How to really not care about what people think of you

When did the battle begin for you? You know what battle I mean, don't you? Hint: It's in the title of this post. When did what other people think of you become something you cared about? When did what other people think of you become something you wished you didn't care about? And when did... Continue Reading →

Hiding my Tastes and Aversions

[Please note: This is a repost of a post published in August 2014. If you're sick and tired of reading-hearing that this is a repost... why haven't you told me that? The comments on old posts may be closed, but comments on new posts are open to you sharing and expressing yourself with me. Your... Continue Reading →

What is Intelligence?

What is intelligence? Is that a stupid question? . . If you spend enough time surfing online, you'll come across lots of references to the intelligent and the stupid, often in a versus scenario which evokes Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, Celebrity Death Match or some other surreal version of the human tendency to make everything... Continue Reading →

The Benefits and Risks of Turning 40

Before I launch into another long post where I talk all about myself, and verbally masturbate until I selfishly orgasm, I'd like to say... Thank you very much to the wonderful person who inspired this post, our conversations mean a lot to me... I'm not going to make you take the blogging stage, but if... Continue Reading →

Tales from Narcville – Gender problems and Blame Games

Have you ever used the phrase - It's not you, it's me - and did you mean it when you used it? Did you really think it was you and not the other person? Or did you actually think - It's you and not me - but you did not want to confront the other... Continue Reading →

How do you manage to write and find inspiration everyday?

Grazie mille e mille grazie to Seashell, for taking part in my challenge and challenging me, for being so gracious, as always, and for being a deep sea diver in life, and asking questions like this one: . Dear Ursula, here is my question: how do you manage to write and find inspiration everyday? have... Continue Reading →

How Do I Integrate into the Whole… She Asked

. “As a young man I was scornful about the supernatural but as I have got older, the sharp line that divided the credible from the incredible has tended to blur; I am aware that the whole world is slightly incredible” ― Colin Wilson . How do you integrate into the whole? Do you feel... Continue Reading →

The person exhibiting this behavior is called a menefreghista

. I am, at times, beset by a state of being, with accompanying behaviour, which is best described by an Italian word - Menefreghismo. When under the influence of such a state of being, which could be blamed on genetics, family, nurturing, and other human conceptual whatnot, I am a - Menefreghista. What is a... Continue Reading →

The Secret Life of Feelings

. “It always shocked me when I realized that I wasn’t the only person in the world who thought and felt such strange and awful things.” ― John Green . What does enveloped mean to you? . Enveloped... means to me exploring the layers which shroud us, inside and out. Thought. Feeling. And more. And... Continue Reading →

When a Nothing becomes Everything…

  . The other day, while doing that thing known as waiting... in line... for something to happen. Which in this case was being stuck in a queue at the checkout of a supermarket, eyes wandering, endeavouring to entertain boredom to keep boredom from turning into rebellion and creating chaos (or simply stopping me from... Continue Reading →

this bouncey-castle sequence of bumpings-into and tumblings-apart

“If you have seen a man misbehave once, do not from thence conclude him a fool; if you find he has been in a mistake in one particular, do not at once conclude him void of understanding : by that way of judging, you can entertain a favourable opinion of no man upon earth, nor... Continue Reading →

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Psychopath

Last week I watched a TV series which I'd never heard of and which has seemingly been cancelled - Chasing Shadows - with Reece Shearsmith (of The League of Gentlemen and Psychoville). In it he plays a police detective, who may have Aspergers (similar to that other police detective with Aspergers, Saga Noren, from The... Continue Reading →

How Do You Use People?

How do you use people? Does that question bother you, make you uncomfortable, make you want to perhaps vent in my general direction and say something along the lines of - I never use people! . .   Having trouble reading the smallprint? Find this article and others like it in Wired magazine (this is... Continue Reading →

The Humbug of Hindsight

Why do we relive the past in our minds over and over again. It’s over, there is nothing we can do about it, no do-over, lifetime pushes us forward, so why are we trying to go backwards… into a funhouse mirror. . . . . Is it really just so we can get the last... Continue Reading →

The Mimic

After a few episodes of Elementary, watched back-to-back, and the way that I express myself will become more and more Sherlockian. My speech and mannerisms will reflect that of the character, and I will shift into intellectual mode. If someone were to ask me what I wanted for Christmas while I am under the influence... Continue Reading →

