Where is Abroad to a Broad like me?

Dortmunder Nashorn mit Weltkarten-Motiv (World Rhino) by Erich Ferdinand . . If you've got this far, please explain yourself. No, wait, let me explain myself to you, I'm sure that's what you and I would rather that we do. No? No..... Has he gone yet? Or was he a she? Has she gone yet? .... Continue Reading →

Bir-Hakeim Bridge from above

You know that saying - A picture is worth a thousand words - well, this photograph is worth a thousand memories to me. Every pixel teems with stories for me - including misadventures on a mobilette, such as almost being detained as a possible teenage terrorist because I was driving erratically - and my first... Continue Reading →

Coffee with No Ceremony!!

A beautiful story about life, travel, friendship, coffee and nuts… oh those nuts, those wonderful mistakes which happen and fill our lives with delightful stories to tell. This one is told in such a magnificent way and is a joy to read.

Thank you for sharing!

lifelessons - a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

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All dressed up for the coffee ceremony, but what is missing?

The Prompt: Dictionary, Shmictionary—Time to confess: tell us about a time when you used a word whose meaning you didn’t actually know (or were very wrong about, in retrospect).

Coffee With No Ceremony

I lived in Addis Ababa adjoining Mexico Square.
I ate injera every day. Had cornrows in my hair.
I thought I knew it all, and though my language skills were poor,
I knew enough Amharic to get by in any store.

Seated in a circle, on low stools around a flame,
We watched Demekech fan the fire—this ritual the same
in every house and every village all throughout the land.
The thick and sludgy coffee was always ground by hand.

Boiled in a clay carafe, then set aside to brew
as in another little pot, some corn kernels she threw.
The popcorn taken from…

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The Places We Live and Who We Are When We Live There

I’m reblogging myself… in non-blogger terms that means… I’m recycling my own hand-me-downs.
Paris came up in a conversation today…
a stressful conversation with a stressful reference to Paris… my experience of it before and after I lived there, part of the reason why I ended up living there and going to high school there.
Life… can sometimes feel like a secondhand something or other someone else gives you and you… deal with it first hand.
Anyway… I’m recycling myself, hope it’s green… and not with envy!

An Upturned Soul


paris paris by surpiko


A while ago, which now seems eons ago, I had another blog which is now defunct. It was right, but not quite. I fell into an old trap with it and knew it had to go for me to escape the trap. The trap is one which may be familiar to you. It is one which exists in many of our relationships.

We want to be ourselves, but as we get to know the other person we notice that they like certain things about us more than they like others. Being typically human and wanting to be liked and maybe loved too, we focus on the things the other person likes about us and start to hide the less attractive side. Soon we find ourselves feeling censored and restless because of it.

At least that’s how it affects me.

Whether the censorship comes from the…

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Seaside Sobbing

An absolutely beautiful post! A thoughtful observation of a slice of life… one which I think we can all relate to, I know I certainly do.

This captured moment. A moment lived in the here and now (which is now a there and then), a moment to be lived over and over again thanks to our ability to take photographs of our memories, and our human need to hang onto the past and remind ourselves of it.

Do we capture moments because they’re the only way we can prove that happiness exists and is not just a fleeting figment of fantasy…

But what if one person’s captured moment of happiness is a captured moment of distress for another?

Such is life. Random chaos disguised as order… little rows of photographs in a photo album. Smiling faces… but are those smiles real or just cheese for the camera, for those who will see this moment, those who have lived it and those who have not.

Another gem from a blog full of gems amassed into a treasure chest.

Thank you for sharing!

The Nice Thing About Strangers

At the park, the family waits for their turn on a swing. The huge contraption has two benches that face each other so the family can all sit together–knees to knees –and sway back and forth.  Mom and daughter take the side facing the sea. Dad holds the toddler son. The son gapes from under a blue hat, horrified by the structure now caging his mother, and not in the mood to join her.
Dad climbs up anyway as the child screams and cries. Dad tucks the squirming boy in one arm and takes a picture of his wife and daughter with the other. Then he passes their camera. The child sobs on, facing his mother as she mops up his tears, but the father seems to think his son is only warming up to it the experience. Dad wants pictures with the coast in the background. The mother seems…

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Please Do Not Sit on the Chair

  The sitting room in this photograph is full of options... at least where sitting down is concerned. It is indeed a room for sitting. Yet. Rather than choose a seat... as there was no one else around I could sit anywhere I pleased... and enjoy the luxury of such a rather sumptuous place, what... Continue Reading →

Solstice – Between a Door Closing and a Door Opening

This week I have been caught in between several minds about my life - the past, the present and the future. Part of me needs to think things through... another part would rather not think... and... so on. Luckily, at the end of this week I was whisked away to another time and place.  ... Continue Reading →

My Happy Place

This is simply… a stunning post by a beautiful soul with a way with words and self-expression which draws you in, welcomes you and takes you on a journey… one which you may be reluctant to leave but very glad you took.

Traveling likes this, in location, in time, in memory, in person… walking in someone else’s shoes for a while… is so evocative and truly, deeply touching.

