The Tower of Babylon… or is it babble on…?

Just a quickie... ... of a song which reminds me of things past... ... and stuff... ... so much has changed, yet remained the same, just viewed from another angle... 18o degrees from there to here... Time for the heart to turn... Time for the mind to change its mind... So much done in so... Continue Reading →

Was this the way of insecurity or in security?

. “I understand what you're saying, and your comments are valuable, but I'm gonna ignore your advice.” ― Roald Dahl . Have you ever regretted taking someone's advice? Have you ever regretted ignoring someone's advice? Damned if you do and damned if you don't... But what is it that is damning you? Most often it... Continue Reading →

Getting to know nothing about you…

photo by Dierk Schaefer . “I am hungry, feed me; I am bored, amuse me.” ― Alexandre Dumas . Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you... This is the sort of question which people sometimes ask of others... Why? Why are they asking? What motivates them to ask this of you? Is... Continue Reading →

The Two Opposite Sides of Knowing About Narcissism

This is a wonderful post from a deeply introspective blogger, who shares themselves on their beautifully insightful blog.

If you’ve ever been involved in a relationship with a narcissist or someone you thought could, maybe, perhaps have narcissistic personality disorder… but you hope that they don’t, that what you think is somehow just you and not them… then please read this, and the other posts on this blog.

It is rare to get a male perspective of a female narcissist… This perspective is more than that, it is rich with heartfelt personal experience, empathy, and a need to understand.
Thank you for sharing!

apensiveheart's Blog


In my continuing evaluation of where my life was, is, and appears to be going, I have discovered there are certain things that I know now that I sometimes wish that I didn’t.  While I wish that I didn’t know them, I also understand that ultimately they are going to benefit me.  Are you confused enough yet?  To be more to the point, I often wish that I didn’t know anything about Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).  Why?  Let me explain.

My narcissistic wife (and now ex) moved out of our home 9 months ago.  This was in addition to us dating back in 1999, when she abruptly left me, dating again in 2001, when she again abruptly left me, and then getting together again in 2006 and ultimately getting married in 2009.  She also moved out without warning in November, 2013 only to return in late January, 2014, with the final move out occurring…

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You are worthless and deserve to be hated for it…

. No, not you, I wasn't speaking to you about you. You're fine, you're worthy and deserve to be loved for it and for everything else about you. I wasn't speaking to the narcissists in my life either, to my narcissistic parents who often seemed to be saying these words to me. I wasn't speaking... Continue Reading →

I’m Sick of All My Kicks

Three people walk into a bar... One of them gets concussion, and floats off into a blissful wonderland, where everything is peaceful, happy, and made of their favourites foods, which they can eat and eat and eat, drink, dance without rhythm, sing out of tune, say and do whatever they want, and never suffer any... Continue Reading →

Is Your Parent a Narcissist? – Take the Survey!

Image by V. Jarski from - Surviving the Narcissistic Parent via The Invisible Scar - please read this article if you think you're a child of a narcissist/narcissists. . . If you missed the Adult Children of Narcissists (ACONs) survey and study which Valerie Coles, Ph.D. and Dr. Jennifer Monahan of The University of Georgia’s... Continue Reading →

Stop Trying to Fix what is Broken…

It's difficult isn't it? Trying not to do something... especially once you've started doing it, whether physically or mentally. Many actions take place in the mind, more than in physical reality. It's easier to stop doing the physical stuff, than the mental stuff. If the mental stuff is directing the physical... once you start doing... Continue Reading →

We are an impossibility in an impossible universe

“We are an impossibility in an impossible universe.” ― Ray Bradbury . behind the scenes on the set of Aliens (via Buzzfeed) . Extraterrestrials can be found on my doorstep on such a regular basis that I've considered moving just to get away from their knock, knocks... I guess I should be thankful that they're... Continue Reading →

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

. If you're my age or thereabouts... - which in trending terms would be the sort of person who wears flats to The Cannes Film Festival (I have no idea what the real story behind the snowballing media 'real story' version is, it's hard to believe anything these days, but this has stirred up so... Continue Reading →

I Should Be Doing Something Else… but I’m a Fool!

. “We will never know who we are and what we want if we just stay in our old ruts. This is why we must wander a bit to grow.” ― Carol S. Pearson .   Ever have one of those moments when you are face to face with who you actually are and you... Continue Reading →

The person exhibiting this behavior is called a menefreghista

. I am, at times, beset by a state of being, with accompanying behaviour, which is best described by an Italian word - Menefreghismo. When under the influence of such a state of being, which could be blamed on genetics, family, nurturing, and other human conceptual whatnot, I am a - Menefreghista. What is a... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Anti-Social Social

. Have you ever wondered if you're cursed and/or blessed with a paradox? Do you have an ability which may be natural but seems to go against your nature? Are you good at something which perhaps you wish you were not good at? . “Life always gives us exactly the teacher we need at every... Continue Reading →

The Secret Life of Feelings

. “It always shocked me when I realized that I wasn’t the only person in the world who thought and felt such strange and awful things.” ― John Green . What does enveloped mean to you? . Enveloped... means to me exploring the layers which shroud us, inside and out. Thought. Feeling. And more. And... Continue Reading →

The Spikes and Booms of Life (and blogging)

Everything we do in life reflects us back at ourselves, not unlike a mirror only there's more to it, which is sometimes hard to see and easy to miss. . . For instance, just now... I had the urge to write a post. Writing posts is something which I do for myself. It's a selfish... Continue Reading →

The Wisdom of Crocodiles

“It Is The Wisdom Of Crocodiles, That Shed Tears When They Would Devour” ― Francis Bacon . . Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? . To be as honest as a human being is ever going to be, and probably not even that, considering... . no idea if that actually means... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Anger Quotient?

. Is anger your ally or your enemy? Is it your little friend or foe? What makes you angry? . . How do you deal with your anger? Are you in control of it or does it control you? Are these questions making you angry? Why am I asking? Well... It started last night, but... Continue Reading →

Is That Embarrassing or Embracing?

I have spent countless (oops... that was almost a socially unacceptable typo - you figure it out) hours beating myself up for cringing sins, social faux-pas whiplash. You'd think a mortal would be more practical with their time, but this mortal is human, and humans only pretend to be practical with their time and everything... Continue Reading →

Splashed by Murky Waters

. “Life starts out with everyone clapping when you take a poo and goes downhill from there. ” ― Sloane Crosley, I Was Told There'd Be Cake . Have you ever had one of those days when you wondered if you were a part of some cosmic joke, but you're not sure which side of... Continue Reading →

Everything Collapses

. “In my mind I am eloquent; I can climb intricate scaffolds of words to reach the highest cathedral ceilings and paint my thoughts. But when I open my mouth, everything collapses.” ― Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies . Have you ever spied on the lone figure of a person. Not because you were a creepy... Continue Reading →

The Reading Eye

. “Every reader, as he reads, is actually the reader of himself. The writer's work is only a kind of optical instrument he provides the reader so he can discern what he might never have seen in himself without this book. The reader's recognition in himself of what the book says is the proof of... Continue Reading →

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