Lead me not into temptation, I can find the way myself…

Some of you…

why I oughta…

hunt you down…

and bottle you!

You’re special sauce!

You ask such great questions, make such good statements, share such awesome personal perspectives, and are brave enough to give voice to an opinion…


knowing how dangerous that can be even with the most innocuous seeming thing,

even when you think you’re so ordinary no one would notice you…

There are people watching you!

Share a pic of your loved one and say you love them (even if it’s pizza) and someone (maybe someone you don’t know) is going to get offended…

then demand an apology they’ll never accept because…

they prefer the ride being offended offers them.

Temptation lurks…




frankly it doesn’t need to do that but it likes to do it…

and we’ll find it

no need for anyone to guide us to it

lure us there

give us directions…

You’re watching too!


what tempts you…

and what kind of temptation do you give in to,

what kind do you resist,

and which one is better (while not necessarily being the good kind of better)?

There are blind spots!

Someone recently asked me if I worried about how much I shared of myself online…

if I was anxious about how someone else might use what I’ve shared…

I was sorely tempted to give them an “Oh, honey…”

You know,

a slightly condescending yet affectionate pat on the head…

because before I dared to share myself online,

I didn’t even dare to share myself offline,


nothing stopped people from discovering a way to hurt me if that was their objective,

personal or impersonal,

criminals will find you,

vengeful souls will get their revenge,

enemies are hiding inside of your nearest and dearest,


if that’s where your focus is located you’ll locate them… even in those who aren’t them.

Frankly the ones you think you’ve found aren’t the ones to worry about as much as the ones you haven’t found… but that’s another discussion.

Share everything about yourself, share nothing and try to disappear… either way people will find you, find you out, or not find you and be completely unaware you even exist.

Their eyes are glazed over!

Hackers hack and screw up your internet life… hopefully they won’t steal your identity and lead you on a nightmare of trying to prove you’re you and they’re not you… how come they do you better than you do you so much so that authorities designed to protect you and help you protect yourself from those kind of people actually protect them and attack you once they’ve attacked you?

If that didn’t make sense… welcome to being human in any given century.

We still have no idea why we exist as a race, the human race still makes no sense to us, and if we can’t figure that out, a that we’ve been trying to figure out for as long as we started asking questions about it… which was when exactly?… can we truly figure anything else out? Well, we, the human race, seem to think we can, so much so that we’re separating everything into ‘science’ and ‘pseudoscience’ as thought hose things are things that are real… while still not having a clue whether we, whatever we is, are really real.

Is any of this real?

It certainly feels that way sometimes… but what about those sometimes when it doesn’t?



I think I may have found my inner… child? … in the form of Bart Curlish.

She tempts me…

what about you?


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    1. I’ve never tried sharing a photo in a comment so I don’t know how to do it either. Some comment systems have an image upload tool but I think it may be an add-on. If it’s a photo on the web you could simply share the link as long as it’s on a site which is open to the public. If it’s a personal photo mostly people upload those to something like photobucket when they want to share them publicly and then share the link. Sorry I can’t be more helpful ๐Ÿ™‚


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