Ask A Capricorn Random Questions?

Why does everyone keep insisting that today is Sunday? Because it is... but is it really? Well it does seem to really be a sunny day, which is nice after the windy downpour we had all day yesterday... I was just about to take the tarp off the ark. Someone asked me if I'd seen... Continue Reading →

What To Say To Someone Who Always Disappoints You

This is one of those posts where I take a search term from my blog's stats and then write a bunch of stuff about it. This particular search term - What to say to someone who always disappoints you - stood out because I'm one of those someone's who always succeeds in disappointing people. How... Continue Reading →

Narcasm: Films about Narcissists

Can you remember the last film you watched? Did you love it or loathe it? What was it about? And what was it about it which made you want to watch it (and then maybe wished you hadn't done that)? Do you have a favourite movie? Why is it your favourite? Is it the story... Continue Reading →

Youniversity Challenge

Who are you and how do you know that's who you are? How did you react to that question - are you still reading or did you move on? Should I chase after all those who decided not to give this post a chance or should I focus my attention on you - you who... Continue Reading →

Narcasm: Giving Gifts to Narcissists

So it's Christmas, and you have a narcissist in your life who expects to get what they want or else... But what is it that they want? Do they want fame? Fortune? Eternal youth? Immortality? Attention? Everything? Well, yes... but even if you could give them all of that, there's probably something else they want... Continue Reading →

SYMW: When Life Gives You A Three Breasted Woman

It's that time of the year when we're supposed to be thinking about it being that time of the year... and what that means for us. Is it about endings or beginnings? Is it about what came before or what will come afterwards? Is it about giving or receiving? Is it about the glass being... Continue Reading →

Narcasm: A Series about Narcissists

Do narcissists know it's Christmas? Do they know this time of year isn't all about them getting what they want from others? And if they don't get what they want for Christmas, do they know that having a tantrum about it and then giving others the silent treatment punishment isn't really going to make them... Continue Reading →

Chaos for the Spider

If when the cat is away the mice will play... what does the cat do when the mice are away? I'm not sure if my cat considers me to be a mouse, but I do know what my cat gets up to when I'm away. Thanks to my partner who loves gadgets and put up... Continue Reading →

Spoiler Alert

How do you know that you're not perfect? How do you know that you've made a mistake? How do you know that the person telling you that you've made a mistake isn't making a mistake? How do you know that you don't know something? How do you know that you know something? How do you... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award: Skywalking

Are you walking on sunshine? Do you make your own sunshine? Do you need some time in the sunshine? Ain't no sunshine when... it's night... unless you're looking at the moon, or the Space Station as it glides on by high up in the... Space, the final frontier... where the force may be with you,... Continue Reading →

SYW: What Happens in Disney

Can you recall your very first Disney experience? Was it a cartoon? A film? Or was it a place? Did you enjoy it or think it was stupid? Did it influence you? My very first Disney experience happened when I was about 3 years old. My parents took me to Disney World, but I was... Continue Reading →

Let’s Play Happy Families

Have you ever given something away only to wish later on that you could magically get it back? I'm not referring to time, opportunities, youth, your heart, your mind, your soul, or your virginity... I mean an actual thing, an object, a book, a toy, or a pack of playing cards. I've moved around a... Continue Reading →

Q and A: What Do You Say When You Don’t Know What To Say?

No. I don't do it as much as I used to, but when I was in one of those conversation situations where I didn't know what to say but felt pressured to say something, I would usually just say "No". It used to confuse people. Especially if they hadn't asked me a question which could... Continue Reading →

Are you up for a challenge?

This is just a quickie post... In fact it's such a quickie shorty for me that my WordPress editor doesn't know what to make of it. So, here's my challenge to you: Have you ever been ignored? Have you ever ignored someone? If you're human, chances are, your answer will be "Yes" to both. I... Continue Reading →

Excuses Reasons Explanations and Dangerous Situations

What made you stop to read this line of this post? Was it the title? Was it that you spotted a question? Do you like questions? Do questions make you stop to read... or is it that they make you pause to think? Yesterday afternoon I finally got around to doing something which had been... Continue Reading →

Thinking After You Speak

Are you careful about what you say? Do you think before you speak? Do you think so much before you speak, afraid to say the wrong thing, that you end up not saying anything at all? Do you take advice to keep your mouth shut from people who don't follow their own advice? Here's a... Continue Reading →

