How to Spot a Narcissist using Astrology

It can’t be done. You can’t use astrology to predict if someone is a Narcissist or will become one. Astrology however can help you to understand certain aspects of things such as Narcissism. Just like any other tool which helps us to understand ourselves can also help us to understand others.

Things like astrology do not tell us who we are, that is our job. But they can help us to figure ourselves out as they give us a starting point, questions to ask ourselves, interpretations which we can use to decide if something fits us or not. Being able to say ‘That’s me’ or ‘That’s not me’ or ‘Hmmm, I wonder if I do that?’ are all ways in which we discover our true selves. It’s a journey of exploration. Occasionally we get answers to questions from these explorations, and sometimes we just get more questions.

I read a very interesting article – Astrology and Narcissism by Satori on Elsa Elsa . It points out that Narcissism can’t be seen in a chart, however a person’s attitude to their astrological chart can hint towards possible Narcissism:

“Consider the person as a metaphorical car. The true self is the driver. The false self is the back seat driver. The true self embodies all the energies of the natal chart, the driver. Consider the back seat driver to have a made up chart, one that has been picked out of the air, not a real set of energies that can be accessed. The driver takes the car out based on the very real energies in their natal chart and transits that chart experiences, but it is the back seat driver that gets out of the car at the destination and interacts.” Β© Satori

If you know someone who is into astrology, but who only focuses on certain parts of their chart while ignoring others, perhaps even to the point of denial of those other parts, who perhaps does not like their Sun sign and chooses to be a different one based on liking that sign better… since not liking the real self and creating a false self to be is a Narcissistic trait, then this may disclose that someone is a Narcissist.

If a person does not like astrology, then this criteria is not applicable.

Now I don’t particularly like my Sun sign – Capricorn – but this is mainly because most common descriptions of Capricorn are quite harsh. Some astrologers demonise Capricorns, as it is associated with the devil, and its ruling planet is Saturn, that god who devoured his own children. This negative view of Capricorn annoyed me for a long time. I have been interested in astrology since I was in my early teens. In fact it was introduced to me by a boyfriend who very kindly pointed out that he was better than me because he was an Aquarius and I was a bit crap because I was a Capricorn. He was joking, but it challenged me to find out everything I could about astrology to prove him wrong. A very Capricorn thing to do. He wasn’t wrong, Aquarians are indeed quite awesome, but Capricorns have their own kind of awesome too.

Since my parents both have NPD, and liked to point out how awful I was when I didn’t fulfill their Narcissistic needs, being told by astrologers that my Sun sign was awful, didn’t really help me to form a healthy view of myself. Also, when my mother discovered my enjoyment of astrology, she did the typical Narcissistic move of taking it over, pretending she was an expert and pointing out to me how wonderful she was because she was a Leo, and how awful I was because I was a Capricorn just like her father whom she hated.

But I did not reject my Sun sign and choose another one which I would rather be, just like I didn’t reject who I was and choose a new identity for myself. It just took me a while to actually like my Sun sign and myself, and that process took me through the dark side of my sign and myself before I could embrace the light side of both. It required using my own self knowledge, something learned by experiencing life and myself, to see both in a clear and balanced way.

I also had my natal chart wrong for a long period because I had the time wrong. This can also confuse matters. A person who does not know their actual time will struggle with getting their chart right. Just as a person who is constantly told by others who they are, may struggle with finding their true self. Deep down inside, we know who we are, figuring that out is part of our journey through life. It can be fun, and it can be troublesome. It is also always evolving and changing. New experiences gives us new views of who we are.

If you don’t like astrology. No worries. If you do like astrology… there is a lot to be gathered from exploring all the bits and pieces of your chart. If something sounds bad, if an aspect seems negative… there is a positive side to every negative. The dark side often has treasures beyond compare. And, as Jung so accurately pointed out – Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.