The Subconscious Speaks…

For those who only know my WordPress self... which is a chatty, often too chatty, self... here's who I am on tumblr. When I can get on tumblr thanks to my internet connection being a hiccuping messy challenge. Descent by vegarden “The mind is its own beautiful prisoner…” ― E.E. Cummings agony,ecstasy by nothought “My... Continue Reading →

Mind Food – That’s my Hard Rock Hallelujah!

What tempts me? Not food, not the edible by mouth kind anyway. Unless I'm hungry, then it's whatever is available, that'll do to shush the physical hunger. Sure I prefer some foods to others. I hate chocolate. I can't eat ice cream, or cheese, or any kind of dairy because it is allergic to me. ... Continue Reading →

A Ruthless Burst of Ego Energy – When Mars and Pluto Join Forces

Wrecking Ball by Paul Goyette “You know how, like in cartoons, when the building gets hit by the wrecking ball, right before the building falls down, there's always like this moment where it's perfectly still right before it collapses? We're in that moment. The wrecking ball has already hit all of this, and this is... Continue Reading →

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