What is Genius?

You know this quote. This quote is iconic. This quote has been doing the rounds since it was first quoted and heard. It's a very clever quote. It's inspiring! But why? It's also probably the canniest marketing ploy ever. Pure capitalistic genius! And it doesn't matter if you're reading this on a Mac or PC,... Continue Reading →

There is Always a Way

Great post! Great blog!
I’ve only just followed this blog because I’ve only just found it .
Why am I following it?
Because I adore stories like this which make you think for yourself, offering wisdom but only if you’re willing to open your mind to it.
Exploring this blog further has revealed a wonderful soul with a wonderful mind, the kind which inspires and challenges you to follow the inspiration.
Thank you for sharing.


King Akbar was very fond of Birbal. This made a certain courtier very jealous. Now this courtier always wanted to be chief minister, but this was not possible as Birbal filled that position.  One day Akbar praised Birbal in front of the courtier. This made the courtier very angry and he said that the king praised Birbal unjustly and if Birbal could answer three of his questions, he would accept the fact that Birbal was intelligent. Akbar always wanting to test Birbals wit readily agreed.

The three questions were

1. How many stars are there in the sky

2. Where is the center of the Earth and

3. How many men and how many women are there in the world.

Immediately Akbar asked Birbal the three questions and informed him that if he could not answer them, he would have to resign as chief minister.

To answer the first question…

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