Shallow Waters Don’t Always Run Deep

Does your mind sing to you? Does it serenade your every movement? Does it give a theme tune to your thoughts? Does it play... with your emotions, reflecting how you're feeling in its choice of inner soundtrack? Does it give you music as you go about your daily this and that like a soundtrack to... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Thinking Less of Yourself…

. The concept of 'Radical Authenticity' both excites me and makes me groan... It excites me because... when people are just themselves as they are (which is always a challenge because we're often taught to fear who we are as we are and hide it), let it all hang out however awkward, weird, strange, and... Continue Reading →

The Trump Card

There's a lot of talk online about a certain fellow named Donald Trump... There was a bit of a discussion about him last night offline in my home... Usually when people start talking about Trump I switch off. If its online I simply click away, if its offline my ears do that thing which certain... Continue Reading →

Relationships are ‘Easy’…

You don't know me... even if you think you do - you don't. Seriously... I know I do deadpan and it can be hard to know when I'm being serious and when I'm only pretending to be serious, laughing and smiling behind a tight lipped expression... but... don't argue with me about this because I'm... Continue Reading →

Tales from Narcville: his brain dried up and he went completely out of his mind

“Finally, from so little sleeping and so much reading, his brain dried up and he went completely out of his mind.” ― Miguel de Cervantes . There are times in life when being out of your mind is exactly where you need to be. Get out of the box (which is what those teenagers in... Continue Reading →

Never Wear Yellow… unless you want to be a target

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last... ... time that I thought it was the first time. . . Never wear yellow unless you want to be a target... ... for every insect in your garden - this is what I've learned from my brief foray into a wearing a colour I... Continue Reading →

The B Team

. “Modern man has transformed himself into a commodity; he experiences his life energy as an investment with which he should make the highest profit, considering his position and the situation on the personality market. He is alienated from himself, from his fellow men and from nature. His main aim is profitable exchange of his... Continue Reading →

Why Do People Complain?

I have to confess that when other people start complaining I tend to make a hasty exit if I can. If I can't make an exit and have to stick around I'll space out and play a - let's analyse what this person is really saying or doing by saying - game, which can be... Continue Reading →

Tangled in Apophenia’s Web

. Who is Apohpenia and what is this web she weaves which can entangle us? We're all Apophenia at times. We're all weavers of webs which entangle, and in which we get entangled. We are atoms seeking to make connections between and with other atoms, creating worlds, realities, meaning, as we do. A spark glistens... Continue Reading →

The Gilded Caged

. "Preheat oven. Remove sleeve and film. Place on a baking tray in centre of oven until golden brown and piping hot. Allow to stand for one minute." - ye cooking instructions for the bird in ye gilded cage. . Have you ever felt as though... You should have said No when you said Yes...... Continue Reading →

Tales from Narcville – Stop Censoring Yourself, and other self-editing problems

Someone whose opinion I value... because... well, amongst other things, they've weathered the storm that is par for the course in the process of getting to know me... recently told me that I should stop editing myself so much. I agree, you're right, I'm trying... and that can be very trying! I'm not an easy... Continue Reading →

What if who you are and who you wish for you to be met?

Just once... I'd like to answer one of the Daily Post's prompts properly... (maybe you wish I'd do that too... I don't know, I can't focus on your wishes when I'm too distracted by the flashing lights and blaring horns of mine) The me who wishes that isn't the me who writes my posts... so... Continue Reading →

Want Doesn’t Get…

What does want not get? What does Want lack in the way of understanding? Or am I misunderstanding what this - Want doesn't get - means? I heard this the other day while minding my own business, but it was said so loudly and emphatically that it made itself my business whether I wanted it... Continue Reading →

The Benefits and Risks of Turning 40

Before I launch into another long post where I talk all about myself, and verbally masturbate until I selfishly orgasm, I'd like to say... Thank you very much to the wonderful person who inspired this post, our conversations mean a lot to me... I'm not going to make you take the blogging stage, but if... Continue Reading →

Sicksteen Candles Burning Down the House…

Can you remember who you were when you were sixteen? Do you want to remember that version of yourself? How much is your memory of the you of then coloured by who you are now, what you know now... about yourself, others, your life, the world? . . It's strange, isn't it, the way we... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Expecting You to LIKE Me…