Contrary To Popular Belief

This is one of my ‘One year ago today I posted this’ reblogs.
Every now and then I actually re-read my old posts, mostly out of curiosity to see what my crazy brain was up to then and whether I still agree with what I thought at that time, or if I have shifted to an opposite view.
Sometimes, after I’ve said something I realise how stupid it not only sounded but was… sometimes I realise that as I am saying it… on rare occasions I am surprised how smart I was, pity such things don’t always have a lasting effect.
Often I’m reluctant to re-read my writing because… perhaps it might cause some temporal rift in the fabric of the universe inside my mind. It’s held together with spit, so that thing is a definite probability.
Anyway this one wasn’t too cringe-worthy to re-read… so me now is re-sharing what me then said because me now is too lazy to write a new post.
Enjoy (hopefully)!

An Upturned Soul


One of the first posts I wrote when I started blogging was about labels, the ones which others give us and the ones which we give ourselves. It was inspired by the use of tags, and having to write an ‘About’ and other aspects of labelling which come with the territory of blogs.

I haven’t posted that piece on my WordPress and probably won’t because it was a tentative dip into post writing, a warm-up exercise in expressing myself, but here is an extract.

“We label ourselves as much as others label us and we label them. Labels help us to filter our surroundings, and the people in them. If we know what our labels are, then we can search for others who wear the same label, we know where we belong, and we know where we don’t belong. Very neat and tidy. Unless you are allergic to labels. Which…

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The Accidental Reader

. .Apparently I should write a book rather than write posts for my blog, because someone might accidentally read my posts whereas no one will read my book. Or at least that is how I interpreted what was said to me in a comment this morning: “Stop writing up things like this on a blog;... Continue Reading →

Liar, Liar, Truth on Fire

Do you have a keen eye for a lie?
Or do you just think that you do?
A while ago I came across the website of someone who not only claimed to have a keen eye for a lie, but could prove it with scientific data.
I found the website fascinating for a while, suspended my disbelief and accepted their version of the truth… it cost me nothing to do so, so why not?
Then something changed… something which bothered me and continued to bother me.
Yet I continued to be fascinated, but it was a different type of fascination, one which touched upon something else with which I was fascinated at that time.
Personally, I don’t think a truth serum would make a blind bit of difference when it comes to knowing the truth…
The truth is… ?
The truth is a moveable feast and sometimes it is an unpalatable dish.
Just because we think someone is lying, does not mean that they are.
Just because we think someone is telling the truth, doesn’t mean that they are.
Just because we believe what we’re saying, to ourselves, to others…
If our pants caught on fire when we lied… that truth serum would give all of us burns.

An Upturned Soul


Thomas by MoonVooDoo



There was a charmer called Thomas

Who broke too many a promise

His mouth was a liar

His pants caught on fire

His name’s all that’s left of dear Thomas



No idea who Thomas is or why his words are now ashes. My neighbour had a bonfire, and this is all that was left of it… so my mind spun a little story. A lie known as imagination.

Unfortunately this is not a foolproof lie detecting system. Liars’ pants do not often, if ever, catch on fire, and if they did, we’d all suffer burns. We all lie, some more than others, and there is an endless variation of lies, from itty bitty white lies to big fat whoppers, from creative fiction to autobiographical memories, from self-deception to manipulation, and so on into infinity… if such a thing exists.

Lying, like the truth…

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Hiding my Tastes and Aversions

Ausschnitt Babel by Jens K Müller . . "I must be myself. I will not hide my tastes or aversions." - Ralph Waldo Emerson . . I can't recall how long it took me to learn that sharing my views, my tastes and aversions, was an unpopular course of action. It was a painful process... Continue Reading →

your intense fragility: whose texture compels me

. “nothing which we are to perceive in this world equals the power of  your intense fragility: whose texture compels me with the colour of its countries, rendering death and forever with each breathing” ― E.E. Cummings . What can you see in the photo above? Can you see what I see? . Everything in... Continue Reading →

Gossamer Blues

  ∇ “For men are held above their fellows by the gossamer of reputation, which is so soft and fragile a breath can blow it away.” - Iain Pears Δ With one word, One word used a certain way, A certain way to denote a criticism, A fault, A flaw, An imperfection, A lost ideal,... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on… being criticised

  “What the public criticizes in you, cultivate. It is you.” ― Jean Cocteau I’ve spent a large portion of my mortal life being criticised. Either for one thing or another. I'm fairly certain I was criticised for the way I was born and chose to take my first breath. Damned if you do… damned... Continue Reading →

Missed Understandings

Every day our ego has several a little deaths. Do I mean that as in - petit mort - the French euphemism for orgasm or do I mean it literally? And am I using ‘literally’ correctly or incorrectly? Do I care… someone out there probably thinks I should care and may even feel the need... Continue Reading →

Do we really see ourselves in the mirror?

