The Nosy Cow

. . “I have a tendency to want to understand everything people say and everything I hear, both at work and outside, even at a distance, even if it’s one of the innumerable… Continue reading

Liar, Liar, Truth on Fire

Originally posted on An Upturned Soul:
Thomas by MoonVooDoo . . There was a charmer called Thomas Who broke too many a promise His mouth was a liar His pants caught on fire…

What If No One Likes Me?

. . At what point in life do we start worrying about being liked? Does that worry ever go away? Are there people who never worry about being liked? Is that possible? .… Continue reading

Stirring up a Chocolate Hornets’ Nest…

. . While standing, leaning lazily against the back door frame… doing something which would be frowned upon, looked down upon, even by those who consider themselves to lack a superiority complex… a… Continue reading

Testing Your Personality

We test our personality all the time. Even when we’re asleep…? Okay, maybe not all the time. Then again, maybe sleep is a personality test. . . . . Sleep is definitely a… Continue reading

Silent Night Music

. . By the time we see something, we usually already know what we’re going to see and we’re only surprised if our eyes don’t perceive the expected sight. . How do we… Continue reading

Quirks of each Astrological sign: What makes you loveable can also be annoying! PART 3 of 3

Originally posted on SeraTakesOnLife:
Art and Article by Seraphina Lum Please ask for my permission and give due credit if you want to use my drawings. Yay! It’s here! Final part to this series…

An Inconvenient Introspection about Narcissists

“So here I am, just another a narcissistic blogger looking for ego-boosting hits, and happy to get some by writing a controversial piece that suggests that you, dear reader might be a narcissist… Continue reading

The Uninvited

. . The butler did it. But what exactly did the butler do? . Whatever he did, I’m certain it was not as great a crime as what my neighbour is doing. .… Continue reading

If You Prick Us, Do We Not Bleed?

. . If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, do we… Continue reading

Forget meteors and zombies — Giant rabbits are world’s biggest threat

Originally posted on Ned's Blog:
As a journalist, I’m trained to recognize the most subtle signs of trouble: A misspoken word. A reluctant glance. A horde of slobbering rabbits. Thanks to my…

The Falling Fruits of Emberstep

. . I was born in Winter, so perhaps that should be my favourite season. I was apparently born during a blizzard, the worst snowstorm to hit in years according to… not the… Continue reading

Die Hard with… Love

. . “In battle or business, whatever the game, In law or in love, it is ever the same; In the struggle for power, or the scramble for pelf, Let this be your… Continue reading

Songs about Narcissism

I wasn’t going to do another post about narcissists so soon… however I woke up with a song, not playing on the radio alarm clock but playing in my mind, which I had… Continue reading

The Funny Side of Narcissists

Jesperhus by Tomasz Sienicki . . Did you ever hear the story about a certain princess who couldn’t sleep because of a tiny pea placed under a mountain of mattresses? Absurd, isn’t it?… Continue reading

We Are Not As Invisible As We Believe Ourselves To Be

Originally posted on An Upturned Soul:
The title of this post comes from a tweet I wrote the other day. Which came from a post I wrote on the day that Oblivious (by…

Pluto/Sun – How I Deal with Stress

. . There’s a man outside my house using a chainsaw to trim a hedge. This has been going on intermittently for a couple of hours. My property is part of a bigger… Continue reading

The Broken Unicorn

. . I almost managed to destroy someone else’s world last night. A world they had worked very hard to create. I wasn’t trying to destroy it, it was an accident, a rippling… Continue reading

Be Kind To Yourself

Originally posted on An Upturned Soul:
Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to be kind to yourself. And how easy it is to be mean. To criticise. Point out flaws, imperfections,…

Welcome to our World of Noise

. . I don’t know what’s wrong with me… maybe what is wrong with me is you. . That’s probably not true, but for now it is… because I say so, I don’t… Continue reading

I Never Talk About Sex…

Originally posted on An Upturned Soul:
Energetic Defense Systems chart by Barbara Ann Brennan ? I also often do what I say I never do. In fact, when I hear myself say the…

Conditioned To Respond To All The Threats

Originally posted on An Upturned Soul:
My cousin was a terrorist. Does that shock you? Send chills of fear coursing through you? Is your finger hovering over the unfollow button? I didn’t know…

Better Off Dead…

Today is apparently World Suicide Prevention Day… . A moment of silence while I think about that… and while all the thoughts which I have connected to that swirl around me, within me,… Continue reading

The Places We Live and Who We Are When We Live There

Originally posted on An Upturned Soul:
paris paris by surpiko   A while ago, which now seems eons ago, I had another blog which is now defunct. It was right, but not quite.…


When I came across this quote: . . . . I recognised myself in it. . According to my mother – myth-maker extraordinaire about all sorts especially who I was as a child… Continue reading

Why Is No Contact So Difficult?

Originally posted on After Narcissistic Abuse:
One of the hardest things about narcissistic abuse and going no contact, is getting to that point in time where we cross the line from WANTING the…

Mondays is for Drinking to the Seldom Seen Kid…

Elbow – Grounds for Divorce . . Divorce… isn’t just about you and him or her. . . There are layers to everything. . Some seen, some unseen… until much later. . .

Are You Being Served?

Today’s Daily prompt serves up quite a dish! . “You’re sitting at a café when a stranger approaches you. This person asks what your name is, and, for some reason, you reply. The… Continue reading

Do you have relationship problems with a Capricorn?

. . Every now and then, often once a day, in the search criteria which led someone to my blog, I find a Capricorn related problem. As in: . ‘capricorn seem cold’ ‘do… Continue reading

You are Cordially Invited to a Private Jacques Cousteau Style of Adventure

. . I’m probably misleading you with the title of this post… . It wouldn’t be the first time that I did that… . It has been done to me too… . Being… Continue reading

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