The 11th House: Stark Naked in the Classroom

I once peed myself in the middle of a History lesson... and when I say I peed myself I mean it literally and not as an expression of how horrified I was about what humans have done to each other over the course of our history, nor do I mean that I peed a little... Continue Reading →


Inheriting Dysfunction

I've noticed that more people seem to be searching and researching what it means to be a child of narcissists. Particularly whether the condition of being a narcissist is something you can inherit from your parents like other traits, behaviours and heirlooms. . . Some writers on the subject have approached it from the nature... Continue Reading →

What is a Narcissist?

What is a Narcissist? What do you think a narcissist is? Do you know a narcissist? Are you sure that the person who you think is a narcissist is actually a narcissist? What is your definition of a narcissist which you use to classify whether someone is or is not a narcissist? According to a... Continue Reading →

Swimming Upstream in the Mainstream

If you were to write a book in which you told the story of your life - What would the name of your memoir be? That question caught my eye while I was wandering aimlessly on Buzzfeed. I enjoy taking silly quizzes, as it can be an insightful and fun way of getting to know... Continue Reading →

Tales from Narcville – Gender problems and Blame Games

Have you ever used the phrase - It's not you, it's me - and did you mean it when you used it? Did you really think it was you and not the other person? Or did you actually think - It's you and not me - but you did not want to confront the other... Continue Reading →

How Does the Whole Fulfill through Me… She Asked

. "And when, as is often the case, the misty discussion of 'Rosicrucians' and their history becomes involved with the masonic myths, the enquirer feels that he is sinking helplessly into a bottomless bog.” ― Frances A. Yates . How Does the Whole Fulfill through Me? This is the flip side of yesterday’s question -... Continue Reading →

What is Mine… She Asked

. “There's never a man looked me between the eyes and seen a good day a'terward" - Long John Silver” ― Robert Louis Stevenson . What do you value? What's the treasure of your heart's desire? Is it something that belongs to you or is it something which belongs to someone else which you would... Continue Reading →

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

. If you're my age or thereabouts... - which in trending terms would be the sort of person who wears flats to The Cannes Film Festival (I have no idea what the real story behind the snowballing media 'real story' version is, it's hard to believe anything these days, but this has stirred up so... Continue Reading →


Beautiful post, wonderfully written, please read it.

Thank you for sharing!


We are all bully capable.

The problem is some kids and adults are serial bullies.  As a society we want to discourage bully mentality.  Sometimes we don’t do enough and sometimes we do too much.  There are hundreds of stories of people who don’t do enough, but I would like to point out that sometimes we do too much and in doing so we become the bullies ourselves.

There was a little girl, Amy, who had gotten suspended from school.  She was 9.  One of her friends did something mean so Amy told another friend she wanted to just kill her mean friend.  This friend, the one she confided her hurt AND anger,  told on her.  Amy was interrogated the entire day in the school office, in part by an off duty police officer about what she said and why.  She was scared but told the truth and confessed what…

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There is No Wrong Answer… narcissists, selfies, and other musings

I was roaming the internet searching for… Something to stir the fire within the sea. A thought, an idea, a prompt which would prod me in any manner and awaken a conversation within which I could then write about and explore further through that medium. My writing helps me to get to know what's going... Continue Reading →

Learning an Abstract Language for the New Year

sign language . . How many languages do you speak? How many languages do you understand? Those two questions may appear to be asking the same thing, but they are not. The difference between them may be subtle, but it makes a big difference to communication. It is similar to the difference between… How are... Continue Reading →

