A Poem by Stefania about Precious gems abandoned and rejected

Happy Birthday, Seashell!
Auguri vivissimi per il tuo capodanno! Tanti baci e abbracci tenerissimi.
May this year bring you many blessings.
Thank you very much for sharing yourself.
“God placed the great diversity of shells on Earth so that mankind, in admiring their beauty, would more fully appreciate his sublime glory.” – Filippo Buonanni (he had a thing for seashells)

An Upturned Soul

Antonello_da_MessinaSaint Jerome in his Study by Antonello da Messina



Dustbin rue de Sèvres

At the heart of the 7th district

In a pretty little courtyard

There is a royal and posh dustbin

As every morning, an eccentric, someone who has been let down by life

Delivers a stunning and non recyclable waste


Which finds its acolytes indeed.

Second hand or brand new books, even old editions

Heaps of philosophy, poetry and history

The quadrivium subjects are not supposed to bring happiness in nowadays society

Seeing my studies in the waste stirs a weird feeling

Precious gems abandoned and rejected

But also a childlike curiosity to find an unexpected morning sweet treat

As the essence, the absolute is untainted even in the waste

In this society

Can be found in this unutterable place.

I have found

The Kreuzer sonata

The life of Stalin, Kupka the visionary

The myth…

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The Places We Live and Who We Are When We Live There

I’m reblogging myself… in non-blogger terms that means… I’m recycling my own hand-me-downs.
Paris came up in a conversation today…
a stressful conversation with a stressful reference to Paris… my experience of it before and after I lived there, part of the reason why I ended up living there and going to high school there.
Life… can sometimes feel like a secondhand something or other someone else gives you and you… deal with it first hand.
Anyway… I’m recycling myself, hope it’s green… and not with envy!

An Upturned Soul


paris paris by surpiko


A while ago, which now seems eons ago, I had another blog which is now defunct. It was right, but not quite. I fell into an old trap with it and knew it had to go for me to escape the trap. The trap is one which may be familiar to you. It is one which exists in many of our relationships.

We want to be ourselves, but as we get to know the other person we notice that they like certain things about us more than they like others. Being typically human and wanting to be liked and maybe loved too, we focus on the things the other person likes about us and start to hide the less attractive side. Soon we find ourselves feeling censored and restless because of it.

At least that’s how it affects me.

Whether the censorship comes from the…

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