Where Am I…?

Where am I...? Is a question which I have often asked myself first thing upon waking... partly because I have moved around quite a bit in life and it takes time to adjust, and partly because I have traveled far and wide in my dreams and it can be confusing when on the threshold between... Continue Reading →

My Happy Place

This is simply… a stunning post by a beautiful soul with a way with words and self-expression which draws you in, welcomes you and takes you on a journey… one which you may be reluctant to leave but very glad you took.

Traveling likes this, in location, in time, in memory, in person… walking in someone else’s shoes for a while… is so evocative and truly, deeply touching.

It makes you ponder yourself, your own life, people, places, memories, shoes… in a poetic and appreciative way.


Thank you for sharing!


“Just, I don’t know…kick it in.”
“I can’t just kick it in. What if I break it?”

My boyfriend and I are standing at the door of an abandoned cottage. I know the walls are whitewashed, but they now appear a sinister mossy green colour after years of neglect. The thatched roof is on the verge of collapse and as I look up, I spy a small tree sprouting up from behind the chimney.

Jack shoulder-charges into the door again. It doesn’t budge. Shoulder and ego bruised, he turns to me. “You know technically, we’re breaking and entering here.”

“Calm down Sipowicz,” I snap, “this is my grandparent’s house. I have every right to be here.”

As a child, this was my favourite home to visit. I use the word ‘home’ because it was a home in every sense of the word.

Located miles away from a main road…

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One Day of Summer

OneDayOfSummer by MoonVooDoo A friend asked me what the weather was like where I live... Then I was given a Fish Eye Lens as a gift... So... playing with the fish eye and capturing what is probably the one day of Summer where I live... Here it is! I live in the land of the... Continue Reading →

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