Things My Mother Taught Me

The other night I was having all sorts of trouble sleeping while asleep... I grind and clench my teeth when I sleep... if you want your pencils sharpened, your pens destroyed, or to lose a finger... catch me when I'm sleeping and put them in my mouth when I'm not wearing my mouthguard - which... Continue Reading →


Things My Father Taught Me

My father died a few years ago... which was a bit of a surprise because he had been so convinced of his immortality that I'd begun to suspect he might be right about it, and wasn't as mad as he often sounded and seemed. While it was improbable, some improbable things do happen (the world... Continue Reading →

Private Battles and Secret Triumphs

Last night while watching an episode of the TV series - Midnight Sun - which is a Swedish crime drama with plenty of mystery surrounding every character, and Sami mythology, I was transported both outside of myself into a world I know little about... I did once spend an evening with a young woman who... Continue Reading →

To Obtain By Irregular Means

While sipping overly strong coffee this morning, waiting for my brain to untangle itself from the symbolic world of dreams (where it is more at home than in the waking world), playing a word game on one of my favourite sites - Merriam-Webster (I particularly like the ones where you have to unscramble words, find... Continue Reading →

The New Face of Children of Narcissists

What's your 'resting face'? Sometimes you'll hear someone say that they have 'resting bitch face'... . . which basically means others assume they are a bitch (which despite empowerment movements is still a pejorative) even though they don't know them... because when they're in resting mode, taking a break from being self-conscious, and a mirror... Continue Reading →

Power Love Anger

There were three abstract subjects which were of prime importance in my formative years, and early environment: 1 - Power 2 - Love 3 - Anger Of those three - Love - was usually connected to and on the cusp of Anger or Power... . . When certain people get angry they sometimes justify their... Continue Reading →

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