The Humbug of Hindsight

Why do we relive the past in our minds over and over again. It’s over, there is nothing we can do about it, no do-over, lifetime pushes us forward, so why are we trying to go backwards… into a funhouse mirror. . . . . Is it really just so we can get the last... Continue Reading →

If Only I Hadn’t Written This Post…

. . If only I hadn’t written this post then I wouldn’t be where I will be then. Look at the mess I am about to make, the worst part of it is that I think this is good, a good idea, as I am doing it, more than that I feel excited at the... Continue Reading →

Conditioned To Respond To All The Threats

Before today became known for what it is now known for… there were other days and dates known for similar things.
Maybe not as loud… maybe louder.
How much louder than a World War, not once but twice, can you get?
Apparently that was not loud enough for some…
For those not there to hear it the first time or the second time…
History repeating itself… what is history saying and why does it have to repeat itself?
In memoriam of the past, present, and of the future which will have to repeat what we’ve already been through, just as we have lived through what others have already experienced but we did not experience it ourselves so we had to have our own experience… history had to repeat itself… and as that personal and impersonal experience gets further away, so the future gets nearer to having history repeat itself… again.
Maybe we’ll listen and understand…
One day…

An Upturned Soul

My cousin was a terrorist. Does that shock you? Send chills of fear coursing through you? Is your finger hovering over the unfollow button?

I didn’t know that my cousin was a terrorist at the time, I was too young to understand. I liked this particular cousin, I have quite a few. He was much older than me, and I only saw him a few times a year, but when I did he was kind to me and treated me as a human being not as a child. That, to me, made him special.

What I didn’t know about him was that he was a very angry young man, in his late teens/early twenties. He had an older brother who was perfect. He had a younger sister who was the beautiful baby. He was in the middle, never as clever or pleasing to his parents as his brother or sister…

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Time Travel is not what it used to be

  It’s a strange experience being one of those left behind. I decided to stay put and see what happened here. Here has changed a lot. It’s not what it was. I’m glad I stayed. I wasn’t always sure about that, but I had a feeling leaving was not right for me. I guess they... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year… but when does the New Year actually start for YOU?

New Year 1904/1905 by John T. McCutcheon I was reading a post I wrote for my tumblr this time last year - Happy Merry New Year - because I was feeling lazy and hazy of mind and thought I might skip writing a post today and just post something old, not as something new but... Continue Reading →

And A Very Unusual Christmas To You Too!

The other night as I was drifting off to slumberland, a deer barked, the sound echoing eerily in the still of night. Deer barks are similar to dog barks. At first I thought it was a dog, but the local dogs don’t bark. Not often, not like that. It went on for a while, repetitive... Continue Reading →

A Year Ago Today: A Mind Journey into Self Doubt

Used Material by nailone (Jakub Kujawa) As in the title of the stunning painting by Jakub Kujawa, this post is used material. I wrote this last December for my tumblr. I'm trying to recall what I was feeling then, what inspired these words. A dream apparently. I can just about remember having that one. But...... Continue Reading →

Shrooms of Wisdom – Ebb and Flow

What's with all the future thinking prompts Daily Post? Did your mortality suddenly hit you in the blogging face? Are you worried about another blogging platform challenging you? Are you looking for a way to survive in such a competitive environment? Or just trying to get us to reveal to you something which will lead... Continue Reading →

See in Darkness

Alchemy by Will Wilson “Fly without wings; Dream with open eyes; See in darkness.” - Dejan Stojanovic   I love this painting because it speaks to me of things past, memories and all which they hold within them. I love these words because they speak to me of things to come... if one is bold... Continue Reading →

The Places We Live…

A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens I recently came across a photograph on an architectural and interior design website which was of an apartment in Paris overlooking the Eiffel tower. At first glance I simply thought, wow, how attractive. Then I paused and looked again. The view was very familiar. So was the... Continue Reading →

Tweet #17

"Dear Past, I severed ties with you a while ago, why must you keep coming back to haunt me, lots of unlove, fuck off now, Me." -@UrsusAbstrusus

Flies and Other Messengers of Nature

What is your animal totem? I see this question a lot on the internet. Some people answer it seriously, others take the piss. Those who take it seriously always choose glamorous creatures as their totems, tigers, wolves, snakes, bears, eagles, etc, whereas the ones who take the piss often choose the less favoured creatures, cockroaches,... Continue Reading →

La Cucaracha

The Cockroach King by E. "Wolfkina" Crowder   The Cockroach teaches us how to use what we have available to us for survival. To clean out the dead and useless aspects of our lives. When the Cockroach appears as a totem, our sensitivity to subtle changes will be magnified. We will have the power to... Continue Reading →

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