The normality trap

A wonderfully thought-provoking post from a fascinating blog to explore.
I’ve spent part of my life living in crowded cities and have come across people like the woman on the bus. What I usually think when I see someone deviating from the ‘normal’ behaviour of those around them is something akin to – I wish I could do that.
The pressure of being ‘normal’ can feel like a straightjacket.
There have been times when I’ve felt like one of those people, when my presence bothers others so much that all they want to do is either get rid of me or get away from me. Pretend I don’t exist so they can carry on as usual, have things return to ‘normal’.
Sometimes I look at those who are considered ‘crazy’ by those who think they are ‘normal’ and it occurs to me that perception is experiencing an optical illusion. The world is upside down but the brain has adjusted and made it seem as though it is the right way up.
I have Dyslexia, which is considered a learning disability. For me having Dyslexia is ‘normal’. The most common problem which I have with it isn’t within the disorder itself but with the attitude of those who don’t have it, don’t understand it and really don’t care to learn more about it. So who really has the learning disability?
I love this post and have had many intriguing and insightful discussions with myself (I converse with myself all the time) and with other people about it and about the thoughts it provokes.
Life and being human is a learning through living experience.

Mind Hacks

I remember taking a bus to London Bridge when, after a few stops, a woman got on who seemed to move with a subtle but twitchy disregard for her surroundings. She found herself a seat among the Saturday shoppers and divided her time between looking out the window and responding to invisible companions, occasionally shouting at her unseen persecutors.

By East Street, the bus was empty.

You’ve probably encountered fellow travellers who are strikingly out of the ordinary, sometimes quite distressed, scattered among the urban landscape where they seem to have a social forcefield around them that makes crowds part in their presence.

If you’ve ever worked in a hospital or support service for people with psychological or neurological difficulties, you’ve probably met lots of people who are markedly out of step with the mundane rules of social engagement.

They seem to talk too loud, or too fast, or too…

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Sunday Reflections: Quo Vadis

  If you missed my post yesterday, some of this post may not make sense... it may not make sense anyway,  like a cat sipping a bowl of soup on a beach towel. Sunday is the one day of the week when I can sleep really late and not feel guilty about not feeling guilty about... Continue Reading →

What Disturbs You?… and other questions concerning things which seem crazy

Someone recently commented on an old post of mine which was titled - Please Disturb Me - Mars transits the 12th house - and added as a parting shot after getting annoyed with me for not being who they had decided I was and should be for them - You DID ask to be disturbed... Continue Reading →

Syracuse Dating Perceptions… Well, Some.

I just found out that I forgot to ‘Like’ this post, which explains why I couldn’t find it in my – Posts I Like – section of my WordPress Reader when I wanted to reblog it.
*head bangs hardwood table and buries itself with mea distracted mind culpa groaning stuff.
Perhaps I forgot to ‘Like’ this post (made up for previous mistake now) because ‘Like’ is an inadequate word for it (good excuse) ‘Love’ is better, ‘Genius’ is closer to the feeling it evoked within me… Chris is one of those writers and observational geniuses who can’t see how talented he is because that’s a part of his talent and brilliance – better at observing others than himself, and humble about it!
This post will draw you in and have your mind coming up with all sorts of ideas and notions and opinions… that’s what great bloggers do to you when you read what they write!

Christopher S. Malone

Let’s get controversial.  I finally write more than one curse word.

The girl in the cafe… yes, this sounds like a nice romantic beginning to a blog post… was [insert your favorite adjective here].

You can decide on this.

It was uncertain whether or not she was on a date, which could be true.  Dates can happen at any time of day, even before work.  However, this engagement was taking place around 9:45 this morning.  She talked nonstop–a stenographer would have a hard time keeping up–but allowing the guy get a grunt or agreeing yes injection without not much of coherent substance seemed too generous.  In a seven-minute period the topics of guys, women’s sexuality, breasts, Victoria’s Secret models, breastfeeding,  milk,  drinking, drinking underage, stealing alcohol, smoking pot, making out with guys her father’s age (when she was a teenager), golf cart riding, smoking more pot, making out with more random guys, waking up…

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What is Genius?

