Thinking After You Speak

Are you careful about what you say? Do you think before you speak? Do you think so much before you speak, afraid to say the wrong thing, that you end up not saying anything at all? Do you take advice to keep your mouth shut from people who don't follow their own advice? Here's a... Continue Reading →

Q and A: The real question is not whether machines think but whether men do

Do you like questioning answers? Do you enjoy answering questions? Do you get a kick out of questioning questions and answering answers? If you do this post is... well, it's something, still haven't decided what kind of something it is, what kind of something do you think it is? “The real question is not whether... Continue Reading →

What Gets You Thinking?

A minute or two after I popped the words - What gets you thinking? - into the title box of this post, while I was quickly browsing William Burroughs quotes and had just read this one: “A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what's going on. A psychotic is a guy who's just... Continue Reading →

My Blood Whispers to Me

. “I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.” ― Hermann Hesse . Do you ever look at something with both eyes, then close one eye to view the same thing from the... Continue Reading →

What is my Inner Center… She Asked

. “At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” ― Lao Tzu . How do you find your inner center? Can it be found by you or does it find you? Is it something or somewhere? Is it a part of a... Continue Reading →

How May I Best Use it… She asked

What are you thinking? Quick, take a screenshot of it... before you think about thinking and change the thought by doing that! Did you capture it? . . “The human mind is like that monkey, incessantly active by its own nature, then it becomes drunk with the wine of desire, thus increasing its turbulence. After... Continue Reading →

The Secret Life of Feelings

. “It always shocked me when I realized that I wasn’t the only person in the world who thought and felt such strange and awful things.” ― John Green . What does enveloped mean to you? . Enveloped... means to me exploring the layers which shroud us, inside and out. Thought. Feeling. And more. And... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Orange is Blue…

. “When the light turns green, you go. When the light turns red, you stop. But what do you do when the light turns blue with orange and lavender spots?” ― Shel Silverstein . They say that nothing rhymes with orange. They say... a lot of things. They never stop talking, opining and making their... Continue Reading →

When the Thinker becomes a Feeler…

. . There are times when we get so used to being ourselves in a certain way that we can be taken aback when we're not ourselves in that certain way. It can dumbfound us, find us dumb, unable to explain to ourselves or others cohesively what is going on with us. We're us but... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Thinking Style?

When is addiction good and when is it bad? Can something like addiction ever be considered good these days when so much attention is focused on how bad it is for us, and not just for us but for others too? There are countless articles, books, blog posts and more written about the negative side... Continue Reading →

I can’t go on, I’ll go on…

A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London . . “I can't go on, I'll go on.” ― Samuel Beckett . That quote sums up my tactic for living my life, or at least not ending it prematurely due to extenuating circumstances beyond my control which make me want to just stop. Stop the world... Continue Reading →

Saving it for a Brainy Day…

Are you a thinker? Everyone is, we all think therefore we are all thinkers. So that question is easy to answer. Where things gets complicated is when we try to determine what type of thinker we are, as there are many options and sometimes we fall between the cracks of different options and then we... Continue Reading →

Do Not Throw Me Away, You May Need Me Some Day

. . "His dreams of a regenerate world are but the reverberations of his own fevered pulse beats. He imagines the world will follow him, but in the blue he finds himself alone. Alone..." -  Henry Miller, The Time of the Assassins: a Study of Rimbaud. . . Don't throw me away you, you may... Continue Reading →

The normality trap

A wonderfully thought-provoking post from a fascinating blog to explore.
I’ve spent part of my life living in crowded cities and have come across people like the woman on the bus. What I usually think when I see someone deviating from the ‘normal’ behaviour of those around them is something akin to – I wish I could do that.
The pressure of being ‘normal’ can feel like a straightjacket.
There have been times when I’ve felt like one of those people, when my presence bothers others so much that all they want to do is either get rid of me or get away from me. Pretend I don’t exist so they can carry on as usual, have things return to ‘normal’.
Sometimes I look at those who are considered ‘crazy’ by those who think they are ‘normal’ and it occurs to me that perception is experiencing an optical illusion. The world is upside down but the brain has adjusted and made it seem as though it is the right way up.
I have Dyslexia, which is considered a learning disability. For me having Dyslexia is ‘normal’. The most common problem which I have with it isn’t within the disorder itself but with the attitude of those who don’t have it, don’t understand it and really don’t care to learn more about it. So who really has the learning disability?
I love this post and have had many intriguing and insightful discussions with myself (I converse with myself all the time) and with other people about it and about the thoughts it provokes.
Life and being human is a learning through living experience.

Mind Hacks

I remember taking a bus to London Bridge when, after a few stops, a woman got on who seemed to move with a subtle but twitchy disregard for her surroundings. She found herself a seat among the Saturday shoppers and divided her time between looking out the window and responding to invisible companions, occasionally shouting at her unseen persecutors.

By East Street, the bus was empty.

You’ve probably encountered fellow travellers who are strikingly out of the ordinary, sometimes quite distressed, scattered among the urban landscape where they seem to have a social forcefield around them that makes crowds part in their presence.