It makes you ponder yourself, your own life, people, places, memories, shoes… in a poetic and appreciative way.


Thank you for sharing!


“Just, I don’t know…kick it in.”
“I can’t just kick it in. What if I break it?”

My boyfriend and I are standing at the door of an abandoned cottage. I know the walls are whitewashed, but they now appear a sinister mossy green colour after years of neglect. The thatched roof is on the verge of collapse and as I look up, I spy a small tree sprouting up from behind the chimney.

Jack shoulder-charges into the door again. It doesn’t budge. Shoulder and ego bruised, he turns to me. “You know technically, we’re breaking and entering here.”

“Calm down Sipowicz,” I snap, “this is my grandparent’s house. I have every right to be here.”

As a child, this was my favourite home to visit. I use the word ‘home’ because it was a home in every sense of the word.

Located miles away from a main road…

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Harda – A Seed is Sown

A beautiful story of a memory which is vividly alive to the senses.
Thank you for sharing!

Views Splash!

A trip back in time will definitely take me to a day in Harda. It’s a tiny town at the heart of Madhya Pradesh. Unnoticeable railway station, shabby outdoors, pathetic roads, and yet an amazingly calm and earthly demeanor that makes you feel at home.

I first met this place on a wet day. Me and my brother were to appear for an entrance test at our first convent school. It was tough – for English was never our forte. They kept talking to us in that foreign language all the while getting us to appear for tests in Mathematics, Science, and English. I don’t remember the marks I scored then, but the principal seemed pretty satisfied with however we had performed. I remember dad buying our books, notebooks, and our uniforms from their stationery shop. I remember the parking, the church, buildings under construction, ducks, birds, green color of the…

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A beautifully expressed thought of value!
Thank you for sharing.

the bippity boppity beautiful blog


Walk with your head held high
Stand strong in your quest for truth
Apply values & principles in your life
Travel to see what others see
Explore to find your own perspective

Edinburgh, Scotland


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A Poem by Stefania about Precious gems abandoned and rejected

Saint Jerome in his Study by Antonello da Messina . . Dustbin rue de Sèvres At the heart of the 7th district In a pretty little courtyard There is a royal and posh dustbin As every morning, an eccentric, someone who has been let down by life Delivers a stunning and non recyclable waste Knowledge... Continue Reading →

Internet Treasures (and distractions): GeoGuesser wants you to tell it (for points) where in the world you are

Who are these people and why are they staring at me? - is the first thought which popped into my mind when I saw this image while trying out a new game and distraction - GeoGuesser - Let's Explore the World! - to pass the time while I wait in the in-between for stuff to... Continue Reading →

The Places We Live and Who We Are When We Live There

paris paris by surpiko A while ago, which now seems eons ago, I had another blog which is now defunct. It was right, but not quite. I fell into an old trap with it and knew it had to go for me to escape the trap. The trap is one which may be familiar to you.... Continue Reading →

A Plane Lands Just… in Time for a New Future Where We All Agree and Speak The Same Language

Words and composition by Slartybardfast | Original image by John Martz It's a bird, it's a plane... it's my rambling reply to The Daily Post's Daily Prompt! Eine flugzeug landet gerade. A Plane Lands Just. That’s it. The extent of my German. That little sentence is completely useless to my life which is perhaps why... Continue Reading →

Home… Where is that?

To me everything is a writing prompt, or more to the point a thinking prompt, an inner conversational starter. I'll see an image or read something and my mind kicks into gear, talking up a storm and a bunch of words burst out of my fingers onto the page. Sometimes I ramble all over verbal... Continue Reading →

Fasten Your Seatbelts…

A long time and many mes ago, I used to travel a lot. Mostly by plane. I liked going to new places, I just didn't particularly like the bit which got you from one place to another. Waiting in airports was not so bad, I quite enjoyed the people watching opportunity. I used to make... Continue Reading →

Internet Treasures: NOTCOT

OhMiBod musical vibrator via NOTCOT Because my Mercury is in Aquarius and finds everything fascinating... Because my Venus is in Pisces and finds everything beautiful... Because my Neptune is in the 3rd house of the mind and never knows wtf is going on, but since it is in Scorpio, it thinks it should figure out... Continue Reading →

The Places We Live…

A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens I recently came across a photograph on an architectural and interior design website which was of an apartment in Paris overlooking the Eiffel tower. At first glance I simply thought, wow, how attractive. Then I paused and looked again. The view was very familiar. So was the... Continue Reading →


Memories of Matsuko | directed by Tetsuya Nakashima | Based on the novel by Muneki Yamada Memories of Matsuko is one of my favourite movies. It is visually stunning and evocative. Complex, poignant, and profoundly real, yet at the same time surreal. The story follows a young man as he delves into the life of... Continue Reading →

Pinteresting Memories

To be completely honest… or at least as honest as I'm ever going to be with others and with myself… although… no… I think I was about to tell a fib… anyway… the reason I joined Pinterest was because I liked the layout. It's how I would like my mind to archive memories and information.... Continue Reading →

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