For Those Who Love Questions: A What Type Are You Questionnaire

Don't worry I'm not the one asking the questions. However these are the sort of questions which I love to ponder, and which have helped me to get to know myself better.  Do you have courage to move into the unknown? They're also quite useful for getting to know others better. Are you truly interested... Continue Reading →

Post Time: This is an open share your world post

I often see bloggers doing - Open Posts (where the blogger shares whatever and then others can share whatever in the comments) - and/or - Share Your World Posts (where the blogger shares their world and then others share their world in the comments which may or may not be connected to what the blogger... Continue Reading →

Play Selected World

Do you ever wonder why you were born... into a certain family in a certain country into a certain social group into a set of circumstances into a particular timeline . more on TCK's via Wiki . I have wondered about that since the ability to wonder about those sort of things was enabled in... Continue Reading →

The 9th House: The Quest for Meaning and Purpose

Not all who wander are lost... so why are they wandering? If they're not trying to find their way home, following breadcrumb trails, yellow brick roads, or lights at the end of the tunnel, what are they trying to find? What if they're not trying to find anything? What if they're comfortable living without purpose,... Continue Reading →

What is the Meaning in Life… She Asked

.  “Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.” ― Danny Kaye . What is the meaning IN life? The IN rather than the OF? What does that mean? Do you know what it means? Do you know the meaning… IN or OF or both or... Continue Reading →

A Poem by Stefania about Precious gems abandoned and rejected

Happy Birthday, Seashell!
Auguri vivissimi per il tuo capodanno! Tanti baci e abbracci tenerissimi.
May this year bring you many blessings.
Thank you very much for sharing yourself.
“God placed the great diversity of shells on Earth so that mankind, in admiring their beauty, would more fully appreciate his sublime glory.” – Filippo Buonanni (he had a thing for seashells)

An Upturned Soul

Antonello_da_MessinaSaint Jerome in his Study by Antonello da Messina



Dustbin rue de Sèvres

At the heart of the 7th district

In a pretty little courtyard

There is a royal and posh dustbin

As every morning, an eccentric, someone who has been let down by life

Delivers a stunning and non recyclable waste


Which finds its acolytes indeed.

Second hand or brand new books, even old editions

Heaps of philosophy, poetry and history

The quadrivium subjects are not supposed to bring happiness in nowadays society

Seeing my studies in the waste stirs a weird feeling

Precious gems abandoned and rejected

But also a childlike curiosity to find an unexpected morning sweet treat

As the essence, the absolute is untainted even in the waste

In this society

Can be found in this unutterable place.

I have found

The Kreuzer sonata

The life of Stalin, Kupka the visionary

The myth…

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How Do You Use People?

How do you use people? Does that question bother you, make you uncomfortable, make you want to perhaps vent in my general direction and say something along the lines of - I never use people! . .   Having trouble reading the smallprint? Find this article and others like it in Wired magazine (this is... Continue Reading →

The story of a relationship with a narcissist: I Am Not Special by Hope

I am not special. When I was a child, the message from my parents was clear: Take care of yourself. We don’t want to do it. You are not special. And so I became an adult very early in life, full of determination to be self-sufficient and self-determined. At forty-five, a disordered person took an... Continue Reading →

Testing Your Personality

We test our personality all the time. Even when we’re asleep…? Okay, maybe not all the time. Then again, maybe sleep is a personality test. . . . . Sleep is definitely a personality test when we think about it, talk about it, fight it, worry about not getting enough of it or too much... Continue Reading →

Follow your… Distractions

“Follow the wandering, the distraction, find out why the mind has wandered; pursue it, go into it fully. When the distraction is completely understood, then that particular distraction is gone. When another comes, pursue it also. ” ― Jiddu Krishnamurti . . Follow the leader... . . Follow the crowd... . . Follow your nose...... Continue Reading →

Waiting for Something which may not Happen…

There are many myths, stories, legends, fables, which populate the world of humankind, of the human mind, passed on from generation to generation, through word, through image, through the collective consciousness. . Some sweep us up and carry us away to a castle in the sky... or a dungeon deep within the earth... or elsewhere...... Continue Reading →

Gossamer Blues

  ∇ “For men are held above their fellows by the gossamer of reputation, which is so soft and fragile a breath can blow it away.” - Iain Pears Δ With one word, One word used a certain way, A certain way to denote a criticism, A fault, A flaw, An imperfection, A lost ideal,... Continue Reading →

The Rules of ZigZag

  Are the words in this sign...   Calligraphic instructions for the letter 'N'...   Or are they...       Directions for climbing stairs, and what to do once you've climbed them...   Or are they...       From the Flight School for Dragonflies training manual.   Or maybe it's a hint... ...hinting... Continue Reading →

Trapped in a Perfect World

    “Inside the snow globe on my father's desk, there was a penguin wearing a red-and-white-striped scarf. When I was little my father would pull me into his lap and reach for the snow globe. He would turn it over, letting all the snow collect on the top, then quickly invert it. The two... Continue Reading →

Casting a Seed…

“Once in a golden hour, I cast to earth a seed, And up there grew a flower, That others called a weed.” ― Alfred Tennyson There is a belief that. You reap what you sow. But. Sometimes. There are those who reap the benefits of what others sow… They collect the ripe fruits, pick the... Continue Reading →

