Help or Hinder, Heal or Hurt

There are times when I secretly hope that some technical glitch will wipe out my blog. I can explain that hidden hope best by using astrology - I have Pluto in the 1st (and transiting Pluto is conjunct my Sun) and (so I'm a bit of a psycho - it's retrograde so that psycho is... Continue Reading →

It’s Just Not Fair! – a short story about Saturn square Sun

Do you have a sense of what is fair and what is unfair? Do others agree with you about this? If they agree with you... is that fair? Let me put it another way, which may seem unfair as I may appear to be changing the rules or something like that... How does it feel... Continue Reading →

Who is Your Personal Rain Cloud?

. "All he knew was that his working days were miserable and he had a succession of lousy holidays. All the clouds knew was that they loved him and wanted to be near him, to cherish him, and to water him.” ― Douglas Adams . My apologies to all those drivers who had to navigate... Continue Reading →


. It's just not going to work out. I felt a melancholic relief as I finally admitted that to myself. As much as I don't like it sometimes when I'm honest with myself... if it means letting go of a cherished illusion... I also don't like lying to myself. I know when I'm lying, and... Continue Reading →

The Private Pilot of this Ship

The private pilot of this ship. I have no idea from where the title of this post comes, nor what it means. I saw those words scribbled on a notepad beside my computer in my handwriting. They obviously meant something to the me who wrote them a few days ago. I know it was a... Continue Reading →

The Gilded Caged

. "Preheat oven. Remove sleeve and film. Place on a baking tray in centre of oven until golden brown and piping hot. Allow to stand for one minute." - ye cooking instructions for the bird in ye gilded cage. . Have you ever felt as though... You should have said No when you said Yes...... Continue Reading →

That’s what people remember…

. Ah... memories... What do you think people remember about you? Is it everything you'd hoped they'd remember about you or... is it everything you'd hoped they'd forget? People have a strange way of remembering what you want them to forget and of forgetting what you want them to remember... ...they feel the same way... Continue Reading →

What is my Karma… She Asked

. “Even chance meetings are the result of karma… Things in life are fated by our previous lives. That even in the smallest events there’s no such thing as coincidence.” ― Haruki Murakami . Is it merely a matter of chance, of coincidence, that on the day that I decide to tackle the last question... Continue Reading →

Whatever it is, I’m against it

. “Whatever it is, I'm against it.” ― Groucho Marx . At the local Truth or Dare club, which meets every Monday, except when it's another day of the week, there's always one smarty pants, usually a newbie, who decides to tell the truth rather than take on a dare. Admittedly some of the dares... Continue Reading →

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

. If you're my age or thereabouts... - which in trending terms would be the sort of person who wears flats to The Cannes Film Festival (I have no idea what the real story behind the snowballing media 'real story' version is, it's hard to believe anything these days, but this has stirred up so... Continue Reading →

It’s 5 O’Clock (in the morning) Somewhere…

. . If you think I'm going to do what you suggested that I do... by dawn's early light... You're not so lucid dreaming. You've been staring at the rising Sun and are seeing blind spots without realising what they are. You're high on being an early bird who thinks that the worm you've found... Continue Reading →

Understanding Human

Ask me a question such as this one - If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language you don’t currently speak, which would it be? - and the answer I'm most likely to give is one which won't make sense in any language... Unless you speak Tangential Thinking. Then it might... Continue Reading →

Relationship Software and Hardware Issues…

I couldn't get to sleep last night, and once I did I had one of those dreams which explains everything to you about you, and those relationships which affect who you are, past and present, and possibly also into the future. I woke up very late, around noon (OMG!?! - courtesy of how my cat... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I climb the Walls, and Lie on the Ceiling

. . “Let us dream of evanescence, and linger in the beautiful foolishness of things.” ― Okakura Kakuzō, The Book of Tea . . The title of this post is the tagline for my blog. It wasn't always the blog's tagline. I changed it... I changed it... because I felt a shift within which changed... Continue Reading →

Is Your Blog Post Yours or Does it Belong to Someone Else?

My levels of stupid are fairly healthy... compared to my levels of other things. In fact (yes, I used the word 'fact' on the internet cue the theme from Jaws...) being stupid is probably the healthiest aspect of me being me. I have a sweet spot for stupid me. She (yup, I'm messing with pronouns)... Continue Reading →

What happened to number seven…

“The fringes of their deserts were strewn with broken faiths.” ― T.E. Lawrence . . I was going through my blog archives, got caught up tidying an old post (did it need tidying, probably not but it got it anyway), considering it for a reblog because right now my mind is a bit of a... Continue Reading →

Having My Cake (Yum) and Eating It Too…

  “Nobody gets everything in this life. You decide your priorities and you make your choices. I'd decided long ago that any cake I had would be eaten.” ― Donald E. Westlake    This post is a blog/blogging related post. In other words I'm going to bitch a bit about the behind the scenes of... Continue Reading →

Tetchycal Difficulties

I woke up in a tetchy mood this morning. My jaw and face were aching because I was grinding and clenching my teeth in my sleep harder than usual. I had a bad dream. My worst dreams, the ones I consider nightmares, are not ones which frighten me, but those which frustrate me. In this... Continue Reading →

Freaky Friday… what? Only Friday gets to be freaky!?!

I'm stretching the parameters of this daily prompt  - Freaky Friday. Frankly this entire year has been freaky and it isn't over yet... and I haven't seen the film of the same name, but whatever, it's not an original idea. We all have a moment, perhaps several, in our lives of the grass being greener...... Continue Reading →

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