The One Challenge

I thought I'd do this because I can. I'm very grateful that I can do things because I can. For many years I didn't think I could do anything. And the few things I thought I could do, I couldn't do them because I was told not to do them. If I did them anyway,... Continue Reading →

Treasure Hunting Through the Years

Happy New Year!!! Best wishes to everyone!!! May 2019 be full of treasures found for you!!! I'm using 3 exclamation marks because this morning I read something somewhere which said that to express genuine ! you have to use !!! So ! = meh !! = meh-meh but !!! = YAY or something like that!... Continue Reading →

Chaos for the Spider

If when the cat is away the mice will play... what does the cat do when the mice are away? I'm not sure if my cat considers me to be a mouse, but I do know what my cat gets up to when I'm away. Thanks to my partner who loves gadgets and put up... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award: Skywalking

Are you walking on sunshine? Do you make your own sunshine? Do you need some time in the sunshine? Ain't no sunshine when... it's night... unless you're looking at the moon, or the Space Station as it glides on by high up in the... Space, the final frontier... where the force may be with you,... Continue Reading →

SYW: What Happens in Disney

Can you recall your very first Disney experience? Was it a cartoon? A film? Or was it a place? Did you enjoy it or think it was stupid? Did it influence you? My very first Disney experience happened when I was about 3 years old. My parents took me to Disney World, but I was... Continue Reading →

Let’s Play Happy Families

Have you ever given something away only to wish later on that you could magically get it back? I'm not referring to time, opportunities, youth, your heart, your mind, your soul, or your virginity... I mean an actual thing, an object, a book, a toy, or a pack of playing cards. I've moved around a... Continue Reading →

SYW: Do you suffer from freckles?

Once upon a time... really, this again? I'm sorry, you're mostly right, I was being unimaginative... Pray tell me, how would you like for me to start this tale? In a magical and mysterious kingdom called Blogging, there reigns a queen... She is witty, wise, and she does not need a king or any kind... Continue Reading →

Making Breaking Wishing Waiting… Taking Stock

Have you ever had one of those moments when you get incredibly angry over something ridiculous and you know it's ridiculous of you to be getting incredibly angry over it? Have you ever had one of those moments when you don't know what I'm talking about or why I'm talking about it? I have those... Continue Reading →

SYW: I refuse to answer that question…

Imagine that you're almost at the end of a job interview and things have been going rather well, all the questions have been answered with professional expertise, the other person seems... Well, that's just it, that's what's bothering you... What if they're not who they seem to be? The interviewee has answered all the questions... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award 2018 – Accepting the Love

Let me introduce you to Sadje of Keep It Alive. She is friendly, sociable, and goes out of her way to let people know when she likes their online creations. She has a great blog, writes wonderful posts, is very creative and inspiring, and she loves getting feedback. She's a beautiful blogging soul! I'm not... Continue Reading →

SYW: Sometimes you can’t hear me (it’s because sometimes I’m in parentheses)

Okay, maybe it's because I'm only talking to you in my head. Or because you're ignoring me, desperately trying not to hear me or even see me... was it something I said or didn't say? Or because there's so much chatter going on in your head that you can't hear anyone outside of your head.... Continue Reading →

3 Things About Blogging

If you could turn back time, would you do it? If you could travel back in time, would you do it, and where in the when would you go? For you, is time: 1) money, 2) of the essence, 3) a big ball of wibbly wobbly wimey stuff? This morning I woke up later than... Continue Reading →

What Would You Like Me to Write About?

The other day I wrote a post about how blogs are people, how what you find on a blog reflects the person behind the blog who experiences all the ups, downs, and usual merry-go-round of being a human living life. I know that's obvious but sometimes the obvious gets obscured by... by what? By all... Continue Reading →

Blogs are People

We, the people... shouldn't that be... We are people... ? because we are people, aren't we? and the 'the' just sounds like... (a band name) . . something which separates us from who we are... together and apart... a typically human experience... disconnected even when connected... and that kind of connected disconnectedness leaks out... Continue Reading →

For Your Viewing Pleasure… Perhaps

Poltergeist . What's your viewing pleasure? Do you like watching TV shows, films, documentaries, the news, youtube videos, etc? Playing video games? Going out to see a play, opera, or to a comedy club? Strolling around a museum, gallery, park? What thrills your eyes and stimulates your mind through your eyes? What soothes your soul,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Worry, Be… Happy?

A warm and embracing thank you to Lynette d'Arty-Cross, for bravely and boldly doing the hokey-cokey-pokey with me and jumping into the challenge of asking me this question: . What is one of your best, happy memories from any time in the past? . In my posts I sometimes veer into lands of sadness, anger,... Continue Reading →

Mystery Keeps Repeating

. Here comes the disclaimer part of the conversation... I'm not a believer in anything much, I'm more of a maybe-er, as in this may be but maybe it may not be, and there are many maybe's and may be's or not in between. The tarot. I don't believe a word the tarot tells me,... Continue Reading →

Answering Questions about Capricorn

Since it's Capricorn season (not open season on Capricorn - which is all year round), I thought I'd have some fun (yes, Capricorns can do that thing known as having fun) and take some of the search terms in my blog's stats which people have asked their search engines to answer for them about Capricorn...... Continue Reading →

Internet Treasures: Fun Ways to analyse your Blog

My post yesterday was rather serious, as I was in a deeply contemplative mood. As is often the case when I feel myself diving too deeply into the inner ocean, especially the dark parts of it, which is necessary and rewarding, but I don't want to drown or lose my sense of perspective, I tend... Continue Reading →

Solstice – Between a Door Closing and a Door Opening

This week I have been caught in between several minds about my life - the past, the present and the future. Part of me needs to think things through... another part would rather not think... and... so on. Luckily, at the end of this week I was whisked away to another time and place.  ... Continue Reading →

Internet Treasures: WheezyWaiter… and a belly full of laughs!

