’s no surprise that I nominated this blog for a bundle of blog awards – Here .

Check Rob’s Surf Report out… and surf the tidal wave of modern philosophical genius who doesn’t know he’s a philosophical genius… or does he!?!

Rob's Surf Report

Here’s what I already knew about my name:

Robert means “bright fame”. It is Germanic in origin, coming from the Old High German Hrodebert. It came into the English language via the Norman Invasion and actually replaced a similar-sounding name in Old English. Now, Robert is a very common name borne by many famous people, including Robert the Bruce, the liberator of Scotland in the early 1300’s; and Robert Burns, the Bard of Scotland.

I was named Robert, as the story goes, because the name intended for me was already taken. Without naming names, the story goes that my parents had planned to name their son Jeffrey Scott, and by the time they had one, that name had been used within the family, so they changed the plan and named me Robert Wendell instead – the Robert coming from my father’s middle name, which is the name…

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What if I didn’t agree?

Okay, what if I chose the wrong post by okaywhatif to reblog?
I didn’t, but what if I did?
Okay, I did… now what?

I didn’t, in as much as this one hit a chord with me (shit I forgot to ‘Like’ it… note to self – fix that later).

I’m a Spartan. My partner is a collector. We’ve discussed this. He tends to win these sorts of discussions.

His collecting sometimes causes me to flip out. Our home is tiny and I get these moments when I feel like Alice in Wonderland when she grew big and her hands and feet burst out of the windows and doors of the house she was in. Claustrophobia induced by too much stuff.

However I don’t want my mind madness to curb my partner’s passions. His collections are always connected to a creative endeavour which is being explored. I love that about him and encourage it, because… that’s what I want when I am doing something similar, and he always encourages me!

What’s the solution? I don’t know, he doesn’t know… just say Om and get over it. Climb over it!

I did, because Okaywhatif is about so much more than this post… it’s a wonderful cornucopia of what ifs… and my mind lives the food that what if and the subsequent answering of such a curious question offers.

And I nominated this blog for a bundle of blog awards – Here.

Love this! Check okaywhatif out!

What if you don’t… hmmm. What if you did?

Okay, What if ?


Just junk you say

I say it’s a collection

Throw it out, it’s trash

But what if I need it

It’s piled up everywhere

I know where everything is

What a mess

What an investment

Where does it end

Let’s go shopping

Written for today’s Daily Prompt: Clean House
Is there “junk” in your life? What kind? How do you get rid of it?
Photographers, artists, poets: show us JUNK.

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