One Lovely Blog Award Nomination – LINDAGHILL | Life in Progress


The very inspiring and courageous writer and blogger extraordinaire – Madeline Scribes – nominated me for a One Lovely Blog Award – HERE – please check out the blogs of the other nominees.

Thank you very much… truly and deeply!

The rules of this award are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Nominate 15 bloggers.

4. Notify the nominees.

5. Put the logo of the award on your blog.

One thing about myself – I always do things my way otherwise they end up in total disaster. Doing things my way doesn’t avoid disaster, it just makes it my kind of chaos which I can handle better.

So I’m passing this award on my way – one blog at a time, choosing blogs which have inspired me.

For my first nomination I am choosing – LINDAGHILL | Life in Progress – for her spirit which is infectious and wonderfully so! For her writing which is natural, authentic, and beautiful, you can hear her voice clearly in her words speaking to you, and it sparkles with energy and draws you in for a joyful hug. For her humour and sensitivity. For the love which she shares freely and generously.

For the fact that you can tell that she really enjoys blogging and she does it with gusto and style! I can learn a lot from her and I am and do!

And she loves to introduce others, bloggers and blog readers, to other bloggers, and that is an essential part of the blogging community!

Taking inspiration from one of her posts – JusJoJan 15 1/2 – Words.

JusJoJan = Just Jot it January.

I am going to do the 7 things about me (okay, I already did one but… rules…) in word form – in other words they’re 7 words not things about me necessarily, but you can decide that.

I should mention (oops I’m going to use another thing about me slot) that I am multi-lingual. English is my default language, with the other languages mixed into it creating havoc and hilarity. I also have dyslexia (Stop it! Stop using things about me slots up!). Some words in English have other meanings (with stretching and mispronunciation and dyslexic skills) in other languages as well as English… I’m confusing myself… and I have fun with it. My version of being multi-lingual means mulligatawny mind soup.

1 – Braggadocio – Bragging so much that other people need to take a shower afterwards to wash off the BS. Or someone who sings in the shower and thinks it’s operatic greatness to be shared. Doccia = shower

2- Schematics – Crazy foolishness posing as a logical theory. Okay, I’m stretching here but in Italian scema = crazy/stupid/foolish.

3 – Erudite – Someone suffering from the smartest person in the room (world) syndrome and lets everyone know about their condition.

4 – Blunt – I use this a lot to describe my style of self expression, but which definition (official or slang) am I using?

5 – Mercurial – Mercury poisoning causing erratic mood swings.

6 – Insane – Someone who is finally in the sane zone.

7 – Rambunctious – Someone who is ramming their false sincerity down your throat and you’re choking on it.

Well… that wasn’t the cat’s pajamas, it’s not even close to being copacetic, but LINDAGHILL | Life in Progress is those and so much more!