What Are The Defining Moments of Your Decades

I was born at the end of a decade, just before a man landed on the Moon (... or did he?). I was a bit too young to appreciate that event, or be interested in it or anything else that happened then (including my birth... it's weird isn't it how our own birth is kind... Continue Reading →

Me But Not Me

What made you take a peek into this post? Was it the title - Me But Not Me... If it was the title, why did it appeal to you enough to make you click to read more? Was it perhaps because you related to what it expressed... what does it express for you? . .... Continue Reading →

Living in the Fifth House

There's going to be a mix of astrology and not astrology in this post... you have been warned. And I'm going to ramble, but you know I do that... (and you also know that I like my dot dot dots... those indicate for me when I: pause for thought get distracted get interrupted take a... Continue Reading →

What is Beauty? What is Ugly?

What is beauty? They (you know, those they that say things) say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder... ... and when they say that we all tend to nod as though we know exactly what they mean, but what do they mean exactly? If I see something beautiful, is it really beautiful... Continue Reading →

…to die of nostalgia for something you never lived.

a whole made of halves . “It's a strange grief… to die of nostalgia for something you never lived.” ― Alessandro Baricco . What is nostalgia? What is it for you? . Is it the other half of a whole... a fraction of a whole, which takes up more space than the rest... . Is... Continue Reading →

What is my Karma… She Asked

. “Even chance meetings are the result of karma… Things in life are fated by our previous lives. That even in the smallest events there’s no such thing as coincidence.” ― Haruki Murakami . Is it merely a matter of chance, of coincidence, that on the day that I decide to tackle the last question... Continue Reading →

The Story of Snow Doll

I am living in headcoldia at the moment, blissfully dopey (more so than usual), and thought I would re-share an old post.

Enjoy (hopefully)!

An Upturned Soul


When I was a child my mother used to tell me Japanese folklore stories. Her favourite story was – O Tsuru no Ongaeshi – The Grateful Crane.

There are two versions of it, one with a young man and one with an old couple. I was told the latter version.

It is the tale of a crane who is rescued from a hunter’s trap and set free by an old man who is out collecting firewood in Winter. A while later on a snowy night a young woman turns up at the house of the old man and his wife. She claims to be lost and is welcomed into the home.

She ends up staying with the couple, being adopted as their daughter.

They are a poor couple and the young woman offers to help them earn more to thank them for their hospitality and generosity. She asks that they…

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embraced by you

A very beautiful, expressive, and deeply personal story about love, life, death and loss told by a talented writer of inner poetry. Thank you for sharing!

What does nelkumi think?

snowy mountain

A few weeks after you died, I was invited to go to the top of the mountain where I had never been. I concurred.
The night before we were to drive, however, I started to panic. My heart was racing, anxiety inside me churned, and I paced in my pajama, thinking, ” I can’t go. You are not with me. I haven’t been any new place without you.”
I felt nervous and considered of cancelling the trip when I spotted the black box that held your ashes.
“Ah, I just take you with me.”
I poured some of your ashes into a small pill container, deposited it in my purse and went to bed. I felt calm. Everything was going to be okay.
Next morning, as we were driving, I confessed to everybody that I had your ashes with me.
“I hope you are okay with it and don’t think…

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When the Moon hits your eye like a BIG…

. . When the Moon hits your eye like a BIG… Yes, you know what comes next… if you don’t, consider yourself lucky, the rest of us now have that song playing in (or with) our minds. That’s… not amore, that’s a pizza! Pizza. What does the word mean to you? Is your mouth watering... Continue Reading →

Remember, remember… until you forget

. . Ninnery, ninnery... the sound which old sewing machines make. . By birth I am one of you, by death I'll be one of them. Them, you know, the ones who are sometimes remembered by you after they are gone. A bygone... a memory... perhaps part of a story which you tell to others... Continue Reading →

You don’t read me the way that you used to…

If books could speak to me, they would probably accuse me of not loving them the way that I used to… and they would be right. I used to be a voracious reader, hungry for more, devouring every morsel, every word on a page was a tasty treat and if it fell on the floor... Continue Reading →

