How do you know when you’re lying to yourself?

This post is inspired by the person who searched online for - psychological signs that your brain is trying to tell you you're being taken advantage of - and ended up on my blog, in the stats as a search term which caught my eye as I perused them to see what journeys you were... Continue Reading →

What type of people are you most attracted to now?

. Change is a natural part of life. Sometimes it is for the better, sometimes for the worse, sometimes its ambiguous and we're not really sure whether it's good or bad or neutral. It just happens and that's that. We may try to fight it, or we may try to force it... I've been trying... Continue Reading →

How do you manage to write and find inspiration everyday?

Grazie mille e mille grazie to Seashell, for taking part in my challenge and challenging me, for being so gracious, as always, and for being a deep sea diver in life, and asking questions like this one: . Dear Ursula, here is my question: how do you manage to write and find inspiration everyday? have... Continue Reading →

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