I have a serious week ahead of me, and today in particular is full of foreboding... So... my preparations have been to find as much laugh-inducing moments as possible. I use humour to deal with everything and I really don't care how inappropriate it is, as I tend to keep it to myself since it... Continue Reading →

A present for you guys

Pure Brilliant Genius!!!

A wonderful post by a lovely incredibly talented blogger with a beautiful soul!

She thinks she’s weird, maybe she is… I still can’t see it, but maybe because we’re a similar kind of weird and it seems normal and logical to be that way.

Please check out the bloggers whom she raps about (not me, you’re already checking me out and raising a cynical eyebrow)!


So I wrote a rap to name check some of my favourite bloggers as a massive thank you to you all. I have provided you with a SICK beat to listen to so that you can actually rap along with this. Please, ignore the name of the song, I do not want to see your genitals.

So go on, press play, and proceed:

There once was a girl, we’ll call her Jane
She set up a blog, and its content’s insane
But she met some people who’ve made it so easy
So she wrote this rap to rival Jay-Z

She wants these guys to know one thing
That she once had a weird crush on sting
And also, she loves you all
Ok…that’s two things

First there’s Ben, who’s been here since the start
His blog is bitter
But he has a heart

Then there’s Trent, who’s so…

View original post 897 more words

Internet Treasures (and distractions): GeoGuesser wants you to tell it (for points) where in the world you are

Who are these people and why are they staring at me? - is the first thought which popped into my mind when I saw this image while trying out a new game and distraction - GeoGuesser - Let's Explore the World! - to pass the time while I wait in the in-between for stuff to... Continue Reading →

Fat Tuesday – GTA V style – I Need To Meditate. Or Masturbate. Or Both.

The other day while playing GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) I borrowed (stole) a jet-ski and went on a tour of the island, enjoying the vivid rendition of waves and water, occasionally crashing onto reefs, trying to evade the local police who seemed to think that my crime warranted my character being shot at... Continue Reading →

How Can You Outwit Peter Pan and His Secretive Ways?

"Where Every Moment Leaves You Hungry For More" - Russel Brand as Captain Hook - Dream Disney series by Annie Leibovitz How can you outwit Peter Pan and his secretive ways? That question was asked of me on tumblr by Anonymous. I don’t know how many other people have also been asked this question by... Continue Reading →

Covert Oops – codename: She Who Laughs First

She who laughs first turns embarrassment into a shared moment of fun, of ice-breaking joviality, of another fight won against perfectionism, of loosening the noose of seriousness, of just plain being human appreciation. I’ll admit I look rather sinister in that photo, but a funny kind of sinister. I have a twisted sense of humour... Continue Reading →

If you look for Perfection, you’ll never be Content

“If you look for perfection, you'll never be content.” ― Leo Tolstoy The Daily Post is whispering in my ear again asking me this time to - Tell us about a time when everything actually turned out exactly as you’d hoped - and - show us - PERFECT - in CAPS... what's all the shouting... Continue Reading →

I Advise You To Be Less Resolute

I have to confess… I rarely if ever do the New Year’s Resolution thing mainly because I know that a resolution is like a challenge to me to do the exact opposite of it or something else, still rebellious, entirely. Who do I think I am telling myself what I should be doing from the safe distance of being in the old year when I haven’t a clue what the New Year is actually going to bring in the way of challenges for which I will need the energy I might waste trying to fulfill a resolution that’s really only my ego being an ego.

I have tried this New Year’s resolution thing as an experiment, and I know have a sculpture – a treadmill because the gym membership expired unused after the first few weeks of a January – in that weird room that isn’t a room known as that space cluttered with stuff between the kitchen and the rest of the house.

Anyway… Just followed this blog because I was searching for Zeus and found him… and it’s full of brilliance, written by someone born on the day of the witch (La Befana), the day before I fell from heaven and landed on earth with a thump and caused several earthquakes and probably some loss of life (soooo sorry about that)… so brilliant of course 😉

Love this post! So I’m stealing it and decorating my blog with it!

Please, if you are making resolutions, give up and use that time to peruse this blog!

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

BlutoDear Modern Philosopher,

Happy Holidays!  I can’t believe another year is almost over.  Where does all the time go?

I’m writing to you today because I’m having trouble coming up with my list of New Year’s resolutions.  I wanted to try something new this year, and by “new” I mean something that I might actually do so I don’t feel like a failure next New Year’s Eve.

I’m always resolving to lose weight, meet someone to share my life with, learn a new language, do some work on the house, and take down the Christmas lights before Valentine’s Day.  I never seem to get around to doing any of those things.

So what do you propose?  What are Modern Philosophers resolving to do in 2014?  Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.

Happy New Year!

Resolved To Change In 2014

resolutionsDear Resolved,

Happy Holidays to you as well. …

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Six Degrees of Separation

"Six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of "a friend of a friend" statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps. It was... Continue Reading →

A Howl of Thank You to Deep Souldiver

Thank you very much Deep Souldiver of Deep Souldiving for the Bundles of Joy which you so generously offered to me and which I accepted with gratitude and mirth. You have a beautiful blog created by a beautiful soul, and you share it freely and openly. I am honoured that you have chosen to share... Continue Reading →

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