How To Offend and Upset in One Easy Step

I worry sometimes about offending and upsetting people. I always have. In fact this worry has at times been the bane of my life. I used to be very concerned about not bothering people, to the point where I would make my life very complicated for myself by going out of my way not to... Continue Reading →

Tweet #29 – Listening and Speaking

I learned to listen before I learned to speak. I didn't plan for it to happen that way, it just did as these things do. I spent many years in silence. I hated the silence. I loved the silence. Then I learned how to speak. To myself, not to others. Learning to speak requires an... Continue Reading →

Heart and Mind

Last night I had one of those moments when your heart expands and you feel in love with the world and everything and everyone in it. I had a sudden full body realisation of something I know yet don't always feel. I saw everything that I have been doing and have done since I first... Continue Reading →

The Therapeutic Use of Twitter

Joie de Vivre by MARYNN on Behance I'm not really able to write blog posts at the moment. I'm feeling a little blocked. However I don't want to retreat back into complete silence. Twitter is proving to be very useful in communicating what I am feeling and going through, so I'm posting my recent tweets... Continue Reading →

An Epiphany – Part 1 – Thanking Those Who Helped It Happen

SunShineDark by MoonVooDoo I've had an epiphany and it is so mind blowing that… my mind is blown! I wanted to write one post to explain and share it, but… there are so many levels to it that it is going take several posts. Firstly, I really want to thank all those who have helped... Continue Reading →

Silently Screaming

A friend I haven't heard from in a while, emailed me today asking me how I was. I stared at the message trying to think of an answer. Some time passed, then I logged out of my email and decided to deal with the task of replying later. I went onto Pinterest to distract myself... Continue Reading →

We Are Not As Invisible As We Believe Ourselves To Be

The title of this post comes from a tweet I wrote the other day. Which came from a post I wrote on the day that Oblivious (by Fernanda Suarez) pulled me out of oblivion on tumblr and rocked my world with a huge dose of the awesome unexpected. Today when I visited Twitter I found... Continue Reading →

Bullies, WUMs (Wind-Up Merchants), and Other People Who Feel The Need to Make You Feel Shit About Yourself

The other day I had an interaction with someone who felt it very necessary to let me know that I was a shit human being. I indirectly confronted them, as I was not in the mood to directly deal with them. My choice may or may not have been the right one. According to this... Continue Reading →

A Storm in a Twitter Teacup

Today I received an @ to my Twitter account from someone who isn’t following me: “Lady, this may be something of a shock to you, but not everyone is interested in having your perversions on their TLs.” The mind boggles sometimes at the reactions which our communications provoke in others. This was one of the... Continue Reading →

A Party at MoonVooDoo

. . Last night I went to a party. It was at an old mansion in the countryside which was owned by a polymath of the mysteries of life, death, and everything else. He had turned part of his house into a restaurant called MoonVooDoo. It was not a typical restaurant, it was not a... Continue Reading →

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