What Makes You… Laugh, Cry, Scream, Go Hmmm, Want to Apologise, Criticise, Smile… You?

Behind every personality there’s a person…

a human being who may be complicated, simple, both at the same time…

who sometimes gets forgotten because they or others are focused on the outside rather than the inside.

We can get so involved with ‘typing’ people (or ourselves) that we can forget they’re (we’re) people first and the type of people they (we) are is a secondary matter…



this is something which made me laugh because that word like so many words when broken into parts can be…


it also made me scream a bit because trying to find who created something on the internet once it gets shared and altered (as this has been) can be frustrating.

My apologies for not linking to source or crediting creator, but I had to share anyway.


Don’t you find it frustrating when people label you and then won’t change that label even when they’ve got it wrong and you could prove it if they would just give you a chance but they won’t because they’ve labeled you, dismissed you because of that label and moved on?

So… why would you do that to someone else if you don’t like it when others do it to you?

Do you like it when the first thing someone else says to you is a criticism of you?

If no… then why would the first words you say by way of an introduction of yourself to another person be critical of them?

If someone did that to you, what would you think of them and what they had said? Would it be a good first impression? Would you go all mea culpa and bow down to them all I’m not worthy or have a different reaction?




this made me go hmmm… and while hmmm-ing look the source of that quote up online because I wanted to know who had said this and why (as in was their philosophy a lived it and lived in it one)

I ended up reading a couple of articles about the creators and propagators of the Laws of Attraction and what the death of one of them from cancer meant for the movement to those who followed it and believed in it.


When you think someone is wrong and tell them they’re wrong… what exactly do you expect them to do?

Will they disappoint your expectation… and will that disappointment satisfy another expectation?

Do you expect them to react positively to your negative statement because for you your negative statement is right therefore positive?

Do you want them to change themselves for you?

Or do you just want an apology from them wherein they admit their wrongful wrongness for being wrong and an acknowledgement of your righteous rightness for being right?

If that’s all you want…

you may need to be patient, empathic, and compassionate to an extreme degree…

kind of in the same way those who are expecting you to admit and acknowledge such things will need to be with you (what’s that? They’re wrong and you’re right so you ain’t gonna give them nothing…

might want to apply that to others when you’re on the other side).



this made me smile because… astrology may be some nonsense made up by humans for whatever reason many ages ago, it’s an old human thingy, been around awhile, and around the block many times (enough to survive your opinion of it), but sometimes what it says randomly about your sign without knowing you personally… ha bloody ha, that was weirdly spot on!


Someone recently introduced themselves to me by calling me out on something I said sometime ago.

They didn’t say much, but enough.

You know me… I’m going to share things here so you can make up your own mind…

This is the post – The Worst Thing To Do To a Narcissist

this is the recent comment:




this is what I said in that post which is what I think they’re focusing upon (there was a helluva a lot more said in that post but obviously nothing else was relevant):




Someone awhile back commented to tell me that my blog was okay and they quite liked my posts but they couldn’t read the blog and posts because of the font being in grey and if I wanted them to keep reading it I should make the font black. It’s still grey… because I blog for free and like this theme and I accept what I can get when things are free.

Fairly certain that I didn’t say that all INFJ’s or INFP’s (or HSP’s) are narcissists – that would be a ridiculous statement to make, and while as an INTP ridiculous statements often come out of our mouths (usually while we’re in the process of exploring perspectives)… what I said here was that those who are narcissists may use the results (which they’ve most likely gotten from taking an online personality test – their persona took that test and got results for that persona) they get in a test to pressure others into being and behaving a certain way with them – the way they want others to be and behave for them to be and behave how they please (somethign like that).

Fairly certain I also answered someone else who previously called me out on this same issue and that comment is right underneath the new one…

Here’s the previous comment and reply just before the new comment and call out:




These sort of things make me both want to apologise and scream, and eventually cry… from frustration due to miscommunication (which is too frequent to blame on a seasonal Mercury retrograde).

Apparently ALL (of the few and rare) INTP’s find being misunderstood the most painful experience of human existence… thank goodness our type is few and rare because from the sounds of it other MBTI’s find us really awkwardly annoying.

Saw something amusing about that somewhere… but I feel too lackadaisical to bother re-finding it and sharing it (deleted my history, can’t recall what I was exploring which found it… some other MBTI type said trying to explain an INTP gave them a headache, it was funny, probably also true).

Sometimes I just want to give up, delete myself and go where INTP’s and Capricorns go when they’ve just had enough… and have deleted themselves but somehow still exist (even if it is only in their own minds).

But then the ‘Larry’s’ of this world come along and leave a comment which blows the mind, recharges depleted energy and makes a human remember why they love being a part of humanity.

If you need a bit of Larry, you can find him in comment form on my last post – A Zone of Noise etc… – his comment is great, my reply… yeah well yeah… focus on his comment, ignore my reply.



this made me smile… I love personality tests, they’re fun (particularly the what mythological character are you ones… still trying to figure it out…) but they’re a frigging nightmare because you’re the one taking it and you’re a nightmare of simple and complicated all rolled into one!


At the end of the day…

whatever your personality is,

you’re a person within that structure and that structure may or may not suit the person living within it…

kind of like where you’re living now…

this is home for this moment

it may change… or not…

have fun with labels but don’t make them the decider of who you are, whether you’re the one applying them or someone else is.

Probably haven’t explained this properly either… I’ll wait until you call me out before formulating an apology (please be aware that I’m really, really, really, really, etc, bored of apologising for existing and doing and being while existing).



this made me…

via Elements – Experiments in character design


If you do a search online for – why do people criticise – there’s a lot of posts, articles, blah blah, etc, about it… apparently it’s a thing we all do and we all find it annoying, painful, traumatic, in need of assistance and labels, when others do it directed at us but not when we direct it at others…

shrugs… dislocates shoulder while shrugging… seeks someone else to blame for this… or just someone to take personal pain out on…

laughs… because I’m stupid for doing that