Making Connections

The other day I said - Ask Me Anything... Sometimes I say things and later regret saying them. There's one particular thing I say fairly regularly which I invariably end up regretting (this can be a good thing - for more on that just ask me about it). It took me awhile to notice that... Continue Reading →


How Are You?

The other day in a post I said - Ask Me Anything - and fantasticomundodecarol - very thoughtfully asked me: How are you? It's a fairly common question which people ask each other. A simple question which should be easy to answer, and yet this is the kind of question which tends to surprise me... Continue Reading →

The Moral of the Story

The other day in a post I said - Ask me anything - and edifyingthespiritblog was the first to ask me something. Have I seen any new films? Yes, I have. Last night I watched a 'peplum' film - Ursus, Terror of the Kirghiz (also known as Hercules, Prisoner of Evil). A 'peplum' film is... Continue Reading →

Ask Me Anything

I'm on a bit of a blogging hiatus at the moment. This wasn't planned, it just happened. And I've learned the hard way (which is how I tend to learn things... although whether I've actually 'learned' anything is a moot point) that it is better to go with things as they happen (and pretend you... Continue Reading →

How do you deal with the bumps and lumps in life?

Every now and then I surprise myself. Sometimes it's a nice surprise, and I realise I'm not quite who I thought I was. Some incident, usually a small one, reveals to me that I'm less of a mess than I see myself as being. Or I realise that being such a mess is an advantage... Continue Reading →

Reblog: Existential crisis by Gobblefunk Words

This bit is from anupturnedsoul: I haven't yet figured out how to reblog properly using the new (which is now old) WP format. So this is a part of my learning curve (which I'm being slow about learning). The post I'm reblogging made me stop and read it (but I didn't comment because I'm me,... Continue Reading →

Did the internet solve your personal puzzle or make it even more puzzlier?

Have you ever had a question about yourself which you decided to pop into the Google search box and see if the internet has the answer for you? And did the internet solve your personal puzzle or make the puzzle even more puzzlier? Usually when I pop a question about myself into Google... 1 -... Continue Reading →

What if you died and came back as someone else’s memory of you?

The question: What if you died and came back as someone else's memory of you? The idea behind the question: Imagine that there was a way to come back to life after you died. But... there is always a but... To come back to life after death relies on 2 things: 1 - Someone (anyone... Continue Reading →

How Do You Hear?

How do your hear the world around you? What do you hear when you listen? Are your ears more attuned to the negative or the positive? Do you hear cries for help or shouts of anger or screams of joy more readily, more easily, more than usual? What's your hearing style? And where did your... Continue Reading →

Things You Do Because You’re A…

. How many things that you do can you explain simply by saying: It's because I'm a woman It's because I'm a man It's because I'm French It's because I'm a Northerner It's because I'm a Leo It's because I'm an Aries rising It's because I'm an Empath It's because I'm an Introvert It's because... Continue Reading →

Decompartmentalising Yourself

I was having a conversation yesterday evening which began in the compartment of work/business and slowly crossed lines into other compartments until it ended up in the deeply personal and intensely private (mine, not someone else's because that's not my boundary to cross). At one point the person I was speaking with said something along... Continue Reading →

Doing Things You Don’t Want To Do

What do you consider to be a true sign of success in life? Is it money? Is it fame? Is it power? Is it love? Is it getting lots of Follows and Likes on Social Media? Is it being able to eat pizza, bacon, cake and chocolate while sitting on a comfy sofa playing video... Continue Reading →

You Remind Me Of Me

I had the introduction to the post already writing itself in my mind, and was going to launch into it as soon as I'd popped the title, which had come to me in a flash as I was thinking about something, into the relevant box in the post editor... But then my mind went blank.... Continue Reading →


I was just checking up on the news, and spotted an article about #MeAt14: Raising awareness around the age of consent I don't have any photos of me at 14. I got rid of all photographs of myself during a phase I was going through when I was in my early 20's. Occasionally I regret... Continue Reading →

Don’t you sometimes feel as though you are starring in your own Myth?