And the Mortal Moral of the Story is…

The people who sold you their morals are mortal and will die, leaving you holding the baby. They're dead now. But that's not as bad as it seems, for them anyway, for you... The baby didn't belong to them, and since they're dead they can't tell you where they got it from... haven't checked... Continue Reading →

Hidden Tensions

Hmm. We're having trouble finding that site. Updating failed. Try again later. We can't connect to the server... he's fed up of serving you, carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, so he dropped it and just walked away leaving a trail of devastation in his wake. And boom! The Wifi world which... Continue Reading →

SYW: Do you suffer from freckles?

Once upon a time... really, this again? I'm sorry, you're mostly right, I was being unimaginative... Pray tell me, how would you like for me to start this tale? In a magical and mysterious kingdom called Blogging, there reigns a queen... She is witty, wise, and she does not need a king or any kind... Continue Reading →

Red Hair Is…

Apparently a reason to follow me on Twitter. A reason to ask me if the carpet matches the curtains. A reason to touch my hair while I walk passed you in the street. A reason to call me the spawn of the devil. A reason to fear me for my fiery temper. Do all redheads... Continue Reading →

Making Breaking Wishing Waiting… Taking Stock

Have you ever had one of those moments when you get incredibly angry over something ridiculous and you know it's ridiculous of you to be getting incredibly angry over it? Have you ever had one of those moments when you don't know what I'm talking about or why I'm talking about it? I have those... Continue Reading →

What You Do Online Leaves Traces

Before I started blogging, I was a browser, surfer, lurker, searcher seeking, looking for answers, solutions, ideas, distractions online. The bookmarks I collected grew so plentiful that it would take what felt like an age to scroll and find where I wanted to revisit. Every now and then I would try to tidy up my... Continue Reading →

How Do You Deal With Pain?

Pain comes in many forms, shapes, sizes, and... people. Every person you see, meet, bump into on the street or online is in pain, has been in pain, will be in pain. Pain is everywhere and in everything. When I was going through a particularly overly sensitive period, I used to avoid the section in... Continue Reading →

I Have Lived Neither Intelligently Nor Wisely

Intelligence and Wisdom walked into a bar, they were seeking Knowledge, but she wasn't there. She blew them off to go on a date with Foolishness because he was fun and life is too short to spend time with bores. However Ego was there as usual, buying everyone drinks, up to his old tricks which... Continue Reading →

The People Who Drive Us Crazy

Think of something which drives you crazy. Is that something which drives you crazy a something which someone else does? Are there certain people who drive you crazy? Is one of those certain people you? I'm already crazy... but even though I'm already at that particular destination, there are still certain somethings and certain people... Continue Reading →

SYW: I refuse to answer that question…

Imagine that you're almost at the end of a job interview and things have been going rather well, all the questions have been answered with professional expertise, the other person seems... Well, that's just it, that's what's bothering you... What if they're not who they seem to be? The interviewee has answered all the questions... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award 2018 – Accepting the Love

Let me introduce you to Sadje of Keep It Alive. She is friendly, sociable, and goes out of her way to let people know when she likes their online creations. She has a great blog, writes wonderful posts, is very creative and inspiring, and she loves getting feedback. She's a beautiful blogging soul! I'm not... Continue Reading →

Repost: Stop Kicking the You Who You are Now because of the You Whom You Once Were

This post is from November 2013. Since Mercury has gone retrograde, and I had nothing new to say today, I thought I'd have a look at what I'd posted at this time in a past year. I'm never certain if I'll like or hate my old posts when I reread them. Lately I've been surprised... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Not Invited to Play With Other Children

To celebrate transiting Mercury going retrograde in Sagittarius, I thought I'd do a bit of a review, a retrospective, remember, recall, and perhaps have a rethink of experiences and issues connected to that other centaur, Chiron. You are invited to join me and play along with me... I know I'm a tad on the strange... Continue Reading →

Losing Sight of the Fact that We are People

When you read a post on a blog, an article in the news, a book, a tweet, or look at the cover of a glamour magazine, browse Instagram, Facebook, watch a video, TV or a film, do you see people? When you look in the mirror, or at a photo of yourself, do you see... Continue Reading →

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