Do we really see ourselves in the mirror? - is a search term I saw the other day in my stats which led someone to my blog. It caught my attention for several reasons. It stood out because it didn’t have the word - narcissist - in it, as the majority of the searches which... Continue Reading →

Origin Story – I Belong in the land of Not Belonging

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren, illustrations by Ingrid Vang Nyman   I use writing as a means to communicate, but I don’t consider myself to be a writer, so when I saw The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections I thought… not for me, I don’t belong here. Yet something about what was expressed... Continue Reading →

‘Every single one of us’

Excellent post from an inquiring and very intelligent mind and soul.
Nourishing food for thought!


Apologies for the hiatus.  It was both unintended and longer-lasting than I’d have liked.  I’ve had a number of things of a personal/familial nature going on at the mo’ which have taken priority, but I felt the need to take a little time to get some thoughts out there into my favourite part of the ether- my little corner of the WordPress.

This morning I was once again inspired by the thoughts of Beth Byrnes, and the issues that she discussed in her erudite and thoughtful post almost led me to write something as a follow-up to some of the things I had to say in the comments section.

But I had already started working  on something- the latest in my ongoing examination of the ill-advised tendency we have to define evil as something external and non-human (or sourced in humans that are somehow labelled as other than we are)-…

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What Disturbs You?… and other questions concerning things which seem crazy

Someone recently commented on an old post of mine which was titled - Please Disturb Me - Mars transits the 12th house - and added as a parting shot after getting annoyed with me for not being who they had decided I was and should be for them - You DID ask to be disturbed... Continue Reading →

Syracuse Dating Perceptions… Well, Some.

I just found out that I forgot to ‘Like’ this post, which explains why I couldn’t find it in my – Posts I Like – section of my WordPress Reader when I wanted to reblog it.
*head bangs hardwood table and buries itself with mea distracted mind culpa groaning stuff.
Perhaps I forgot to ‘Like’ this post (made up for previous mistake now) because ‘Like’ is an inadequate word for it (good excuse) ‘Love’ is better, ‘Genius’ is closer to the feeling it evoked within me… Chris is one of those writers and observational geniuses who can’t see how talented he is because that’s a part of his talent and brilliance – better at observing others than himself, and humble about it!
This post will draw you in and have your mind coming up with all sorts of ideas and notions and opinions… that’s what great bloggers do to you when you read what they write!

Christopher S. Malone

Let’s get controversial.  I finally write more than one curse word.

The girl in the cafe… yes, this sounds like a nice romantic beginning to a blog post… was [insert your favorite adjective here].

You can decide on this.

It was uncertain whether or not she was on a date, which could be true.  Dates can happen at any time of day, even before work.  However, this engagement was taking place around 9:45 this morning.  She talked nonstop–a stenographer would have a hard time keeping up–but allowing the guy get a grunt or agreeing yes injection without not much of coherent substance seemed too generous.  In a seven-minute period the topics of guys, women’s sexuality, breasts, Victoria’s Secret models, breastfeeding,  milk,  drinking, drinking underage, stealing alcohol, smoking pot, making out with guys her father’s age (when she was a teenager), golf cart riding, smoking more pot, making out with more random guys, waking up…

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Girls – the TV Show – Being Narcissistic versus Having Narcissistic Personality Disorder

I’ve just finished watching seasons 1 and 2 of the TV show - Girls. This is one of those shows where if you do an internet search for it you will find the buzz word and trending hot topic of the moment - Narcissist - attached to it. A few of the articles which I... Continue Reading →

Everybody should eavesdrop once in a while…

Cardinals in the Halls of the Vatican by Henri Adolphe Laissement “Everybody should eavesdrop once in a while. There's nothing like eavesdropping to show you that the world outside your head is different from the world inside your head.” ― Thornton Wilder Is it though? Is the world outside of your head different from that... Continue Reading →

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