If you’ve ever worked in a hospital or support service for people with psychological or neurological difficulties, you’ve probably met lots of people who are markedly out of step with the mundane rules of social engagement.

They seem to talk too loud, or too fast, or too…

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Anonymous Asked You

I am finding it impossible to concentrate today, which reminded me of this old post…
It’s strange to re-read old posts and see what I was thinking or feeling once upon a time not so long ago…
Does present me agree with past me?
Was my truth then still my truth now?
Do I think I was talking BS then… and what about now?
Have I changed my mind, perspective, myself?
Has there been a shift?
Did I figure out whatever problem I was trying to elucidate for myself?
Have I moved on or am I still stuck in a rut, a knot, a conundrum?
I know myself so well… and yet there is always a new facet or way to view myself to discover, which blogging can reveal both in the present and in reviewing the past.
Anyway… enjoy my nonsense!
Have a lovely Sunday!

An Upturned Soul

Is there anyone in this world more mysterious than Anonymous. Famous and infamous, ageless, timeless, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, offering wisdom, advice, encouraging words, although not always, occasionally going out of their way to brazenly insult, perhaps as a challenge to see what kind of a person we are, perhaps as a way to toughen us up, to balance our sense of ourselves, of other people, to let us know that not everyone will be kind, so we must strengthen the muscles we use to deal with adversity.

Although, so far, all the things Anonymous has had to say to me have all been very polite, kind, and thoughtfully thought-provoking.

Anonymous is a very curious soul, and loves to ask questions.

So, Anonymous asked me: If you were stranded on an island, what are the three things you would take with you?

Now, I could just give a straightforward answer…

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Personality Disordered

by Meenasapra via ToonDoo I tend to take what experts say with a pinch of skepticism. I didn’t always. I used to buy into the illusion that they know what they are talking about and that’s that. Take them at face value and perhaps they do know everything there is to know about their chosen... Continue Reading →

Don’t Tell Me What To Do – Let Me Think for Myself

Enlightenment by Mark StiversWhen I was a child, not sure what age this started, I had this habit of stopping in the middle of whatever I was doing, walking over to a window and staring out if I was inside or staring at the sky or the horizon if I was outside and then I... Continue Reading →

A Year Ago Today: A Mind Journey into Self Doubt

Used Material by nailone (Jakub Kujawa) As in the title of the stunning painting by Jakub Kujawa, this post is used material. I wrote this last December for my tumblr. I'm trying to recall what I was feeling then, what inspired these words. A dream apparently. I can just about remember having that one. But...... Continue Reading →

Home… Where is that?

To me everything is a writing prompt, or more to the point a thinking prompt, an inner conversational starter. I'll see an image or read something and my mind kicks into gear, talking up a storm and a bunch of words burst out of my fingers onto the page. Sometimes I ramble all over verbal... Continue Reading →

Soundtrack of my MInd: Weaponised Pop Music

So I was browsing my reader and came across this - Hot Topic of the Week - Pirates and Pop by Writings of a Mrs - which I thought was a great post because it stirred my rather addled mind. I've spent the day doing a mind-numbing task, so a bit of creative thinking is... Continue Reading →

A Harsh Slap of Awakening

Daily Prompt: Sad But True Tell us about the harshest, most difficult to hear — but accurate — criticism you’ve ever gotten. Does it still apply? This prompt prompted a long path of thought with many other paths meandering away from it. As much as I enjoy following as many thought paths as possible at... Continue Reading →

The Scorpion, The Eagle and The Phoenix – Thoughts on Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Image from Soul-Centered Astrology by Alan Oken   Alan Oken in his book, Soul-Centered Astrology, allocated three symbols to Scorpio - The Scorpion, The Eagle and The Phoenix. Each one represents a level of Scorpio's expression. In theory the Scorpion must evolve into the Eagle who must then evolve into the Phoenix. He goes on... Continue Reading →

The Bundles of Joy Blogging Award Nominations – #3,4,5 – The Philosophers

“To hell with reality! I want to die in music, not in reason or in prose. People don't deserve the restraint we show by not going into delirium in front of them. To hell with them!” - Louis-Ferdinand Céline Don't ask... that quote just seemed apt. Blogging is a bit of our delirium shared... perhaps.... Continue Reading →

My Thoughts are from Mercury, Neptune and Mars

I've been finding it harder and harder to concentrate on my internet activities at this time. I know I'm neglecting certain aspects of my social media bubbles which need some attention, but I just can't focus. I try, but I just sit there staring at the screen. My mind is focused on a problem and... Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Having Sex Daily (otherwise known as Dyslexia)

TicToc by MoonVooDoo I make myself laugh, especially when I catch myself doing something silly. I was trying to write a post about dyslexia the other day, about some of the benefits and gifts which it confers rather than the brain glitches, and the post just kept getting longer and longer because I kept adding... Continue Reading →

The Power of Negative Thinking

Positive thinking is considered a powerful magic which can transform your life. Attract everything you desire just by willing it to come to you. Believe in it, infuse it with positive vibes and you are a magician creating a perfect and wonderful life for yourself. There is merit to positive thinking, and it does work.... Continue Reading →

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