Fragmented Histories

. . One of the signs which apparently gives a narcissist away is a fragmented personal history. When they tell you about their life previous to meeting you; You’ll get highlights which put them in a good light. You’ll get the typical - all my exes were psychos. . . . . You’ll get dramatic... Continue Reading →

Mooning at the Howl

. . “Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” — Allen Ginsberg . . When I was a child I did what many children dream of doing, and may try doing but then get put in their place for doing it or attempting to do it, by an adult being an adult (who may... Continue Reading →

Those who give have all things; those who withhold have nothing.

Lakshmi . . "Those who give have all things; those who withhold have nothing." - Hindu proverb . . Do you value generosity? Do you consider yourself to be generous? Do you see yourself as being a giver rather than a taker? . My mother has always seen herself as being generous. She has often... Continue Reading →

Conditioned To Respond To All The Threats

Before today became known for what it is now known for… there were other days and dates known for similar things.
Maybe not as loud… maybe louder.
How much louder than a World War, not once but twice, can you get?
Apparently that was not loud enough for some…
For those not there to hear it the first time or the second time…
History repeating itself… what is history saying and why does it have to repeat itself?
In memoriam of the past, present, and of the future which will have to repeat what we’ve already been through, just as we have lived through what others have already experienced but we did not experience it ourselves so we had to have our own experience… history had to repeat itself… and as that personal and impersonal experience gets further away, so the future gets nearer to having history repeat itself… again.
Maybe we’ll listen and understand…
One day…

An Upturned Soul

My cousin was a terrorist. Does that shock you? Send chills of fear coursing through you? Is your finger hovering over the unfollow button?

I didn’t know that my cousin was a terrorist at the time, I was too young to understand. I liked this particular cousin, I have quite a few. He was much older than me, and I only saw him a few times a year, but when I did he was kind to me and treated me as a human being not as a child. That, to me, made him special.

What I didn’t know about him was that he was a very angry young man, in his late teens/early twenties. He had an older brother who was perfect. He had a younger sister who was the beautiful baby. He was in the middle, never as clever or pleasing to his parents as his brother or sister…

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The Heart of a Child is a Balloon

. ∇ “There are times in life when people must know when not to let go. Balloons are designed to teach small children this.” ― Terry Pratchett Δ  .. When I was a child, balloons fascinated me. Whenever I spotted a balloon vendor in the park, my heart would inflate and float, bouncing up and... Continue Reading →

Summer Lovin’… Had Me a Blast

Carnivals and funfairs are a part of Summer... or at least the weather which mimics the kind we associate with Summer. Some places seem to have that weather all year round. Year round Summer. Summer lovin' all the time. And those places often have carnivals and funfairs all year round too. We sometimes go out... Continue Reading →

My Happy Place

This is simply… a stunning post by a beautiful soul with a way with words and self-expression which draws you in, welcomes you and takes you on a journey… one which you may be reluctant to leave but very glad you took.

Traveling likes this, in location, in time, in memory, in person… walking in someone else’s shoes for a while… is so evocative and truly, deeply touching.

It makes you ponder yourself, your own life, people, places, memories, shoes… in a poetic and appreciative way.


Thank you for sharing!


“Just, I don’t know…kick it in.”
“I can’t just kick it in. What if I break it?”

My boyfriend and I are standing at the door of an abandoned cottage. I know the walls are whitewashed, but they now appear a sinister mossy green colour after years of neglect. The thatched roof is on the verge of collapse and as I look up, I spy a small tree sprouting up from behind the chimney.

Jack shoulder-charges into the door again. It doesn’t budge. Shoulder and ego bruised, he turns to me. “You know technically, we’re breaking and entering here.”

“Calm down Sipowicz,” I snap, “this is my grandparent’s house. I have every right to be here.”

As a child, this was my favourite home to visit. I use the word ‘home’ because it was a home in every sense of the word.

Located miles away from a main road…

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Harda – A Seed is Sown

A beautiful story of a memory which is vividly alive to the senses.
Thank you for sharing!