Compare, Contrast and Contradict

    “I love reading another reader’s list of favorites. Even when I find I do not share their tastes or predilections, I am provoked to compare, contrast, and contradict. It is a most healthy exercise, and one altogether fruitful.” ― T.S. Eliot     Contrasts are an intrinsic part of life. Without darkness we... Continue Reading →

Please Do Not Sit on the Chair

  The sitting room in this photograph is full of options... at least where sitting down is concerned. It is indeed a room for sitting. Yet. Rather than choose a seat... as there was no one else around I could sit anywhere I pleased... and enjoy the luxury of such a rather sumptuous place, what... Continue Reading →

Internet Treasures: The Gunfighter… and those pesky voiceovers!   The Gunfighter by Eric Kissack Found via my partner (pardner) who found it via a Twitter tweeter who found it via ShortoftheWeek.   If you love Westerns and grew up on a regular dose of them like I did, and imagined yourself in the role of a cowboy always on the verge of... Continue Reading →

Don’t Look Back… okay, maybe just a little peek

At the moment I should be furious. The sort of justified fury which could lead to righteous blindness or spontaneous combustion. I could be furious... But. This sort of fury is pointless and has a tendency to lead to stupid mistakes. Mind you. The reason for the opportunity to be furious is due to a... Continue Reading →

And Sometimes

A beautiful gem of a post (if you follow the link on the reblogged post) by a very talented writer and great observer of life, of hidden gems, others and himself.

Chris is one of those gems of which he speaks – sometimes I think of him as having stepped out of a P. G. Wodehouse novel (and I don’t just mean his Jeeves and Wooster series) – that’s a compliment as far as I’m concerned, as he is one of my favourite authors and his characters have a richly timeless quality.

You’re so money, Chris!, and you don’t even know it! (referencing another one of his wonderful posts – Syracuse Night Life, Dating: The Saga Continues.)


Thank you for sharing!

Christopher S. Malone

Sometimes when you least expect it, you’ll find a gem. Sometimes that gem-to-be is covered in soot or dirt or dust.

Sometimes it’s so simple.

However, when you notice this gem, it will morph into something greater and sweeter than you expected.

My latest with Syracuse New Times. Here’s your espresso shot:

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The Wisdom of the False Guru

Recently I watched a fascinating documentary - Kumare: The True Story of a False Prophet - by Vikram Gandhi. It is about a man who, while making a documentary about gurus, was confronted by one of the gurus he was filming who said to him - “You want to know about gurus? All those big... Continue Reading →

and the rest of the world seems to go crazy around you

"Dave: What do you think it's like, Father? Father Shellnut: What's what like? Dave: Being crazy, mentally ill. Father Shellnut: Well, they never know they're ill, do they? I mean, you can't diagnose yourself with the same organ that has the disease, just like you can't see your own eyeball. I suppose you just feel... Continue Reading →

Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it.

  “Don't explain your philosophy. Embody it.” ― Epictetus Me: Stay still just for one frigging minute! Ladybird: Why? I am a being who moves, why else would I have wings and feet. Me: I want to take a photo of you. Ladybird: And how exactly does this concern me? Me: Because you're my subject.... Continue Reading →

What is Wrong with You may be What is Right with You

  We come into this world as a whole and are gradually split into parts of a whole. It can be as innocuous as family members looking at a newborn baby and discussing which parts of the baby belong to which parent. “Oh, he has his mother’s eyes!” “She has her father’s smile!” “He has... Continue Reading →

Reflections of the illusions we cherish

“Everyone of us is shadowed by an illusory person: a false self. We are not very good at recognizing illusions, least of all the ones we cherish about ourselves.” ― Thomas Merton I was reading a news article which was reflecting upon the sudden and swift popularity of the selfie without makeup. The author of... Continue Reading →

What Disturbs You?… and other questions concerning things which seem crazy

Someone recently commented on an old post of mine which was titled - Please Disturb Me - Mars transits the 12th house - and added as a parting shot after getting annoyed with me for not being who they had decided I was and should be for them - You DID ask to be disturbed... Continue Reading →

A Poem by Stefania about Precious gems abandoned and rejected

Saint Jerome in his Study by Antonello da Messina . . Dustbin rue de Sèvres At the heart of the 7th district In a pretty little courtyard There is a royal and posh dustbin As every morning, an eccentric, someone who has been let down by life Delivers a stunning and non recyclable waste Knowledge... Continue Reading →

Answering the Proust Questionnaire under the Influence of Female Hormones

Marcel Proust by Standard Designs My brain is neither predominantly male nor female. I know this because I took a test to determine the sexuality of that particular member of the club known as me… on the internet and internet tests and their results are known to be accurate. My body is predominantly female. I... Continue Reading →

Some may say I’m wishing my days away…

“Some may say I'm wishing my days away No way And if it's the price I pay Some say Tomorrow's another day You stay I may as well play” - The Police, Walking on the Moon I’ve taken quite a few steps in the past couple of years which have felt gigantic to me, and... Continue Reading →

Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and, instead of bleeding, he sings.

“Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and, instead of bleeding, he sings.” ― Robert Benchley Numbers of operas which I have seen performed live - 1. It was at the Royal Opera House in London. It was The Magic Flute. And all I can recall is there were people who were... Continue Reading →

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