The Con Descending

This is going to be another long one... sigh! You know that saying about minding your P’s and Q’s… …well, today I have been struggling with them in a rather literal manner. I was trying to print out some documents and my fingers, instead of pressing - symbol + P - kept pressing - symbol... Continue Reading →

Pluto/Sun – How I Deal with Stress

. . There's a man outside my house using a chainsaw to trim a hedge. This has been going on intermittently for a couple of hours. My property is part of a bigger property, neither of which are mine so I don't really get a say in what happens around here. My landlord is a... Continue Reading →

The Places We Live and Who We Are When We Live There

I’m reblogging myself… in non-blogger terms that means… I’m recycling my own hand-me-downs.
Paris came up in a conversation today…
a stressful conversation with a stressful reference to Paris… my experience of it before and after I lived there, part of the reason why I ended up living there and going to high school there.
Life… can sometimes feel like a secondhand something or other someone else gives you and you… deal with it first hand.
Anyway… I’m recycling myself, hope it’s green… and not with envy!

An Upturned Soul


paris paris by surpiko


A while ago, which now seems eons ago, I had another blog which is now defunct. It was right, but not quite. I fell into an old trap with it and knew it had to go for me to escape the trap. The trap is one which may be familiar to you. It is one which exists in many of our relationships.

We want to be ourselves, but as we get to know the other person we notice that they like certain things about us more than they like others. Being typically human and wanting to be liked and maybe loved too, we focus on the things the other person likes about us and start to hide the less attractive side. Soon we find ourselves feeling censored and restless because of it.

At least that’s how it affects me.

Whether the censorship comes from the…

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Silently Screaming

A friend I haven't heard from in a while, emailed me today asking me how I was. I stared at the message trying to think of an answer. Some time passed, then I logged out of my email and decided to deal with the task of replying later. I went onto Pinterest to distract myself... Continue Reading →

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