Don’t Kill My Shoes!

"Don't kill my shoes! Please don't kill my shoes!" Those were the words I shouted at the salesman in the shoe shop who had just informed me that my shoes... the ones which I had been wearing, which had been on my feet when I walked into the store, and which I'd only taken off... Continue Reading →

How Can You Outwit Peter Pan and His Secretive Ways?

"Where Every Moment Leaves You Hungry For More" - Russel Brand as Captain Hook - Dream Disney series by Annie Leibovitz How can you outwit Peter Pan and his secretive ways? That question was asked of me on tumblr by Anonymous. I don’t know how many other people have also been asked this question by... Continue Reading →

How To Play The Narcissist’s Game

*I'm adding a disclaimer of sorts to this post due to a few people who seem to think that I'm claiming to be an expert. When I use the word - expert - to refer to myself, I'm being sardonic towards myself. I use humour to deal with my pain. I am not an expert,... Continue Reading →

Intensely Ridiculous

You’ve probably noticed by now that I can be a tad intense. People often regret attracting my attention, because it can feel a bit like the Eye of Sauron. It’s not that bad, really it isn’t. There is a rhythm to my intensity. It starts off very small. Something catches my attention. I observe it... Continue Reading →

Why Do Certain Songs Get Stuck In Our Heads?

I woke up this morning with a song stuck in my head. It didn't come from the dream I was having just before I awoke, at least, I don't remember any songs playing in my dream. They occasionally do. I recall many years ago Moon River playing so loudly in a dream that I had... Continue Reading →

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