Contrary To Popular Belief

One of the first posts I wrote when I started blogging was about labels, the ones which others give us and the ones which we give ourselves. It was inspired by the use of tags, and having to write an ‘About’ and other aspects of labelling which come with the territory of blogs. I haven’t... Continue Reading →

Am I a Terrible Person?

"If them men wanted a decent burial, they should have gotten themselves kilt in summer." Rooster Cogburn, True Grit. Someone once asked me that question - Am I a terrible person? What kind of a question is that, and what answer does the person who asked it want? A while ago I would have rushed... Continue Reading →

There’s a Flip Side to Everything

There is a flip side to everything. I say this a lot, to myself and to others. At its basis is the Yin Yang symbol. Black and white together forming a whole. The black has a drop of white in it and the white has a drop of black in it. I apply this to... Continue Reading →

A Haven of Troubles

"Tagline: It takes a village to hide a secret" I've been watching a TV series from the Syfy channel called - Haven. It's a quirky show. I love quirky shows. Warehouse 13. I thought was awful when I first watched it, then I watched it again and realised the things I thought were awful about... Continue Reading →

Intensely Ridiculous

You’ve probably noticed by now that I can be a tad intense. People often regret attracting my attention, because it can feel a bit like the Eye of Sauron. It’s not that bad, really it isn’t. There is a rhythm to my intensity. It starts off very small. Something catches my attention. I observe it... Continue Reading →

Thorns of Inspiration – The Blessings of a Curse

How does that work? How can something which hurts you inspire you? How is something which is viewed as a curse become a blessing? The other day I wrote about how my shyness, which I grew to believe was a curse, once I accepted it, rather than fight it or try to fix it by... Continue Reading →

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