One Lovely Blog Award Nomination – LINDAGHILL | Life in Progress

The very inspiring and courageous writer and blogger extraordinaire - Madeline Scribes - nominated me for a One Lovely Blog Award - HERE - please check out the blogs of the other nominees. Thank you very much... truly and deeply! The rules of this award are: 1. Thank the person who nominated you. 2. Share... Continue Reading →

The Zen of Narcissists: Lesson #8 – Relationship Rules for Narcissists

As a Narcissist you approach life strategically. You're very focused on being the best, popular, superior, successful and powerful. You need to keep your mind, heart, soul and body pure. You are special, brilliant, a genius, extraordinary, immortal, super human, and you need to be treated with the respect which you deserve, which is your... Continue Reading →

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