The title of this post comes from a question which herongrace asked during a comment chat on one of my recent posts - The Human Maze - I'm linking to the post just in case you want to eavesdrop on the whole conversation. "Don’t you sometimes feel as though you are starring in your own... Continue Reading →

The System which Works for You

One of the activities I engaged in most often as a child, which carried on through my teens into adulthood, and still occupies my time, is that of - trying to figure out what others would do in my position. The thinking behind this action was that others did everything the right way and I... Continue Reading →

How To Hurt…

If there's one thing all humans seem to share in spite of all our differences, it's the ability to hurt. And it's most likely one of the first lessons we learn about life in physical form... it hurts... there's probably a sign over the door through which we have to pass to be born which... Continue Reading →

Dear Friend… Thank You for Kindly Understanding

Was it wrong of me to be pleased with that... to be momentarily caught up in a shy inner smile of self-pride because someone had appreciated a quirk of mine which often gets mistaken for something else... Do I need to be reminded that... chances are my quirk was not being appreciated at all (unless... Continue Reading →

Your Own Personal Personality Test

Have you ever taken a personality test? If yes... did you enjoy taking the test, was it fun or a chore, did you have to adapt your actual personality to suit the personality of the test itself, did you have to give answers which weren't the ones you wanted to give because there wasn't an... Continue Reading →

Who Do You Call about a Dead Badger

Have you ever felt self-conscious... . . of course you have, you're human (if you're not human, my apologies for making the assumption that you are... and if you're human but have never experienced self-consciousness... chances are you probably don't get offended, upset, or bothered by people making assumptions about you either), and you inhabit... Continue Reading →

Where there was once a hole…

When I first moved into my house, I stated that I wouldn't do anything to it until I'd lived here for awhile... I was rather pleased with myself for stating that because it showed to me that I'd actually learned something from past mistakes made due to rushing in, letting loose, excitedly doing stuff in... Continue Reading →

What Does That Say About Me?

Every now and then someone you know will make a statement about themselves and then pause, perhaps because they realised the statement they made exposed them to your eyes in a way which suddenly made them feel vulnerable to critical judgment (or perhaps for other reasons), before asking - What does that say about me?... Continue Reading →

Buying, Selling, Bargaining, Borrowing, and Stealing the Authentic Self

Have you ever noticed that when you're focusing on a subject... you see it everywhere... in everything... in everyone... and suddenly stories pertaining to that subject come at you from every angle? There is a psychological term for this phenomenon... . it's not this - but this is an interesting phenomenon... . if I ever... Continue Reading →

Searching For Your Self in Books

If someone gives you a book as a gift... do you think they're a potential soulmate, someone who has understood you and possibly the way to your heart, or do you think they haven't understood anything about you at all and, just to be polite and not look a gift-horse in the mouth you use... Continue Reading →

Finding Yourself Through Fantasy

Do you fantasise? If yes, what do you fantasise about? Do you fantasise about changing your physical self, living in another body, being endowed with certain abilities and talents, moving to another place, having a different job, being in a perfect relationship with a partner who is everything you've ever dreamed someone else could be,... Continue Reading →

Discovering Who You Are

Do you know who you are? . . Is it the same as who you thought you were, hoped you were, imagined that you were? Is it who you have always been? Is it who you wanted to be? Can you explain who you are to others... . . Do others agree with you about... Continue Reading →

People Watching – The stories they tell may not be the same as the ones you hear

Yesterday I read two articles on two blogs I follow. The articles were similar in subject - they both discussed the changes they had seen happening online, how those changes were affecting them personally, and how they had decided to deal with it. Internet Clutter via Elsa Elsa Hey Brother, Can You Spare a Like... Continue Reading →

Solving Puzzles

Do you enjoy solving puzzles... doing crosswords, sudoku, escaping the room, finding the missing piece of a sequence, putting shapes together, working your way through a maze... figuring out what something means, connecting separate elements, discovering missing pieces and slotting them into place... . online daily puzzle via 7 Little Words . Last week I... Continue Reading →

Reverting to Type

Recently I've noticed some changes in myself which I quite like and would like to be lasting, but you can never be certain how long a change will last, if it will last, or if it's just a temporary condition (perhaps a form of momentary madness)... these changes feel and seem natural, I haven't actively... Continue Reading →

Can We Afford to be Innocent

The title of this post is a slightly altered version of a statement made in the lyrics of a song - Invincible by Pat Benatar (excerpt from lyrics posted below)- which I was reminded of the other day while watching - GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling). . . This song was typical of the 1980's... Continue Reading →

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