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A trip back in time will definitely take me to a day in Harda. It’s a tiny town at the heart of Madhya Pradesh. Unnoticeable railway station, shabby outdoors, pathetic roads, and yet an amazingly calm and earthly demeanor that makes you feel at home.

I first met this place on a wet day. Me and my brother were to appear for an entrance test at our first convent school. It was tough – for English was never our forte. They kept talking to us in that foreign language all the while getting us to appear for tests in Mathematics, Science, and English. I don’t remember the marks I scored then, but the principal seemed pretty satisfied with however we had performed. I remember dad buying our books, notebooks, and our uniforms from their stationery shop. I remember the parking, the church, buildings under construction, ducks, birds, green color of the…

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…until one sleepy afternoon something clicked, like a lock unlocking…

“It isn't by getting out of the world that we become enlightened, but by getting into the world…by getting so tuned in that we can ride the waves of our existence and never get tossed because we become the waves.” ― Ken Kesey The other night I watched Magic Trip, a documentary about Ken Kesey... Continue Reading →

Everybody who tells you how to act has whiskey on their breath

 “Everybody who tells you how to act has whiskey on their breath.” ― John UpdikeSome interactions which I have had with people stick with me like memorable clips from a film. A scene and dialogue which keeps playing in my mind on a loop, the rest of the story lost in time and memory because... Continue Reading →

Live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds…

Ray Bradbury by sigu “Stuff your eyes with wonder, he said, live as if you'd drop dead in ten seconds. See the world.” ― Ray Bradbury Leave a legacy… I’d rather not. Forget about me... remember yourself. But the choice is not really mine. No, I know… in theory it is mine. In practice... I... Continue Reading →

Dancing in the Sunshine

“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.” - Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild   The Daily Post's Weekly Photo Challenge, challenged us to capture joy in one... Continue Reading →

A Poem about the Pain of a Narcissistic Relationship by Deborah Allin

Kiss the ghost by Mon-artifice You pull me in I am erased Filled with feelings That have nothing to do with me You use me as a mirror Of yourself You won’t feel so lost But I will be When you leave I will be drained Since you suck All the life out of me... Continue Reading →

Fateful Meetings

There is a scene at the start of a quirky Indie film - Interstate 60 - where a man on a bicycle cycles past a parked car just as the driver of the car is getting out. The driver is on his mobile phone and not paying attention to the world around him. The cyclist... Continue Reading →

Stop Kicking the You Who You are Now because of the You Whom You Once Were

That's an ideal. To stop punishing the me today by regretting the stuff that who I was, even yesterday, did do or didn't do, or said or didn't say. Ideals are there to inspire not become a reality. If I try to make the ideal a reality, I'll end up getting annoyed at myself if... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreams of my Inner Ocean

DreamsOfMyInnerOcean by MoonVooDoo This morning I saw that there was a new Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea. I have no photographs in my archive of the sea, even though I live quite near to the coast. I thought about passing on this challenge... or taking a trip to the coast, but it's Saturday and a beautiful... Continue Reading →

Fasten Your Seatbelts…

A long time and many mes ago, I used to travel a lot. Mostly by plane. I liked going to new places, I just didn't particularly like the bit which got you from one place to another. Waiting in airports was not so bad, I quite enjoyed the people watching opportunity. I used to make... Continue Reading →

Men Are Stronger Than Women (yes, I’m entering the fray of gender issues, and yes, I have lost my mind in doing so)

The title of this post - Men are stronger than women - not the bracketed bit, comes from words I spoke when I was about ten years old. They were said to a thirteen year old boy. I had just met him. Perhaps our paths had crossed before this day as we both went to... Continue Reading →

Bumble Bee Friends

BEEfriend by MoonVooDoo This is a pic I took of a Bumblebee on a Rhododendron flower. I love Bumblebees. I sometimes feed them honey. Don't ask. It's fun. They love honey, especially when they're very tired from a hard day's work. They do this thing on heavy days, when thunder and rain are in the... Continue Reading →

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