When I first started interacting online using Social Media... I was terrified. I was terrified mainly because... I'm a natural lurker. . . Lurkers don't like to expose themselves in any way, shape or form. Yes, we know someone is always watching... we hope we're too insignificant to be worth being watched too closely by... Continue Reading →

Swimming Upstream in the Mainstream

If you were to write a book in which you told the story of your life - What would the name of your memoir be? That question caught my eye while I was wandering aimlessly on Buzzfeed. I enjoy taking silly quizzes, as it can be an insightful and fun way of getting to know... Continue Reading →

Why do we see something strange when we stare at ourselves in a mirror?

creepy pram .  “The face you give the world tells the world how to treat you.” ― Gillian Flynn . Who are you? How do you answer a question like that? How do you define yourself, explain your being, capture your identity... for yourself, for others? What's your synopsis for yourself? Now, most of us... Continue Reading →

Tales from Narcville – Gender problems and Blame Games

Have you ever used the phrase - It's not you, it's me - and did you mean it when you used it? Did you really think it was you and not the other person? Or did you actually think - It's you and not me - but you did not want to confront the other... Continue Reading →

The Ever-Changing Stillness of Moving

Hiding behind this blog, there is a person, a human being (who used to wonder if they were an alien), a people just like you (okay, not exactly like you... you can stop panicking). The words you see in this post, come from the fingers of this person tapping out their thoughts and feelings onto... Continue Reading →

Far from the Charming Crowd

The third time may be the charm, but charm has a way of causing harm, and three is often the kind of crowd which is best avoided. What am I talking about? Good question, thank you for asking... what? You didn't ask that... A pause for perplexity... Oh, right, there are only two of us... Continue Reading →

Why Does This Keep Happening?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the same thing keeps happening to you or to others, and it seems that no matter what you or others do to make something different occur... the same thing still happens. Why? Is it you (or others) who just haven't figured out the formula for changing a repetitive course...... Continue Reading →

Kissing the Earth with your Feet

Baring your feet to the touch of the earth, feeling your skin against the skin of the planet. . “Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh . . It's strange how the part of us which bears the weight of our world is so incredibly sensitive. You'd... Continue Reading →

Fourteen Reasons to Live and Die

Well, that's rather a cheery title for a post, don't you think? The Daily Post wants WordPressians to write a letter from 'You to You'... from you in the present to your fourteen year old self. At least that's the challenge for today, tomorrow we're supposed to write a missive to our future self... a... Continue Reading →

The Stained Skin I’m In

Have you ever looked at your skin really closely? Up close and personal, yet without judging it, picking on it or picking at it, without noticing what is wrong with it but paying more attention to what is right with it. Just looked at it and admired it from the perspective of everything which it... Continue Reading →

That’s what people remember…

. Ah... memories... What do you think people remember about you? Is it everything you'd hoped they'd remember about you or... is it everything you'd hoped they'd forget? People have a strange way of remembering what you want them to forget and of forgetting what you want them to remember... ...they feel the same way... Continue Reading →

Are you the Target or the Arrow?

“To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first, and call whatever you hit the target” ― Ashleigh Brilliant . Random things have a way of connecting, creating a pattern, a bit like random stars get clustered into constellations. I've often marveled at the designs attributed to constellations, wondered why whoever connected those sparkly dots... Continue Reading →

What Do You Want?

. What do you want? Really, now... what do you truly want? Do you know... really and truly know what you want? Try to cut through the gumph of what you're supposed to want. Through the molasses of salesmanship behind this product or that, this must have thing, app, dooberry, or whatnot, that which you're... Continue Reading →

The Life Lessons which Narcissists Teach

. Catch me on a bad day, when everything seems to be going belly up, when every minor irritation flares into a major inflammation, when I'm throwing myself a pity party and no one is invited because they'd be a killjoy to my misery, and you'll find me tearing myself a new one for some... Continue Reading →

…to die of nostalgia for something you never lived.

a whole made of halves . “It's a strange grief… to die of nostalgia for something you never lived.” ― Alessandro Baricco . What is nostalgia? What is it for you? . Is it the other half of a whole... a fraction of a whole, which takes up more space than the rest... . Is... Continue Reading →

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