You know this quote. This quote is iconic. This quote has been doing the rounds since it was first quoted and heard. It's a very clever quote. It's inspiring! But why? It's also probably the canniest marketing ploy ever. Pure capitalistic genius! And it doesn't matter if you're reading this on a Mac or PC,... Continue Reading →

Who is the Narcissist? – This is a rant

. I get very passionate about certain things and the passion takes over. One of the things which sets my passion off is when victims of Narcissists victimise other victims of Narcissists not intentionally but through misunderstanding. Which in some ways makes it worse. It’s that road to hell paved with good intentions. If I... Continue Reading →

Don’t Tell Me What To Do – Let Me Think for Myself

Enlightenment by Mark StiversWhen I was a child, not sure what age this started, I had this habit of stopping in the middle of whatever I was doing, walking over to a window and staring out if I was inside or staring at the sky or the horizon if I was outside and then I... Continue Reading →

The Zen of Narcissists: Lesson #3 – In a Narcissistic Society, the Narcissist is King or Queen!

The Society in which we live has already done most of the groundwork preparing people for you to swoop into their lives, sweep them off their feet, put them in a gilded cage and use them to bolster your ego. Society will also help you to keep them trapped. They’re either with us or against... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Superpower in the World!

These days everything has to be a superpower. Natural ability and talent is worth nothing unless it has superpower potential. A superpower is really just a natural ability, a talent, which has been focused on so much it has become larger than life. It’s normal on steroids. Being invisible is a meah superpower. Why? Because…... Continue Reading →

The Disclaimer – How to be responsible and irresponsible at the same time

Warning Sign via Wikimedia Commons Here's the line, this sentence is the line, do not cross this line if you are unable to handle personal responsibility and accountability. If you cross it something may happen to you, that something may be bad, you might not like it, you could get hurt. I have now warned... Continue Reading →

Where Are You From?

Where Are You From? This question, and several others in the same category of introductory queries asked by people who are politely going through the socially approved motions of getting to know you, always leaves me at a loss for an answer. That's a lie and a truth rolled into one sentence. I'm not really... Continue Reading →

That’s Not My Name!

"Find your name, And buried treasure." - Neil Gaiman Yes, is my answer to the Daily Prompt's question - Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? My mother told me, repeatedly, the story of how I got my name. I think I was supposed to be grateful to... Continue Reading →

What is Your Writing Style? and other questions…

“Words do not express thoughts very well. They always become a little different immediately after they are expressed, a little distorted, a little foolish.” - Hermann Hesse Do you write from the head or the heart or both? Do you bleed words when you write, letting them flow freely, or do you measure each word... Continue Reading →

A Very Biased View on Violence, Video Games and Being Human

I read a comment the other day which was attached to an article about a murder. The impression I had of the person commenting was that they thought they were very intelligent, savvy about the world and its workings. There was a hint of tired superiority in their attitude, as though they tutted so much... Continue Reading →

With a Flick of the Finger

La Mort de Marat by Jacques-Louis David “Don’t be deceived when they tell you things are better now. Even if there’s no poverty to be seen because the poverty’s been hidden. Even if you ever got more wages and could afford to buy more of these new and useless goods which industries foist on you... Continue Reading →


I've been watching a TV series called White Collar. It's quite good. It does what it is meant to do, entertain. But it is flawed, as most things are and sometimes the flaws make something seemingly perfect better, more appealing. Or more revealing. Just before I watched a couple of the episodes, there was an... Continue Reading →

Tweet #28 (hope the number’s right, I’ve lost count)

"So we are all a bunch of weirdos trying to pretend to each other that we are all normal and all fit in... to society. We are society." - @UrsusAbstrusus

The First Rule of Rule Breaking

Life sometimes feels like it is just one big rulebook, full of rules which start with the word ‘Don’t’. Some are helpful. These are the rules of experience. Someone, usually more than one person, has done these things and suffered the consequences, so the rule is created as a way of saying ‘I did this... Continue Reading →

The Great I Am

Have you noticed how often people contradict themselves. I’m not talking about those who say one thing one minute and the exact opposite the next, they are very easy to spot if you are listening to what they are saying and have said. I mean those who make a statement about themselves, but then contradict... Continue Reading →

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